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[Round 3] Urgent


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((Sickbay, USS Tiger))

Solok: =/\= Sickbay to the bridge. The Gorn patient is ready for direct transport from sickbay to the Gorn vessel. Advise simultaneous transfer of our medical findings regarding the patient's condition to the Gorn vessel's computer. =/\=

Riley: =/\= Understood Doctor, make it so. I'd like to see you in my ready room on the way back to Deep Space 17. =/\=

Solok: =/\= Acknowledged, Captain. I will make myself available at your convenience. Sickbay out. =/\=

::The comm link closed just in time for Solok to open another.::

Solok: =/\= Sickbay to Transporter Room 1. One ready for transport directly from sickbay, preset coordinates Biobed 1, to the Gorn vessel. =/\=

Transporter Chief: =/\= We're ready when you are, Doctor. =/\=

Solok: =/\= Energize. =/\=

::The Gorn's prone, collared, unconscious body shimmered blue into non-existence -- or, at least, non-presence in sickbay. As the transporter chief insured that the Gorn arrived in one piece on his compatriots' vessel, Solok authorized the transmission of the Gorn's medical file to the other ship's computer. There was no telling how the Gorn vessel would respond to an injured an unconscious comrade, and Gorn vessels were not known for the prowess of their medical teams. But Solok did not think it likely that they would kill the man, or leave him to die. They were a violent and warlike people, but they weren't Klingons.::

oO Or Romulans. Oo

::The thought reminded Solok of precisely how close the Vulcans were to such uncontrolled aggression, and relaxed the intensity of his faculty of judgment.::

oO Romulans are Romulans, Klingons are Klingons. And Gorn are Gorn. It is illogical to expect that they be otherwise than they are. Oo

::As a Vulcan serving aboard a Starfleet vessel largely populated by Terrans and members of other significantly emotional species, Solok had experienced something of what it was to fail to live up to the expectations of alien others.::

::With a few quick keystrokes, he closed the Gorn's medical file in the ship's computer, keeping their findings in the Tiger's medical records for further study of what was still a rather reclusive and enigmatic race. Having done so, and preparing to check in on one of their few remaining patients in sickbay -- the recovering Orion crewman, Z'Leah -- Solok was genuinely surprised to hear what he heard. Vulcans are difficult to surprise, as they make a point of maintaining such a high awareness of their environs and of calculating the probabilities of all possible eventualities. But even Vulcans can, at times, encounter the unexpected.: :

::The red alert klaxon began to sound. Solok returned immediately to the computer interface he'd been working from only moments before, and called up the ship's status.::

::For the second time that minute, Solok was surprised.::

Lieutenant Solok

Chief Medical Officer

USS Tiger

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