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Round 1 Submitted SIMs

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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Writer: Lieutenant JG Jennifer Greene

Ship Posted To: USS Paladin

Subject Line: The First and the Last

Plot Summary:

The Paladin had just been infected by an alien radiation that had up to that point no cure.

Submitted SIM:


::Jennifer met up with Varaan at the turbolift. He looked terrible. She didn’t think that Vulcans ever got sick. She asked him about it and replied that he was experiencing vertigo. She could see that he was holding firmly onto the railing. The doors finally opened and they stepped through. Esk was sitting in the command chair and they walked past into the captain’s ready room.::

((Ready room))

::Daninburg looked even worse that Varaan. Jen was concerned about her because she was hiding it better than anyone.::

Greene: Captain, I think it would be best for Lieutenant Varaan to be seated for this meeting. The radiation is affecting him differently than the rest of us.

::Varaan started talking and explained his theory. It was a plausible and good one at that but Jen still wondered how that would help the crew itself. Varaan answered as if he was hearing her thoughts.::

Varaan: Although I do not have as much data as I would like on the radiation, I do have a suggestion for the doctor. Doctor, if attached a quantum flux discriminator to the bio filter of a transporter, could we use the pre-mission DNA records of the crew that you have on file and the modified transporter to remove the radiation from the crew? The pattern buffer would also have to be integrated with your medical systems. If that works, there is only one casualty I can foresee. Since Faulkin was not actually part of our crew, you would not have done a full medical workup on her. You would not have her unmodified DNA on file.

Daninburg: Doctor, based on this, how many people are we going to lose?

Greene: No offence, Varaan. This can work but I would rather not go into something like this if there were any possibility that there will be people that cannot be saved. I have a theory of that could work but I haven’t tested it yet…captain…captain, are you all right?

::She watched as Daninburg collapsed in front of her. In one swift movement, Jennifer jumped forward and grabbed her as she went down. With her head resting on Jen’s knee, Daninburg spoke before passing out.::

Daninburg: ...tell....Eskyys...in command until...Weller, returns...

::Jennifer checked her pulse just to be sure. It was there but very week. Action had to be taken.::

Greene:=^=Greene to McSweeney. Clear a bed. The captain’s coming in.=^=

McSweeney: Acknowledged.

Greene: Computer, lock on to captain Daninburg’s coordinates and initiate a site to site transportation directly to sickbay.

Computer: Transport in progress.

::As Daninburg dematerialised, Jennifer issued another command for the computer to transport her to sickbay as soon as she gives the command on the bridge. She ran out with Varaan and informed Esk that he’s in command. He seemed a bit bewildered and she got a few curious looks from the skeleton crew on the bridge.::

Greene: Computer, energize.

::A blue cloak covered her eyes and a few seconds later she was in sickbay. The captain was lying on the main biobed. Her skin was frighteningly pale and beads of sweat lay on her forehead. McSweeney was standing on the opposite side of the bed, she herself looked panicked.::

Greene: McSweeney, tricorder.

::She handed Jen the tricorder. She scanned Daninburg and was startled by the readings. The captain was going into extreme hypovolumic shock from the vaginal bleeding and was in the process of miscarrying her child.::

Greene: We need to suppress the contractions. Larsson, get me 20 milligrams of hexaprenaline.::turning back to Daninburg:: Come on. Don’t give up on me now.

::The team tried long and hard but the child was threatening to take its mother with. Jen stood still and weighed the options or rather the option. Daninburg was convulsing and on the verge of losing her own life.::

McSweeney: Doctor, what do you want us to do?

Greene<pausing>: We have to evacuate the baby. It’s the only way to save her.

::Jennifer told the male nurses to back off  and, being a woman, handled the abortion.::

::The foetus was four weeks old and very tiny. The growth never had a chance at living. No human feature could be made out on its small body except for the hump where the heart beated just a few seconds earlier. She took it and placed it in a sterile container not knowing if Daninburg ever wanted to see it. The medics started to clean up and the captain was moved to one of the auxiliary beds. Jennifer placed a blanket over her and stood next to the bed for a while. She left for a brief moment only to fetch a hypo of Inaprovaline to help Daninburg’s body recover from the shock. Jen dimmed the light above the bed and instructed one of the nurses to keep a close eye on the captain.::

::She stepped into one of the adjacent labs and placed the container in a preservation locker. Looking down at her uniform, she saw small bloodstains. Daninburg’s blood. In any other situation she would have laughed at messing up another uniform but at that moment she didn’t feel like laughing. She felt like crying. The first life was lost. She had been so vain in thinking she would be the first to die but in this case she didn’t have that privilege ­ a small, innocent child did. And for what…for nothing.::

::She leaned against the wall with her head and felt great frustration. Varaan’s proposal involving the transporters could work but would take too much time. Time was slipping out of her hands and something needed to be done. Walking out into the main area, she informed McSweeney that she was heading for the science labs. The young officer just nodded and Jen left sickbay with blood on her uniform.::

((Science lab))

::J’Kal was standing hunched over a console, a frown on her brow. Greene approached from behind and tapped her on the shoulder.::

J’Kal: Doctor Greene, what brings you here?

::At that point she glanced down and saw the faint, red stains on Jennifer’s uniform. Dismissing it as part of the job, she turned her attention upwards again.::

Greene: I have something I need your help on.

J’Kal: What exactly?

::Jennifer called Varaan to join them. She wanted him to hear this. He glided into the science lab still groping around for something to hold on to.::

Greene: Varaan, glad you came. I want you to see this. If it doesn’t work then we start on your proposal immediately.

::Varaan nodded as Jen turned her attention to J’Kal.::

Greene: J’Kal, I’ve been studying up on theta radiation. Are you familiar with it?

J’Kal: Yes, I am.

Greene: Then what I’m about to say will sound absurd but hear me out.


Lieutenant (jg) Jennifer Greene, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

USS Paladin

NCC - 62565

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Writer: Capt. Adler Wong-Aquiss

Ship Posted To: USS Nemesis-B

Subject Line: Lt Vels: "Your Mother, My Mistress"

Plot Summary:

Lt. Vels is trying to get infomation on the Nemesis' missing Captain. He was tipped off by a Vulcan ammbassodor. This is a secoundary character of Aquiss.

Submitted SIM:

[center:25b82596d4]NOTE: This SIM contains some mildly sexual content.

((Garak’s Shop, DS9))

Garak: ::With a smile:: Less than 2 hours, I`m impressed..you should have worked for the order!!!

Vels: YOU..you....!!!

Garak: So, you have seen the message!!

Vels: ::Trying to hold tears back:: You knew it.... ::throwing Data file at him:: You KNEW that your changeling sent details about my attack, didn`t you!!

Garak: And what if I did?

Vels: ::Tears rolling down face:: And yet you made me watch it!

Garak: I never made you do anything!!

Vels: ::Wiping tears away:: Yes you did!!!! ::face turning red:: What is it - have a laugh at Vel Tyrie month? Hurt me, rape me and then make fun ::Pulling phaser:: well, not anymore!! I killed him and I can kill you too!!!

Garak: ::Holding up hands, bursting out laughing:: You killed him?!

Vels: ::Nodding:: Yes!!! ::Setting phaser to max level::

Garak: What are you going to do?

Vels: ::Ice cold glare, emotionless tone:: You know.

Garak: Before you kill me, tell me your name again.

Vels: Vel Tyrie!! ::Thumb hovering over button:: V E L   T Y R I E ! ! ! !

Garak: Oh my goodness, could it be true?

Vels: DON’T play your games with me anymore!!

Garak: ::Standing forward:: My child...::Touching my face::

Vels: Don`t touch me either!!!

Garak: ::Pulling away:: All right, all right!! You have a Brother?

Vels: ::Nodding:: Two, so what!

Garak: Both Bajoran?

Vels: ::Nodding:: We were all sold to a Gul!

Garak: A Gul Noble, to be exact - You are the blonde haired, blue eyed Bajoran Dakor was speaking about!! You were the one that got me so jealous when he refused me.

Vels: Refused..you?? Your Commanding Officer?

Garak: ::Exploding, ripping phaser from my grasp:: We were lovers, you stupid little girl!

Vels: But he is...and you are...

Garak: ::Pointing phaser at me:: What, you want a diagram?

Vels: ::Pulling face:: No, I believe I saw enough with you and that Lt Cmdr..

Garak: ::Waving phaser about, menacingly:: Arrhhh, now the penny drops!! FINALLY!!

Vels: ::Frightened:: Oh..

Garak: Oh indeed!! Now, over there, away from the window!!

::I nodded, obeying him and moved further into the shop so no one could see what was going on::

Garak: ::Watching me:: That’s the trouble with you Bajorans, everything is so black and white!! Get on the floor - NOW!!!

Vels: ::Sitting down, shaking with fear:: If you are..the way you are, what are you going to do with me?!

Garak: ::Laughs:: I`m amazed you have survived this long in life!!

Vels: So what now?

Garak: ::Picking up box, throwing it at me - phaser still pointed:: Your dress, open it!!

::I picked the box up, removing the garment from it, the burgundy color reminding me of the dress my Mother wore on Bajor but this was new..::

Vels: What happened to my brothers?

Garak: ::Proud smile:: Both became Bajoran Advisors to the Cardassians...

Vels: Which means they both became spies, working for you!!

Garak ::Bending down, face inches away from me:: And what did you become, Huummm - Yes, a Lt for Star Fleet when you could have been a mistress to Gul Nobale!

::Rage took over my rational thought, I chucked the dress at him, covering his face with the material before snatching the phaser away from him then pointed it at him as he removed the dress and placed it neatly back into the box without a care that I had the phaser again::

Vels: Do you KNOW how many Bajoran females have died at the hands of Cardassians?! They were taken from their homes, their families!! Told that if they behaved themselves, their families would get medical stupplies and food...

Garak: It wasn`t all one sided... Each Bajoran female was treat like royalty and what for, a few personal favours!!

Vels: NO!! To be treat like slaves to the wishes of Guls and if she disobeyed him the first time, her family would be slaughtered and if she disobeyed him the second, SHE would be slaughtered!!!

Garak: ::Laughing:: How would you know about this, you weren`t even there, while I was...

Vels: I was bought by your Gul Nobale, remember?! I was taken to his ship, made to stand in line like the rest of them, washed and treated.... I was 13!! Forced to sit on his lap, feeling him touch me... Then told to go kill a Bajoran slave to prove my worth to him!! HE did that to me - to ME!!

Garak: ::Laughing:: Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?? You`re parents sold you out - you and your brothers for money!!!

Vels: They needed it, we were starving and my Mother thought it was for the best!!!

Garak: How ironic!!

Vels: What?!

Garak: And for Dakor’s best efforts, he didn`t even get to taste your innocent and sweet skin!! ::Laughing harder:: And that’s even more funny, ::Serious face:: You still owe me!!

Vels: I owe you nothing more!!

::He walked over towards me, pressing his chest against the phaser and his eyes tested me to see if I would shoot him or not but I just held my stance until he softly took the phaser away from me and stroked my hot cheek::

Garak: ::Half smile, replacing my phaser into it’s holder:: Yes, you do... You will find Dakor on Cardis 3, a satellite planet to Cardassia 4 but be warned, Nemesis will only then be 2 days away from Cardassia Prime... Just to amuse me, what’s this all in aid of?

Vels: My Captain.

Garak: ::Grinning:: Oh yes, the Star Fleet Captain that was killed while on the Borg Sphere...::Looking directly into my eyes:: Or was she, what did your Prophets tell you then, I wonder?

Vels: ::Placing my hand on his chest, urgency in voice:: Tell me what you know!

Garak: ::Taking my hand in his:: I could, I could so very easily but then, my price could be a little too high for repayment...

Vels: Name it!!

Garak: You.

Vels: ::Confused:: Me?

Garak: ::Nodding, kissing the palm of my hand:: I would love to see Dakor’s face as I introduced you as my wife before taking you in his bed chamber.

Vels: But you know...everything?

Garak: Oh yes.  

::I turned away, closing my eyes, thinking about his proposal and my hand started to shake::

Vels: If I agree, I ask two things of you.

Garak: Your two things....

Vels: ::Pulling my hand away from him:: You and I go see Commander Quinn together. You will explain to the Commander everything you know and I shall request a transfer to DS9, remaining here until I receive confirmation that your facts are true but if they are false, I walk away....

Garak: Agreed, and the second?

Vels: Know it in your heart that I do this for the sake of my Captain, not for any feeling towards you, now or in the future - even when you take me in yours or anyone elses "Bed chamber"

Garak: ::Softly kissing me:: Spoken like a true Bajoran!!

Vels: ::Pushing him away:: But I need time.

Garak: I see no urgency, although your Captain might.... Habitat circle One, number 7 - I shall be waiting for your answer..oh!! And wear the dress...

Vels: ::Nodding, picking up dress:: It’s beautiful.

Garak: Reminds you of your Mothers, no?

Vels: ::Looking at him:: My Mothers?

Garak: I made one for her too, when she was my mistress...  

Vels: ::Wide eyes:: You..had my Mother?

Garak: ::Nodding:: Oh yes, she was quite pleasing too...

Vels: You disgust me!!

Garak: ::Stroking my hair:: Something you Mother told me repeatedly ::Forcing me closer to him:: after we had made love. ::Smelling me:: Oh yes... You even smell like her too...

Vels: ::Feeling sick:: So, ::Closing eyes:: what happened?

Garak: I was stationed on Bajor, your Mother caught my eye when she was heavily pregnant with Lok, you oldest brother.. I would secretly give her medical supplies and extra food rationing but she remained Loyal to your Father only for 2 years later, your other Brother was born, Lojh. She was struggling, your whole family was so I placed her into duty as my house keeper and yet she still remained Loyal until she fell pregnant again - with you. The family was in dire straights, your Father had been taken out of duty due to a nasty injury and would never be able to work again which left your Mother as the only provider...

::Stroking my neck, making me recoil from his touch:: She never remained Loyal to your Father then as she gave into my needs very easily!! ::Kissing my neck, making my flesh crawl:: The first time we made love...::Stroking my tummy:: you were in her womb...

Vels: ::Desperately trying to pull away, whisper:: Please, stop...

Garak: She gave birth to you in our bed, your Father wasn't even present!! She was cold to me after that even during the most passionate of times and so I sent her back to your Father with the promise of taking care of you all.

Vels: A promise you didn't keep!

Garak: ::Anger in voice:: I kept my promise more than you'll ever know!!

Vels: Did you love her?

Garak: To start off with, I thought I did but I knew she would never love me because she was always in love with your Father.

Vels: So what happened next?

Garak: ::Smiling:: I watched you grow, bringing little presents at birthdays and celebrations!! Dakor arrived on Bajor and was given command... I was alone and I also had information....::Swallow:: but still, I had my family, your family. He filled my head with unimaginable thoughts and desire.. Your Mother had become ill from working so hard and so I came up with the plan of buying you and your brothers...so much money that she would never have to work again and buy the best of everything including medical attention...

Vels: ::Cold-hearted tone:: And at what cost?!

Garak: That your Brothers would be sent away to Cardassia, that you would become Gul Nobale’s bride leaving me to convince your Mother that I was the best thing in her life....it was all worked out!!

Vels: Until I couldn`t kill an innocent Bajoran!

Garak: Huumm... True. You turn - Tell me, what happened?

Vels: I went back home, my Father and I plotted what had to be done. He removed my ridges and culled an animal, telling the Gul that is was my blood and handing my skin to him as proof that I had taken my own life.. I was then sent to Terran Earth before starting Star Fleet as a Terran... Captain Wong-Aquiss convinced me that I should return to my heritage...

Garak: ::Wide smile:: Arhhh...Captain Wong-Aquiss.... Here you are now, saving her life..::Kissing my neck::

Vels: ::Through clenched teeth:: And as some sort of sick revenge, you want me to be your wife...::Pushing him away, scolding look:: I`ll never be my Mother!!

Garak: ::Laughing:: I hope not!!

::He pulled my head closer to his, bearing a kiss on my lips which I struggled against until he finally released me::

Vels Why didn`t she just kill you?!

Garak: She had plenty of opportunity... I even gave her one and handed her a knife, holding the blade against my breast but she was unable to kill me, just like you can`t!! ::Happy sigh:: We spent our most memorable night together after that... ::Feeling me:: I wonder what you are like??

Vels: ::Feeling bile rise, pushing passed him towards entrance of shop:: Who haven`t you slept with, you ANIMAL?!

Garak: You..not yet, anyway!

::A dry smile formed on his lips before he laughed hysterically, throwing the dress at me. I left the shop with tears of frustration burning deeply in my eyes and the dress in my hands, I went to find Commander Quinn to inform him of my impending fate.::

Lt Vels

(Vel Tyrie)

Security Office  

USS Nemesis-B

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Writer: Lieutenant JG Shade Nyssa-Dragon

Ship Posted To: USS Nemesis-B

Subject Line: ~*~The Good News~*~

Plot Summary:

NPC's Shade and Nyssa. No real plot backround needed. Conversation about their marraige plans.

Submitted SIM:

USS Nemesis-B

The Good News

Location: Quarters

Shade: ::She went back to her quarters, the shock slowly starting to wear off, leading to a bit of panic. oO What am I going to do? How am I going to tell Nyssa? Oo She climbed into the bath, drawing water and pulling over her favorite bath set, with real herbs and dried petals. She'd have to figure out a way to make another one of these soon. . ..::

Nyssa: Oh..::Leaning on door, smiling:: you're here

Shade: YEEK! ::Jumps about a foot in the air, dropping the bath set and landing in the shallow water with a splash:: NYSSA! I thought you were working!

Nyssa: ::Playful smile:: No, I`ve been waiting for you....

Shade: Waiting for me? ::Sits down, trying to smooth out her fur, turning off the water.:: Gave me a heart attack. . .. Almost. ::The reading she had gotten from Gracie was set on the table nearby, she picked up a towel, and threw it over the things, which of course, fell to the floor::

Nyssa: ::Smiling:: Bringing your work home with you..::Sitting on side of bath::

Shade: Not exactly. ::Leans up, kissing him softly. She still kindof smelled like the holodeck klingons and blood::

Nyssa: ::Softly supporting her head, deeply kissing her:: I missed you...

Shade: I missed you too. . ..  

Nyssa: ::Wide smile:: Have I told you recently how much I love you??

Shade: ::Giggles softly:: Yes. . .. I was worried what you might say about me being gone so long. . .. Storm and I got stuck in the holodeck, it was malfunctioning, and there were holodeck klingons inside, and they stunk

Nyssa: ::Kissing her neck, stroking her hair:: Hmmm....::Wider smile:: Are you free this evening??

Shade: Mhmmm. . .. I am indeed. . .. oO How am I going to tell him?!?! Oo

Nyssa: ::Looking at her:: I wondered if you and I could...::Hand playing in water:: spend some more personal time together, I could make you a meal...some candles...some scent...maybe?

Shade: Scent. . .? Like. . . perfume? ::Smiles up at him lovingly, kissing his nose::

Nyssa: I have some oils in my quarters, ::Taking her hand:: I could mix from scents together ::Kissing her hand:: and give you a massarge..if you like..

Shade: What's brought on this romance? ::Wraps her arms around him, looking up at him with eyes full of love.::

Nyssa: ::Takes her into his arms:: I`ve been thinking while I`ve been missing you....

Shade: Oh? About what? ::Runs her fingers along his lips::

Nyssa: ::Closes his eyes, gently shivers:: Hmm....::Swallows::

Shade: About what? ::Smiles at him warmly::

Nyssa: About..::Kissing her fingers:: asking you to be Mrs Nyssa...

Shade: ::Looks somewhat confused:: Arn't we already engaged?

Nyssa: Yes, ::Looking into her eyes:: but I wondered if you would like to make it official and set a wedding day....

Shade: oO Pregnant, wedding day. . .. Oo ::Her heart pounded in her chest, and she felt a bit light-headed.:: Yes. . ..  

Nyssa: ::looking at her:: Sorry, did you say - Yes??

Shade: YES! ::Giggles::

Nyssa:::His face went pale and looked at her with total disbelief, he thought she would run away at least before agreeing.. but she said Yes straight away and so he softly kissed her then looked into her eyes once again::

Shade: oO That didn't make it any clearer on how I should tell him. . .. Oo Are you alright?

Nyssa: I thought you would...::Playing coyly with her spongue:: refuse me...

Shade: We're already engaged and. . . oO Go on, say it, pregnant. . .. Oo ::Takes a deep breath:: And stuff

Nyssa: And I like sharing our "stuff" together..

Shade: Where are we going to live? oO Bindarians have sensitive eyes, the lower decks. . .. Oo Maybe the quarters you usually live in? It's nice down there

Nyssa: There's plenty of room down there and who knows, after you have become Mrs Nyssa, we might hear the sound of tiny feet.. ::Soft smile:: but no pressure, we`ll take things at your pace, OK?

Shade: ::Coughs, eyes widening a little, before she clears her throat, changin subject:: When do you want to eat?

Nyssa:::He playfully smiled at her, reaching down and gently removing her from her bath before taking her to the bedroom and wrapping her warmly in an over large towel::

Shade: ::Giggles, closing her eyes and cuddling into the towel.::

Nyssa: Well...I took the liberty of forward planning. ::Rubbing her dry:: If madam would like to accompany me to my quarters..::Kissing her neck:: after you have dressed....

Shade: oO Robin Goodfellow. . .. Herne Nyssa, John, Ren, Alder. . .. Oo ::Starting a list of names. . .. Giggles:: Of course. . .. ::Walks into her room, quickly getting dressed in the dress he gave her on Betazed, then pulling on the pilots jacket before heading out to him:: oO I wonder if they'll want to be a pilot. . .. Oo

Nyssa: ::Watching her, tears running down his face:: Shade...

Shade: ::Looks up at him, her eyes widening:: What? Did I do something?

Nyssa: ::Lovingly taking her into his arms:: You wore the dress...

Shade: ::Smiles, relaxing against him and hugging him tightly.;: Yes. . .. I love this dress. . ..

Nyssa: I wish I could afford to buy thousands like them for you to wear...

Shade: ::Giggles:: Don't get TOO used to me wearing dresses love. . ..

Nyssa: ::Playful smirk:: Why, do you have other ideas?

Shade: ::Grins:: Yep. . .. oO OH MY GOSH!!!! What am I going to wear if my tummy gets big?!?!?! Oo

Nyssa: ::Kissing her nose:: Naughty girl...::Smiling::

Shade: ::Giggles:: Lead the way. . ..

Nyssa: ::He took her by the hand, leading Shade out of her quarters and down to his but stopping outside his door, and sighs:: OK, I erm..missed you a lot, please remember this when entering..

Shade: ::Looks up at him with a warm smile.:: What did you do?

Nyssa: ::With a slight flush to his cheeks, he lead her into his quarters, the light from a thousand candles burning brightly and a table laid:: Erm..this...

Shade: ::Her mouth drops open in shock, and she stares around.:: It's. . . it's beautiful. . ..

Nyssa: I wanted tonight to be special.

Shade: Oh it is Nyssa. . . you have no idea. . ..

Nyssa: ::He smiled at her before leading her towards his bedroom, the same amount of candles lighting this room before showing her the newly decorated sleeping area and the bottle of scented oil that sat besides the bed::

Shade: ::Looks around the bedroom, her eyes wide. It was so romantic in here. . .. Whispers.:: Should. . . find a place to put my things. . .. And. . . and. . .. oO Out with it. . .. Better double it too, just in case. . .. Oo and maybe a. . . couple extra rooms. . ..

Nyssa: If rules of my religeon weren`t so carved in stone, I would have loved for us to part-take of imzadi this evening.... ::Looks at her after replaying her words:: Couple of extra rooms?? Erm...I could decorate them tomorrow..if you like?

Shade: No. . . no hurry. . .. ::Shifts a little, nervous.::

Nyssa: ::Deeply blushing:: I`m sorry..I`m being a little pushy again, aren`t I?? You don`t have to make love with me this evening...::Worried:: I didn`t do all this so we would..so it would impress you..and...Oh...I`ve stuffed up again, haven`t I?

Shade: oO He's so sweet! Oh my gosh, I didn't even think of religion! Oo No! Oh Nyssa my love no. . .. ::Reaches up, putting her hands against his cheeks softly.::  

Nyssa: ::Nods to self:: I`ll take you back to your quarters, ::Nodding again:: I`ll replicate the same meal I cooked for you there....

Shade: No! I want to stay here. . ..  

Nyssa: You haven`t tasted my cooking....

Shade: ::Smiles lovingly at him, she was indeed starving now.:: I'll risk it. ...

Nyssa: ::Softly rubbing her tummy:: Are you sure??

Shade: :Puts a hand over his.:: Positive. . .

Nyssa: ::Sees the look in her face:: What's the matter.. ::Worried again:: If you don`t want to....then..you know..I..erm...

Shade: Now feed me before I starve ::Teasingly::

Nyssa: ::Laughing:: OK!! If Madam would like to take a seat....

Shade: Nyssa. . .. Umm. . .. I have something really important. . . to tell you. . .. After we eat. . .. ::Smiles, sitting down:;

::Nyssa leans across and reveals the meal he cooked for her but her scent catches his smell which makes him smile wider::

Nyssa: I see I haven`t totally got things wrong then....

Shade: What?

Nyssa: ::Whispering in her ear:: You're scent...

Shade: My SCENT? oO Does he already know?! Oo

Nyssa: ::Wide smile, taking a seat:: You always smell like that before..we..erm...::Picking up knife and fork:: share our closeness together.

Shade: Have sex?

Nyssa: ::Blushes brightly, coughs:: Yes..we, have...yes..yes.

Shade: ::Giggles:: I was so naughty, I didn't even ask to disrobe you

Nyssa: ::Dropping his fork on the floor, swallowing:: How..clumsy of me...::Retreiving fork:: No! Well, it was raining and...muddly and...::Coughs::

Shade: ::Smiles at him impishly::

Nyssa: ::Nodding:: We would have been cold..but..::Coughs again:: so too is the food..PLEASE!! help yourself...

Shade: ::Giggles, starting to eat hungerly::

Nyssa: ::Helps himself and starts to eat:: What do you think??

Shade: ::Makes an appreciative sound, too busy just stuffing her face::

Nyssa: ::He looked at her while he eat, thoughts running through his mind on how he could tell her about the wedding date he had planned without really seeming pushy, she had agreed to the wedding, perhaps now wasn`t the correct time::

Shade: ::Purrs steadily, cleaning her plate, and then another serving::

Nyssa: ::Softly laughing:: There's afters too!!

Shade: oO It'd be so cute to have one of those little wind chime things over the babies cradel in the shape of a planet or star station with ships circling it. . .. Oo ::Looks up, the second plate clean too.:: More??

Nyssa: ::Pushes his plate over towards her:: Have mine.

Shade: No, you eat. ::Smiles::

Nyssa: ::Shakes head:: I`m not really hungry to...excited!

Shade: Just wait. ...

Nyssa: ::Eyes widend:: Just wait?? ::Blushes::

Shade: ::Giggles.::

Nyssa: ::Playfully shocked:: Elanora Theo-Dragon!!

Shade: What?  

Nyssa: ::Smirk playing about lips:: Are you being naughty again??

Shade: Always ::Giggles:: What are those things they hang over baby cribs?

Nyssa: Mobiles..Why, ::Teasing her:: Planning ahead are we? ::Winks::

Shade: No, not planning ahead. . ..

Nyssa: ::Smile fades, slightly confused:: No??

Shade: oO Out with it. . .. Oo Maybe a mobile. . . of a space station with ships circling it, or a planet with ships circling it, would be cute to hang over the crib. . ..

Nyssa: What crib - Shade, what crib??

Shade: We'll be needing a crib. . .. oO Could have done THAT a little slower Oo

Nyssa: ::Excited:: You..want to have children with me??

Shade: oO Oh my. . .. Oo ::Trying not to giggle.:: Well. . .. I didn't ask to disrobe you until after the occurance. . .. ::Laughter bubbles out of her, and she leans back so fast her tail topples over, spilling her out onto the floor, laughing::

Nyssa: ::He races from his chair, straight by her side and lifts her up::

Nyssa: Are you alright??

Shade: ::Laughs, hiding her face against him and waiting till she calmed down some to speak:: I went to sickbay today

Nyssa: ::Totally worried:: Why, what's wrong..is something wrong..::Face falls:: that's why you agreed to marry me sooner rather than later..you`re..dying..no..ill..no..oh please, just tell me!

Shade: ::Her eyes widen.:: Oh I'm really mucking this up, arn't I? ::Hugs him tightly::  

Nyssa: ::Feeling tense:: Shade??


Nyssa: Why did you go into sickbay??

Shade: My tummy was upset. . ..

Nyssa: And you are eating my cooking...wait...tummy upset...and cribs?

Shade: ::Nods slowly:: And little booties. . ..

Nyssa: Your scent...and...::Placing her down:: little booties...

Shade: And dim lights. . . and mobiles. ...

Nyssa: And Nappies?? Which means..you`re...

Shade: ::Takes his hand, putting it on her tummy::

Nyssa: BY the ringsssssszzzzzz.....::Passes out cold, smacking head on table before fitting the floor::

Shade: NYSSA! ::Yelps, pulling him onto her lap.:: Nyssa?!?!

Shade: ::Whimpers worriedly, tapping her commbadge:: Medical emergency, two to beam to sickbay ::They shimmered from view, reappearing in sickbay::

Nyssa: ::Blinks slowly, comes round:: I`m going to be a Daddy...

Shade: Oh my gosh. . .. ::Leans her head against him, starting to giggle::

Nyssa: ::Looking up at Gracie:: Hello, Gracie..

Gracie: ::Looking down at them:: Good Evening, High Priest, Lt.

Nyssa: ::Wide smile:: I`m going to be a Daddy!!

Shade: ::Giggles:: He passed out and hit his head on the table. ..

Gracie: Perhaps a quick examination...

Shade: ::Nods, giggling::

Nyssa: ::Smiling:: I believe my future Imazdi has already had one....

Shade: For you silly! ::Stands up, helping Nyssa onto a bio bed:: If it makes you feel better I'll have my head examined too ::Teasinly::

Nyssa: ::Being helped to feet:: A Daddy....a daddy!! OH!!

Shade: ::Giggles::  

Lt. JG Shade Theo Dragon

Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Nemesis-B


High Priest Herne Nyssa

USS Nemesis-B

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Writer: Lieutenant Akino Janaar

Ship Posted To: USS Ronin

Subject Line: Lt Janaar - The Galileo Project - Part 1

Plot Summary:

Right now Lt. Janaar is assigned to the Ronin but when this sim happened we were still on the Galileo.  

OOC we had just recived word that the Galileo crew would be transferred to other ships and that the Galileo would be no more. So we as a crew decided that we would close the ship off as a hologram program and that we would go out with a bang. So IC we had a virus let out on the ship that made people act like they were drunk until they died from a chemnical overdose in their brain. While under the effects of the virus an npc fired on the ship that we had been communicating with.

Submitted SIM:

The ship surged forward as Akino Janaar stepped out of the turbolift.  

The bridge was bustling with activity… in truth mostly panic.  

"Report," he yelled over the red alert klaxons.  

The terrified looking ensign at the helm turned, "While infected with  

the virus, someone inadvertently fired on the Raven.  It was  


"My god," Janaar gasped, "I take it this is a reprisal?"

The young man nodded, "three ships decloaked and began firing."

"Hail them."

"I can't, the first volley took out our communications... our shields  

were down when they hit, virtually all of our primary systems are  


"Where is Commander Keldor?"

"I don't know, he didn't respond when we called him to the bridge."  

The ensign reported.  

"Incoming!" someone yelled and the whole ship violently shook.  The  

helm console exploded throwing the ensign into the air, landing at  

Janaar's feet.

The Betazoid kneeled and felt for a pulse, he never found one.

"I will be in engineering, we HAVE to get the communications back  

online before we all end up dead."

(((Main Engineering)))

"Where is Lt Bochk?" Janaar asked one of the many busy engineers.

"Jeffries Tubes last I heard, Sir."

"Listen up people, unless you are working on a critical system I need  

you to work on the Communications system, we need to talk to  

our "friends" out there before they blow us out of the sky."

Five or six engineers dropped what they were doing and began working  

on the comm. system.  

"Reroute power from anywhere other than life-support or shields."

"Lt, we can give you an audio signal now."

"Open a channel, this is Lt Janaar of the Galileo."

"So now you want to talk Lt, perhaps you want to explain why you  

needlessly destroyed one of our ships? Or maybe you want to beg for  

your life and the lives of your crew."

"We deeply regret the loss of your ship, our ship was under the  

influence of a mind altering virus at the time."

"You expect me to believe that? You should have at least claimed a  

systems failure.  I will not listen to your lies"

Janaar formed a fist, "then listen to this, call off your attack or I  

will order the self-destruction of this ship which will cause an anti-

matter explosion that will destroy your vessels as well."

One of the engineers whispered, "Lt we can give you visual."  The  

Betazoid nodded and the image of his adversary flickered onto the  

small screen.

"I don't respond to idle threats, Lt. You won't destroy your own  


"I don't make idle threats, if you continue this attack we will be  

destroyed anyway. We have civilians aboard who will be killed, along  

with my crew and if I am going out I am taking you [...]s with me."

He stared into the screen, not blinking.  The man on the other ship  

looked at the young Betazoid for what felt like a long time.  "Very  

well Lt, we have inflicted sufficient damage and will leave.  But be  

warned you have made an enemy today."

"I will add you to the list, Galileo out." Janaar said slamming his  

fist onto the screen controls.  

"Sir, they are moving off."

A cheer arose from the engine room.  "Not time to celebrate yet  

people, let's get our systems online before we celebrate."

A counduit next to the warp-core ruptured, and warning klaxons  


"The core is about to breach," an engineer yelled.

"Computer: Dump the warp core, authorization Janaar alpha 325."

"Unable to comply warp-core ejection system is offline, 1 minute to  

warp-core breach."

Janaar tapped his commbadge =/=all hands: abandon ship, repeat all  

hands abandon ship =/=  

He moved over to the console next to the warp core and began tapping  

commands "Everyone get the hell out of here, I am going to try and  

keep the core stable for as long as possible."  

"You can't do alone," a female voice said behind him.  

((OOC: Lt Bochk, I didn't think you'd just abandon your engine room  

so I am simming this in the interest of wrapping up the plot,  

apologies if it isn't what she would do or say))

"Lt Bochk, I gave the order to abandon ship."

"No-one knows these engines better than me, I can help you."

"Tarina, go! That's an order."

"I am not leaving, you can report me for disobeying order."

Janaar smiled, and put his hand on her shoulder.  "We just have to  

give the escape pods and shuttles long enough to get out of range of  

the explosion."

She nodded and the two officers worked furiously to keep the warp-

core online.  

=/=10 seconds to warp core breach=/=

"Reroute power to the shields…"I will modulate them to contain as  

much of the blast as possible."  His fingers flew furiously over the  


As he worked he thought of his son, stranded in another galaxy  

without his father and his mother still in the Alpha quadrant.

"Shield modulation online, here's hoping it helps… for all their  


He looked up at Tarina, and smiled a weak smiled.  "It's been an  


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Writers: Lieutenant JG Danny Wilde & Ensign Idril Mar

Ship Posted To: USS Independence

Subject Line: Lt.jg D. Wilde & Ens I. Mar- Workout

Plot Summary:

This JP arose out of a flirtation between the security chief for the Independence (Lt Wilde) and the new engineer aboard (Ens Mar). She helped him stop a fight in the hall outside her quarters and he asked to see where she learned the moves she used. (This is where the jp starts). She works out every morning in the holodeck, and he agreed to meet her the next morning. She rans a program that simulated a bar that a previous host had frequented on the Klingon homeworld and had learned to handle himself fairly well. A fight starts and the lieutenant gets beat up pretty bad, but enjoys the company nonetheless.

Submitted SIM:

IC: ((Holodeck Two- 0715))  

::Idril had gotten up earlier than normal for her morning workout, since she wanted to do a little of it alone before Lt. Wilde arrived. The flowing motions of the Klingon mok’bara had helped her focus her mind ever since she had been Joined, and they still helped her now. The dojo was serene about her and the whiteness of the walls, this morning based on a culture from the eastern area of Earth’s largest continental landmass, helped her think more clearly. She thought back over the previous two days, her first on her new duty assignment. She had been nearly assaulted by a crazed Vulcan crewman, had eyes made at her by the ship’s Chief of Security, solved a mystery about a space anomaly, and was heading back to her home world to try to stop that same anomaly from destroying it.::  

o0 Talk about a day in the life…0o  

::That wasn’t even all of it. The lieutenant who was making eyes at her earlier was now meeting her for a workout, alone no less. She had been avoiding him since the previous morning, unsure of even what her feelings meant.::  

Mar: Computer, give me a sparring partner. Difficulty level nine.  

::The computer bleeped and a huge Klingon warrior materialized. He stood fully head-and-shoulders taller than the Trill woman, and she could see the rippling muscles under his uniform. This was the highest level she had ever beaten, and still only won about half the time. The hardest level, ten, involved a four-armed creature of some sort that always managed to get one of its arms through her defenses and knock her over. After that, she thought, grimacing at the memory, she was as good as out of it. The Klingon in front of her was hard enough to get her going for now. She brought her mind to bear on the task in front of her and set herself for the inevitable rush.::  

Mar: Begin program.  

::The Klingon started towards her and her sparring was on for the morning.  

So involved in the fighting was she that when Lt. Wilde walked in through the doors a few minutes late, Idril didn’t even hear him enter.::  

::Danny entered the holodeck after a good nights sleep. Actually, he'd fallen asleep in his chair, and his coffee had gone cold, but still, it was what he needed. He entered to see Ensign Mar with her back to him, sparring with a huge Klingon Warrior. At first he thought about lending her a hand, but after watching the skill and agility of the character, he knew the level was far too advanced for him. He watched as she did a few more rounds with the Klingon, then politely cleared his throat to announce himself.::  

Mar: Computer, freeze program. Good morning, Lt. Wilde.  

Wilde: Good morning. I’m not too early am I? You handled yourself very well there. What setting was it at?  

Mar: It’s on level nine. I’m usually not this good on it, though. Old Klang here usually gets me about half the time.  

::Idril pointed over her shoulder with a thumb. Danny was taken aback a bit; he had underestimated the new officer, but he was definitely impressed.::  

Wilde: Well, I’m afraid I’m not that experienced with things like this. Yes,  

I've been in my fair share of hand to hand, but never with Klingons, and on  

Level 9 in the holodeck.  

Mar: Well, let me get the program started.  

Wilde: Oh really? I assumed this was the program you had in mind. Well, shall we go ahead?  

Mar: Sure thing. Computer, load program Azulay Qo’noS 1-alpha.  

::He listened as she input her program, and the room fizzled into a musky, back-alley sort of bar, filled with all sorts of strange alien forms, mainly Klingons, Nausicaans and Chalnoth. He was a bit surprised at why anyone like Idril would be seen in a place like this, then it hit him; one of her previous hosts was probably male, and a lot taller.::  

Wilde: It certainly is an…earthy place. How long ago was it since you were last here?  

::Idril thought for a moment. She hadn’t run this program for a while,  

probably almost six months. However, she had created it as part of  

her adjustment period projects right after the Joining.::  

Mar: Well, it’s been a good six months since I ran this program, if that’s  

what you mean. Literally speaking, though, I’d say a little bit over 30  


Wilde: Wow, that’s a long time, you don’t look that old...you're not really that old are you? oO Danny you idiot, of course she's not that old; she's probably younger than you. Oo  

Mar: No, I’m not that old, and didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s  

impolite to ask a woman her age?  

::Idril winked to show that she wasn’t really all that offended.::  

Mar: A previous host introduced me to this place. It’s a bit tough for the places I am usually in myself, though I do like coming here occasionally. He frequented this bar while he was on the Klingon homeworld.  

::Danny was interested in her past, and intrigued to know about her past hosts and their lives. He realized that what they had established since her coming aboard was a purely 'physical' things...but Danny being the old romantic secretly hoped for more, and was eager to get to know the *real* Idril Mar.::  

::The two chatted as Idril led them towards a back table, near the corner of the building.::  

Wilde: Was the person who brought you here the first host for Mar?  

Mar: Actually, no, he wasn’t the first host. There have been four, counting me: two men and two women. Azulay was the second of those.  

Wilde: I’m curious, did you ever meet any of the Mar hosts before you were joined, Idril?  

::Before Idril could answer, a burly Klingon waitress came over to their table and asked gruffly what they wanted to drink.::  

Mar: I’ll take some blood-wine and a plate of Kre’Pes.  

Wilde: Coffee please, no cream.  

::The waitress looked mad, so Idril leaned over and whispered to the lieutenant.::  

Mar: The only thing they have here is blood-wine. Don’t worry though, I made sure the program serves fruit punch instead. If you want breakfast, though, they serve just about anything. The trick is that you have to ask for it in Klingon.  

::Danny frowned; he didn’t know many phrases in Klingon::  

Wilde: Oh, in that case I shall have the blood-wine as well then please. Tell me, do you have any family close at hand?  

::Muttering under her breath, the waitress stomped back over towards the bar to get their order.::  

Mar: Well, I have an older brother and a mother, if you mean me specifically. My brother is about two minutes older than me, so technically we’re twins I guess. I’ve always considered him an older brother, though. My dad died a number of years ago. Counting previous hosts, though, I’ve been both a mother and a father, I’ve been married three times, divorced once, and buried four children.  

::Danny thought for a moment, and delivered his comment straight out of the blue, [...] the consequences.::  

Wilde: So you're not married now?  

Mar: Not right now, no.  

::He paused a moment as the waitress came back with their order.::  

Wilde: So there's no one special in your life at the moment?  

::Idril blinked, covering up by taking a long pull off her punch. That was a bit forward, wasn’t it, she thought to herself.::  

Mar: No, actually, I’m not seeing anyone right now either. My last boyfriend wasn’t able to adjust to the changes after I was Joined, so we broke up.  

::She decided to change the subject a bit.::  

Mar: So, you wanted to know where I learned those moves you saw, right?  

Wilde: Yes, I was greatly impressed at our first meeting in the corridor, where do we start?  

Mar: Computer, begin subroutine beta.  

::At first nothing seemed too different. Idril took a bite out of the very un-Klingon pancakes that she had in front of her, and Danny took a drink of his punch. Swallowing, she pointed over Lt. Wilde’s head with her fork.::  

Mar: You might want to duck, lieutenant.  

::Danny raised an eyebrow.::  

Wilde: Duck?  

Mar: Freeze program. Look behind you.  

::There was a large Nausicaan behind Lt. Wilde, swinging a chair across aimed to hit him in the side of the head. The chair had been stopped about a foot before impact. Idril took another drink to suppress a giggle as the lieutenant looked. Danny's eyes widened and almost spat his drink over the floor. The chair was too close to his face for his liking. Gulping, he laughed a little as he edged away from the chair.::  

Wilde: A little too close for comfort, don’t you think?  

Mar: Like I told you, this is a tough house. You still interested?  

::Idril grinned with a sparkle in her eyes. Danny flashed a wicked smile right back at her.::  

Wilde: Of course; I’m not going to let something like that stop me.  

Mar: Computer reset subroutine beta and restart program.  

::The Nausicaan disappeared, and the bar came back to life. A fight began over in the far corner, but it quickly spread until nearly everyone in the bar was involved.::  

Wilde: What do we do now?  

Mar: C’mon lieutenant. If you don’t jump in, they’ll just drag you in  


::Standing up to dodge a punch, Danny ducked then had to shout over the noise.::  

Wilde: I think we're past the pleasantries now...you don’t have to keep calling me lieutenant. Call me Danny!  

:: Idril got up and took a step back, just a flying Klingon took out the  

table. More and more rough characters kept making swings at Danny, but together, he and Idril backed them back long enough to get out. Nearing the exit, A Klingon had broken a table and took a swung at Danny with the leg. Cracking him square in the side of his face, Danny fell back a bit, then lunged forward, striking up into the Klingon’s chin with the palm of his hand. Idril finished off the stunned warrior with a kick that left the armor on his armor dented and the Klingon on the floor gasping for breath. The two fought their way to the door and popped out into the alley at almost a dead run. Idril leaned her back up against the wall of the building opposite the bar and breathed heavily. Danny, trying to regain his breath, smiled and spoke in between gasps for air.::  

Wilde: That was incredible...I've never had an experience...like that before!  

Mar: I swear…bar-fights get my…blood going in a way…old Klang can never do. Sometimes…I stay in there just…to see how long it takes…for everyone to go down.  

::Danny laughed and rested his back against the wall, supporting himself by putting his hands on his knees, still getting his breath::  

Wilde: You've definitely got some fighting spirit in you. That was a great experience  

::The security chief winced at the pain in his side.::  

Wilde: …if not slightly painful.  

::Idril looked over at the lieutenant. He had a dribble of blood coming from the corner of his mouth. Someone had caught him with a hook and split his lip. Idril was a little sore herself from a bruise on her shin. It had been too long since she’d run this program. She reminded herself never to kick a Klingon anywhere that he had armor and decided to just deal with the pain as a reminder of that.::  

Mar: Hang on a minute.  

::The Trill woman walked over to him and leaned in close to his face, wiping the blood away with her thumb. She realized it was be so easy to just lean in a little closer…but no. It was too fast, and she hardly knew him at all. She pulled back and there was a very uncomfortable silence.::  

::Danny was still panting to get his breath back as she wiped the blood away  

with her thumb. As she did so, he looked directly at her, but she was too  

focused on his cut lip. Her eyes indicated something, and Danny stiffened.  

Soon enough Idril looked down slightly and pulled away.::  

Wilde: ::quietly:: Thank you...::more silence::  

Mar: You’re probably going to have to talk to the doctor about those ribs.  

That Klingon caught you pretty good.  

::Idril just noticed that Lt. Wilde had said something else.::  

Mar: Thanks…for what?  

Wilde: For that...and for bringing me here. I’m very grateful to have had the chance to share a bit of your past here.  

Mar: Well, I hope you enjoyed it.  

::Danny stood back up again. Straightening his clothes slightly, he grinned.::  

Wilde: Whenever your free again, we could do this again sometime...only next time, I'll pick the place, something more quiet, seeing as though we've already had the adrenaline rush of here.  

::He smiled, hoping that she would not take offense at his opinion of her taste in holodeck programs. In fact, it was this sort of this that got his heart pounding just that little bit faster, and was what he admired about Idril Mar. He only wished he could thank her properly somehow.::  

::Idril thought for a moment.::  

Mar: I think I’d like that, sir. But right now, I need to go get a shower and report for duty. We’re getting close to my homeworld, after all, and usually my workout doesn’t run this long. Computer, exit. I will see you later on, sir.  

::The doors materialized and Idril skipped lightly out with a cheery smile and a wave, heading for her quarters and a nice hot shower.::  

Wilde: Computer...end program.  

::Still in the holodeck, Danny stood in the now empty room. Although he was in much pain, he still had a faint smile on his lips. [...]ing his head to one side, thinking to himself, he left the holodeck with a limp. He felt refreshed already, and he made his way to sickbay replaying the morning’s events in his head::  


Lieutenant (jg) Danny Wilde  

Chief of Security  

USS Independence  


Ensign Idril Mar  


USS Independence

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Writer: Commander Becka Fire-Claw

Ship Posted To: USS Ronin

Subject Line: Commander Becka Fire-Claw

Plot Summary:

The Captain has been attacked, and Commander Fire-Claw is on the scene and is also Simming the ships elusive murderer.

Submitted SIM:

((Bridge, USS Ronin))

::the scene was terrible. Becka stood over her captain, gently gathering him up, assessing his injuries. The turbolift opened several times in succession, admitting Sheriden, DeHaviland and his team and Rumanov. Becka shot a look to Janaar, at the science console::

Rumanov: Sir?

Fire-Claw: Murderer has struck again. We've got him this time though. ::to Janaar:: Sensor records? What did you see Lieutenant????


((Deck 3))

::he moved through the halls with a level stare. He knew where he was going. Other crewmen never gave him a second look.::

oO She'll be there. Working so hard. So beautiful... working so hard... Oo

::running his hand down his thigh, he felt the rare blade he used on his victims, worn underneath his clothing::

oO So rare a beauty she is, so exotic. Vulcan, Klingon, Trill mix. Oo

::he turned a corner and there was his destination. Holodeck One. Training ground for tactical officers. Domain of his target.::

oO Holodeck One Oo...


((Bridge, USS Ronin))

Sheriden: Was he like that when you got here commander?

Fire-Claw: Yes.... yes.... I felt something wrong, I just knew. When I got here, the murderer had fallen on the captain, and just as I moved towards the station, he leapt up and tried to get away.

::DeHaviland beamed out Captain James, and the would be assassin was taken to the brig for interrogation and keeping. He wasn't hurt bad, but would have to be looked after::

Sheriden: Commander for the time being I recommend that we put ships defenses at red alert. In my modified plan of a red alert for only the ships defenses, the following will take place: two security officers will remain on the bridge at all times, the captain, first officer, or second officer are the only ones allowed to have charge of the bridge, we go under a bridge lockdown, and civilian lockdown. Also, all ships defenses personell will be carying a phaser including the department head and the rest of the senior staff. ..... I'm going to order a two man watch of the captain...one outside sickbay and one watching the captain with his eye. Also, I recommend that we cancel the senior staff briefing until further notice.

Fire-Claw: A logical suggestion Sheriden. I agree. Though the security officer assigned to James must keep eye contact, but he may not get in the way of DeHaviland, I want that clear. Sickbay is not to be interfered with. The staff briefing will not formally go on. From now on, each department will make progress reports sent to every other department. This way it will be an active briefing, no section will be left out.

deHaviland: =A= Sickbay to Commander Fire-Claw. =A=

Fire-Claw: =/= Fire-Claw here, go ahead =/=

deHaviland: =A= Commander, Captain James is fine. He pulled through with flying colors. I'm going to transfer him to sickbay. =A=  

Fire-Claw: =/= That's good to know, thank you. =/=  

::she let out a breath she had been holding and looked to Sheriden, who nodded once, relieved.::

deHaviland: =A= Where is the other guy? =A=

Fire-Claw: =/= He's in a holding cell in the brig. =/=

deHaviland: =A= Understood. I'll have somebody treat him. deHaviland out. =A=

Fire-Claw: =/= Acknowledged, Fire-Claw out =/=

::she closed the line and walked back to the center chair. She would never let it go now. Keep it warm for the man who should be in it::


((Holodeck One))

::he had passed into the room and, seeing several holobarriers, realized that they were all in isolated situations.::

oO Which means my woman is to be in control... control... control room Oo

::he made his way to the control room, and slipped inside. There she sat, monitoring their progress through several environments. Her fingers swiftly ran over the console, light touches making changes. His heart sped up and his breath caught.::

oO Remarkable... Must watch her, keep her whole. Can't spoil something so perfect! Oo

::he struggled with himself for a moment. The urge to watch her, the urge to leap her, slit her throat and hold her while she died fighting. at last he decided.::

::unsheathing his knife, he jumped from the shadows and took Au by the shoulder, spinning her around and throwing her to the ground. She made to roll, but he pinned her to the ground with his body, holding the knife to her neck...::



Commander Becka Fire-Claw

XO, USS Ronin

NCC 34523

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Writer: Lieutenant JG Myriah Caragan

Ship Posted To: USS Kodiak

Subject Line: Ltjg Myriah Caragan: Hell for the Company

Plot Summary:

Kodiak is leading a task force of ships against extra deminsional invaders. The ship is badly damaged. The medical team is heads toward engineering to assist injured there.

Submitted SIM:

((Turbo lift 16: Star Drive))

::The lift hums quietly, the staff inside silent. Myriah's eyes rest  

on her hands cupped around the handles of her two radiation kits. In  

front of her stood the pair of security guards assigned to her by  

Bejain. Her eyes drifted up to stare at their backs before returning  

to her hands and the med kits. Thoughts of her lab back at the base,  

her parents and friends back at SB1 drifted through her mind. She  

wondered if she would ever see any of them again.::

Myriah: <Quit it Riah. You have a job to do. . .>

::She felt the lift slow to a stop. Looking up, she sees a number of  

her staff exchange nervous glances before the doors part revealing a  

smoke and flame filled corridor. Al-Farad and Trujillo step onto the  

deck, extinguishing the flames before them. Spraying down the  

corridor, they led the medical team from the lift. Myriah glances  

back once, as the doors slip shut behind them.::

::The team progresses through the deck, making their way towards Main  

Engineering. Coughing some, the red-haired doctor peers through the  

dimly lit smoke-filled corridors searching for signs of life.  

Rounding a corner, she sees the immense double doors of Main  

Engineering. The doors sit splayed apart, a crushed body hangs, arms  

dangling towards the floor. Below it a dark pool of blood stains the  

carpet. Approaching, Trujillo bends to press his fingers against the  

Terran's neck. Looking back at Myriah, he shakes his head.::

::She stares impassively down at the unfocused eyes, noting his rank.  

She wonders who he was as she waits for Al-Farad and Trujillo to pry  

the doors open enough for the team to enter.::

::Auda pries an access panel from the wall, exposing the hydraulic  

over-ride for the doors. Reaching in, he yanks the over-ride back. A  

long minute passes before the doors hiss and begin to open.::

::Myriah enters quickly, slipping through before the doors are even  

halfway open. In front of them, illuminated by the bluish glow of the  

warp core are the 15 missing engineers. Three of the crewmen lay with  

their heads in the laps of their fellow crewmates. Moving to their  

sides, Myriah flips open her kit removing her tricorder and diagnosis  

wand, before scanning each of the men before her. Crewman Skye drops  

in beside her, waiting for her orders.::

::Looking up as the third man's life signs start to fluctuate, she  

points to the hypo in the kit beside Jason Skye before tapping her  


Caragan: =/=Caragan to Transporter Room 1. Medical Emergency. Lock  

onto. . . =/= ::She glances up at one of the Ensigns near her, her  

eyes pleading for the wounded men's names, starting with the last  

who's life signs were failing fast. He gives her their names as she  

continues to speak..::=/= Crewman Davidson, Ackerman, and Ensign  

Faile's signals in front of me. Beam them and Doctor. . .=/= ::She  

glances up at her team, picking one of her best to send back with  

them.:: =/= Bbephan directly to sickbay.=/=

::There is a long static filled silence before a man's gravelly voice  

is heard.::

Haggard: =/= Affirmative Doctor. Hang on a sec. . I'll have them out  

of there in 3. . .2. .. 1 . .  

::A blue-white light surrounds the three men and one of her staff.  

Myriah holds her breath for the confirmation.::

Haggard: =/=I've got 'em, Doc. . .Hang on, I'll bea. . . =/=

::Static broke up the transmission.::


::The deck rocked violently, sending Myriah head first into a  

console. She lays stunned a moment before pushing herself up. Shaking  

herself, she tries to clear her mind. Looking up, she sees three  

versions of Trujillo staring down at a tricorder in his hand. She  

sways, nausea suddenly rising up within her.::

Trujillo: Doc! We need to leave.

::Looking up, he sees her on the ground staring up at him dazed  

before curling her knees up to her stomach. A colorful curse rips  

from his throat. Flipping the tricorder closed, he moves to her side,  

kneeling next to her. A hand cups her chin, lifting her face gently  

up. She stares blankly up at his dark eyes, her pupils mismatched.::

Trujillo: Doc? Doc!? Are you gonna be okay? ::She stares at him,  

feeling a wave of vertigo pass through her mind and body.:: Common.  

Bejain would never forgive me for letting anything happen to you.

::Placing an arm around her, he heaves her to her feet. Turning he  

signals Al-Farad to retreat. The dark-skinned man nods, sending  

Trujillo a worried look. Turning, he waves the others to follow him.  

Myriah leans into the man beside her, her eyes slipping in and out of  

focus. Another explosion rocks the Engineering bay, sending both  

Myriah and Trujillo stumbling forward through the half-opened doors.  

Ahead of them, Al-Farad picks his way through the burning corridor,  

spraying down fires where he can before moving on.::

::Trujillo taps his badge again, hoping against all hope that he  

could establish a link. Static is his only response. Glancing at the  

doctor he supports, he sees a trickle of blood running down the side  

of her face. Her eyes look unfocused as they try to slowly drift  

shut. He gives her a gentle shake.::

Trujillo: Doc. Hey! Doc. Stay with me here.  

::Myriah starts at the voice, looking up at the dark eyed man. She  

smiles weakly and nods. Ahead of them a bulkhead sparks and explodes,  

filling the corridor with flame and smoke. Steam rises suddenly  

around the metallic fragment, Al-Farad's face appearing a moment  

later. With a thick accent and a quick wave, he summons them  


Al-Farad: Come. We must hurry.

::Trujillo looks up, wrapping Myriah's arm up across his shoulder  

before gripping her hand. Holding her tightly about the waist, he  

nods to Al-Farad. Moving forward, he kicks the twisted frame to the  

side, making just enough room for them to pass. The lights of the  

lift appear straight ahead. Half dragging the doctor at his side, he  

pushes on while Auda holds the lift doors open awaiting their  

arrival. Rushing through the doors, he hears the start of an  

explosion as the lift doors swoop shut behind them. The lift hums to  

life, begining its ascent to the Saucer section.::


::The lift shakes, the sound of metal groaning fills the lift.  

Everyone holds their breath.::


::Hands grip the rails as the lift begins to plummet. On the floor,  

Myriah feels the shift in gravity, pain still rippling through her  


::The lift squeals down through the shaft, emergency brakes snapping  

out milli-seconds after the lift begins to plummet. The brakes begin  

to howl, the sound rising to a wail before dropping pitch ever so  


::Around them, the lift shakes violently. Inside, the light flickers  

and dies. The dome collapses suddenly inward while thick metallic  

shafts thrust upward through the floor. Screams of pain fill the lift  

as it grinds to a sudden halt.::

::The twisted lift sits tilted at a 60 degree angle, skewered by  

support struts from a nearby deck. Inside, several crewman lay  

bruised and bleeding against the walls or skewered by the twisted  

metal beams. The battered form of a red-haired Terran woman lies in a  

heap in the angle between the wall and the floor. Blood slowly wells  

up around the metal shaft that had pierced through her upper thigh,  

while a thin trickle continues to trace a sanguine line across her  


::Outside, a battle still raged, while inside the shaft of the turbo  

lift a soft hiss was drowned out beneath the groaning of the metal  

lift about to collapse.::

Ltjg Myriah Caragan

Doctor, USS Kodiak

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Writer: Lieutenant Rhys Bejain

Ship Posted To: USS Kodiak

Subject Line: Lt Rhys Bejain - Four horsemen

Plot Summary:

The Kodiak leads a task force against the extra demensional invaders called the T'lithains. This sim depicts the destruction of the T'lithain dreadnought at the end of the battle. Lt. Rhys with permission is simming for the task force ship USS Triumphant as Defiant Class vessel.

Submitted SIM:

((Bridge, USS Triumphant))

::With the exception of Solovich and Edmunds, everyone’s eyes were glued to

the screen. Dreadnought one, the one the away team was on, turned as

dreadnought two turned broadside to her. Fire suddenly crackled from two

adding to the considerable damage the Kodiak, Triumphant and Iraguti has

already inflicted upon her.::

Mwangi: Any more torpedoes, Solovich?

Solovich: Three sir. ::She smiled without looking up.:: Where do you want


Mwangi: Place them on the singularity weapon.

Solovich: Aye, sir.

::The Triumphant hungrily spat three torpedoes at the black ship’s nose.

The tip of the ship erupted in bloody red fire as the singularity weapon

burnt out. Smaller fires silently detonated along its length with the

perculiar zero-G fire, the weapon looking like a bloody but broken dagger.

Several of the crew cheered then silenced quickly as Mwangi turned his gaze

upon them.::

Mwangi: (murmuring) Undignified ...

O'Malley: =/= O'Malley to Triumphant and Iraguti, break off, and wait for

the fireworks.=/=

::Mwangi responded with orders to his crew.::

Mwangi: Take us to four thousand kilometres, Lieutenant Edmunds. Prime the

warp coils and have them ready to go to warp two on my mark for a period of

two seconds. =/=Mr Vidal, on the Major’s mark, beam him and his team

directly to the bridge.=/= Patch me through to the Kodiak, Edmunds.

::A second later, a flickering, distorted image of Hollis’ face from saucer

engineering appeared on the Triumphant’s viewscreen.::

Mwangi: =/=Admiral, the singularity weapon is out of commission. Major O’

Malley is attempting to destroy the t’lithian dreadnought. If he is

successful, he will generate a large explosion that may further damage the

Kodiak. Are you able to move away from this area?=/=

Hollis: =/= Well Done. We are moving at best speed toward A-5. Thank-you

for keeping them busy. =/=

Mwangi: =/=Aye, sir. If you need me, you know the number. Triumphant


::As the Triumphant accelerated away from the vessels, all eyes returned to

the screen. Dreadnought one came around and drove straight at dreadnought

two. Now facing her enemy for the last time, the menacing black ship began

to accelerate on the other vessel with the single-minded implacability of a

lioness protecting her cubs. The surviving singularity weapon crackled

blue. Tinier than atoms, yet with the destructive force of a black hole,

singularity after singularity rent the hull of her opponent dreadnought.

Fires boiled from a dozen places on her hull. The enemy ship ceased her

turning as her engines went down. Slowly, she started to yaw.

::Dreadnought one cumbrously accelerated, her desperate purpose now

inexorable. The few remaining weapons of dreadnought two splattered off her

half-completed hull detonating a few fires. The momentum of dreadnought one

coupled with the implacable determination of a Starfleet marine commander

were not, however, so easily derailed.::

::Closer, closer, closer. More and more desperate became the fight of the t

’lithians. More and more often the singularities breached the hull of the

now condemned vessel. The dreadnoughts stood three hundred kilometres

apart. Now one hundred. Now fifty. Now ten. Now two. Now....

::With a silent, blue detonation, both ships exploded in the joint fury of

complete and wanton destruction, and a hundred thousand t’lithians shrieking

beyond sanity in hopeless, devastated rage.::

::The man stood engrossed in watching the blackness of space. Stars shone

distantly. A nearby sun blazed in the inky blackness. A nebula shone blue.

The scattered remnants of two invasion vehicles from another place scattered

across the man’s field of vision. Twisting and turning. Twisting and

turning. Some glowing with yellow and blue fires. A large chunk in the

middle of the devastation remained, impossibly suspended, pirouetting

gracefully. No sound. There should be sound. The earsplitting explosion.

The cry of despair of an enemy defeated. Yet here, there was nothing. A

hand descended on the man’s shoulder. He looked down at it, and then at the


Rhys: (smiling) Have no fear, Major, Rhys is here.

Lt Rhys Bejain

Chief of Security, USS Kodiak

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Writers: Ensign Idril Mar & Lieutenant JG Alana Devar

Ship Posted To: USS Independence

Subject Line: Blood Phobia

Plot Summary:

The Independence was sent on a First Contact mission to Trill. A space faring collection of beings known as the Serpentai was threatening to destroy the population of Trill. Ltjg Devar, a betazoid, used a device put together by our Engineering staff to communicate with the Entities at a telepathic level. During communication with the Serpentai, Ensign Indril Mar was injured when a console overloaded. Her own blood caused her to pass out. This sim tries to deal with Ensign Mar's phobia.

Submitted SIM:


((Ensign Idril Mar’s Quarters))

::Idril fumed. Lt. Horne had ordered her to go talk to the counselor about  

her blood aversion, since it seemed to now be interfering with her duties.  

When she had argued that she could handle it on her own, he had threatened  

to remove her from duty. The Trill woman sighed and shrugged. After what had  

happened, she could hardly blame him. Maybe if she just didn’t go, no one  

would notice. Her computer terminal beeped. She looked up and saw that  

someone had sent her a reminder of her appointment with Lt. Devar. Oh, how  

priceless…what good timing too. Anger flaring, Idril shouted at the top of  

her lungs.::

Mar: I am not a little girl!

::Idril threw one of the cushions from her couch at the computer terminal.  

Still, though, as satisfying as that was, she thought with a sarcastic  

smirk, she still had to go. There was no sense in getting in major trouble  

over whether or not to talk with Lt. Devar. She and Alana had been friends  

since the first day she had been aboard. Idril thought back to their first  

real talk, when Lt. Horne had made Alana so upset that she had cried right  

in the hall. Idril had sat with her for a while and helped her get through  

it, at least a little. Well, it was probably just Rumina talking mostly, the  

Trill woman thought to herself. She still had problems calling the other  

memories in her mind her own, and tended to differentiate the sides of her  

personality by reference to the host who contributed them. When being a  

mother or a diplomat, it was Rumina. Being a fighter or artistic, it was  

Azulay. Looking at something in a new way or, she grimaced, collapsing at  

the sight of blood, it was SooSang.::

::Idril blew her rebellious forelock out of her eyes. She only had about  

half an hour to get ready for the meeting with the ship’s counselor, and she  

had been working out already that morning. She got undressed, stepped into  

the sonic shower and flipped on the holo-emitters she had finished  

installing last night on her time off duty. She had been so tired that she  

hadn’t even tried them out yet.

Mar: Computer, run program Mar hotel-2-oscar.

::The computer bleeped and loaded the program. Idril jumped and squeaked in  

surprise as the holographic water sprayed down on top of her. It was COLD!::

Mar: Computer, raise water temperature to 39 degrees Celsius.

::Her teeth were chattering, but she managed to get the words out.  

Instantly, the water changed temperature, and now she wished she hadn’t  

gotten them out after all. Scalded, she leapt out of the shower, cursing and  

spitting. She should’ve remembered that the computer would be able to change  

the water temperature instantly.::

Mar: Computer, alter program Mar hotel-2-oscar. Alter temperature subroutine  

so that any temperature change cannot be faster than 1 degree Celsius per  


::The computer bleeped. Idril, being a bit more cautious this time, stuck  

her hand under the water and it felt much better. She back got in and felt  

the water coursing over her, enjoying the shower like she hadn’t since she  

had been home on Trill last. She was spoiling herself. Not even the captain  

had a real water shower in her quarters. It was a luxury, even on Starbases.  

This would have to remain her little secret, or she would be spending the  

next week of duty-shifts installing holo-emitters in all the senior  

officers’ washrooms. She smirked and considered how much fun that would  

be…not. At least if she had to go to counseling, she would be relaxed  


::After her quick shower, she got dressed, braided her hair into pig-tails  

and headed for the counselor’s office. One advantage of holographic water  

over the real thing, Idril thought with a smile, was that you didn’t have to  

worry about drying off. Idril found herself in front of Lt. Devar's office  

before she realized it. She certainly was not looking forward to this.  

Sighing, she walked in.::

((Counselor Devar’s Office))

::Devar looked up to the woman that entered, with a bright smile on her  

face. Seated at her desk, she nodded for Idril to take a seat over at a  

comfortable dark blue couch just under the view port. Taking a few last  

glances at the console before her, she sifted through the information  

briskly, reading it over again before shutting it off. Looking over to Idril  

Mar again, she smiled and stood to her feet before making her way over to  

the replicator.::

Devar: Do you care for anything? This replicator is tied into the central  

replicating network; it’s working again, so don't hesitate to ask for  

anything you wish.

::Alana could sense Idril was uncomfortable. She tried to alleviate it by  

offering a cozy couch, and something to eat/drink to help calm her a bit.  

Idril walked over to the replicator.::

Mar: Tazoberry tea, cold with whipped cream.

::The replicator purred and her drink appeared. Raspberry tea was by far her  

favorite flavor, but tazoberry worked wonders for her nerves in ways that  

the little Earth fruit couldn’t seem to match. Cold, the red drink tasted  

like a fruit sherbet. Hot, it was like a berry punch. Idril liked it both  

ways. Thank the gods that the replicators were finally working again.::

Mar: Thanks, Alana. I should remember that you could sense when I’m  


::Idril walked back to the couch and sat down.::

Devar: So, what's troubling you? What profound event had Makra send you to  

my office?

Mar: I passed out in Engineering.

::The counselor seemed to be waiting for more, but Idril wasn’t budging. She  

probed gently.::

Devar: Do you want to talk about it?

::Idril shivered with the memories of her previous host running through her  

mind. SooSang had been a brilliant scientist, known for looking at old  

questions in radically new ways. Well, Idril thought sarcastically to  

herself, that had done him so much good on that away mission. Caught on a  

planet’s surface by a freak ion storm, he had gashed his leg by falling on a  

rock. The other away team members had tried their best to help him, but his  

femoral artery had been ripped open and he bled to death.::

Mar: Not really. I guess I have to though, since I got sent here, huh?

::Idril smiled with a clearly uncomfortable turn to her lips. She fidgeted  

on the couch a little before going on.::

Mar: I was working in Engineering at my duty station, monitoring the power  

shunt from the shields to the ship systems that Lt. Horne set up. While you  

were talking to the star snakes, the shields sent a feedback through the  

plasma conduits and blew out a couple dozen relays all over the ship. One of  

those lucky ones was the one right behind my terminal. The explosion threw  

me halfway across Engineering and put a big cut right across my forehead.

::She put her hand up to the spot unconsciously. Even though the doctor had  

healed the laceration with a dermal regenerator and there wasn’t a scar, she  

still felt a little self-conscious about it.::

Mar: Everything was so hectic down there that I didn’t even notice it until  

we got things back under control. A crewman pointed it out to me. I remember  

wiping my forehead and seeing the blood on my hand. I felt some more run  

into my eyes; I had thought it was just sweat before. After that, the next  

thing I remember clearly is sickbay and the doctor telling me that I had  

passed out. I guess that when he put in his report to Lieutenant Commander  

Kare’en, it got back to Lt. Horne and I got orders to come see you.

::Alana listened attentively as Idril explained the occasion with  

hesitation. It was always hard to talk about things like this, but she often  

thought of herself as a mediator between the physical and the mental plane.  

She felt Mar easing a bit, calming as she told the story. [...]ing her head  

slightly, Devar's dark eyes expressed warmth. She had hoped to make this  

discussion as painless as possible. Who ever said emotional scars were not  

as potent or forthcoming as physical wounds? In some ways, they were worse.  

As her brilliant mother, Arianna, often had said, "Physical scars can be  

mended, but the effects of emotional travesties often remain with you within  

the course of your life. It will shape the person you are, and whom you will  

become." In Idril's case, however, the problem transcended into the course  

of 'lives.'::

Devar: From the medical reports, the laceration was minimal. The doctor was  

a bit astonished to have known that you lost consciousness.

::She choose her words carefully and respectfully.::

Devar: How did you feel before you passed out, and when you came too?

::Idril thought for a moment.::

Mar: I’ll be honest, Alana; I really don’t remember passing out at all. When  

I collapsed during the training simulation on Starbase 118, though, I was  

light-headed and needed to sit down. I sat down on the deck. Lieutenant  

Commander Vartok, our trainer, told me it looked more like I collapsed, but  

I distinctly remember sitting. When I got onto the deck, I felt like I was  

melting into it.

::Idril closed her eyes, trying to bring up the memory so that Lt. Devar  

could feel it too.::

Mar: It’s kind of weird and hard to describe. Have you ever been so tired  

that you can’t keep your eyes open, but you need to anyway and you keep on  

going? There’s a point at which your legs get a little heavy. If you sit  

down at that point, your sense of touch makes everything seem soft, even if  

you’re flopping on duranium armor plating. That’s the feeling that I get  

normally, though I’m not sure why I don’t remember it this time.

Devar: What is it about seeing your own blood that strikes you so?

::Alana already knew the answer…she had read it in Mar's psychological file.  

However, she wanted to hear it in the Trill's own words, from her own  

perspective. Idril knew that question was coming and still it struck her  

like a splash of cold water on a hot day. Her mind raced, uncontrolled,  

through the memories of SooSang’s last three agonized, pain-filled,  

excruciating hours of life. She gasped slightly and tried to focus her mind  

with the flame meditation technique that Rumina had learned as a young  

woman. The flame was blown out by the fierce winds of the ion storm that had  

stranded her previous host and doomed him to death.::

Mar: As you know, there have been four hosts of the Mar symbiont, including  

me. The third host, was named SooSang, and was a xeno-biologist. He was on  

an away mission studying edible plants in a system near Trill when an ion  

storm came up unexpectedly and the away team was stranded on the surface. He  

got knocked over by some flying debris and gashed the inside of his leg  

really deeply.

::Idril rubbed the inside of her right thigh, not even realizing that she  

was doing it.::

Mar: The party tried to patch him up once they made it to a nearby cave, but  

they couldn’t stop the bleeding from his femoral artery. They managed to  

slow it down, but all that did was make his death more drawn out. It was a  

horrible, painful way to die.

::Idril tried hard not to break down completely at this point at the agony  

that the memories of death had left her with. The tears in her eyes were  

there, though. Alana moved over to Idril and rubbed her back gently with her  

hand. She tried to convey a soothing impression aura with her empathic  

abilities…Alana knew these memories were tough for the Mar symbiont. To have  

died in such a way, and to remember the instances in the upcoming host; it  

was painful for Idril and Mar both. Alana whispered comfortingly to the  

other woman, her deep Betazoid accent thick and warm.::

Devar: It's alright, Idril. I understand…if you need to cry, that's alright  

too. Often times, when people cry, they find themselves relieved of the  

bottled emotions inside. I'm here so you may talk about it, to not keep it  

inside; to help you not only as a counselor, but also as a friend.

::Idril wiped her eyes and choked back a sob. She was determined not to let  

this get the better of her. She couldn’t keep it all in, she knew that, but  

she didn’t want it destroying her on the way out either.::

Mar: I understand that, and I value your friendship quite a bit, Alana. The  

memories, though, are so vivid. They’re different than the ones from Rumina  

and Azulay. Those are more muted. I have control on them. SooSang’s, though,  

are so deeply imprinted on me that sometimes I can’t remember what’s me and  

what’s him.

Devar: You must tell yourself that SooSang is the past. The chances of the  

same thing, or something similar to it happening are very slim. I know these  

memories are troubling to you, and affect your psyche when it comes to the  

sight of blood…but, always remember that you are Idril Mar.

::The Trill took a long drink of her tea, trying to desperately get her  

composure back again. What Alana was speaking about was one of the things  

that the candidates to be Joined had been selected for, the strength of  

personality and self-knowledge. It was essential in being able to cope with  

the new memories effectively. The Symbiosis Commission knew that some  

changes would happen with anyone joined to a symbiont that had previous  

hosts. What they were trying to avoid, though, was the complete submersion  

of someone’s own personality in the sea of memories that they would gain.  

The smell of the tazoberry and cream tickled her nose just a little and the  

flavor helped bring her mind into focus, oddly enough. It was a drink she  

had known since her childhood, and was still her brother’s favorite. It  

helped her remember who she was, who she needed to be.::

Mar: How am I going to deal with this, Alana? I know who I am; at least I  

think I do. I want to come to terms with the way my memories are. I  

certainly don’t want to have them wiped out chemically by the doctor or  

anything. Do you have any ideas?

Devar: I want you to close your eyes…think back to the time you were  

SooSang; and tell me how he feels, what he's thinking…

::The young ensign closed her eyes and focused her mind, trying to hold onto  

the smell of the tazoberry as an anchor to her own self. She waded back  

through her memories until she lay on a cold, metal table. She turned her  

head and saw another table with another person on it…herself. But it was  

different. She was looking at herself looking at herself. She saw the room  

from both sides at once. She realized that this was the Joining procedure.  

She was Azulay, old and dying, lying on a table. She was SooSang, young and  

vibrant, lying on the other table as well. Her great-granddaughter was there  

by her side, since her wife had died nearly two decades before. Her father  

was there too, since she had no other family of her own.::

::Idril shivered physically at the disorientation that these double visions  

and doubled memories were causing. This was the only time in her memories  

that something like this had happened. SooSang had died away from Trill, and  

the symbiont had been rescued, then taken back to the Symbiosis Commission  

for Joining. Rumina…she didn’t remember dying as Rumina, though. It struck  

her momentarily that this fact was odd. She remembered being Rumina, and  

then she remembered the pools. There wasn’t anything in between. That was  

another subject though, she thought to herself, as she followed Alana’s  

instructions to recall SooSang in particular.::

Devar: Now, Idril, tell me what you see... open your mind to me, allow me to  

feel what you are feeling, to see what you are seeing.

::Alana began to enter Idril Mar's mind, with much ease and simplistic  

breathing techniques. She saw images that the young ensign remembered, as it  

pertained to her previous lives. Devar's words cascaded in the mental plane,  

like falling water, as she stood beside the Trill woman with angelic  


Devar: Try to allow the memories of your previous hosts to elude you at this  

time, Mar. Do not forget them, just simply put those aside. Bring up the  

first thought you had as SooSang Mar. We will go from there.

Mar: It was in this room.

::The room changed slightly, but the two women still stood in the Joining  

chamber, with two of Mar’s previous hosts on the tables. Azulay lay on one  

of the tables, obviously dying, while the much younger SooSang lay on the  

other table, the symbiont halfway into his abdomen.::

Devar: Let me see what you see, let me hear what you are thinking. Allow me  

total access; allow nothing to escape your mind or visuals. Remember the  

true raw emotion as you came too as SooSang. Tell me, how do you feel, what  

is your first reaction?

::As the symbiont finished wriggling backwards into the young man’s  

abdominal pouch, his back arched away from the table and he cried out in  

pain. Idril held her hands tightly up against her ears.::

Mar: Pain! The pain of two lifetimes crashing into my brain in a short few  

moments is the first feeling I remember.

::Azulay gasped a long, shivering last breath and went slack. Idril wiped  

away a tear, but SooSang was in so much pain that he didn’t seem to notice.  

The pain-filled screams went on for another minute or so, then the young  

Trill passed out. The scene faded out, then rematerialized as a hospital  

ward. SooSang was sitting up in a bed, eating, while a nurse talked to  


Mar: When I…when SooSang came to, he was told that he had been unconscious  

for three days. They were so worried about me…about him that they moved him  

over into a monitoring room in case the symbiont rejected him.

Devar: Let's move onward; let me see the details of your lifetime.

::Idril thought back again, recalling later memories. The two women walked  

through major parts of SooSang’s life: a marriage, the birth of a daughter,  

the pain of a divorce because of his dedication to his scientific pursuits,  

the agony of finding that his ex-wife and daughter (both of whom he still  

loved) had died in a transport crash. After a little while, they found  

themselves in the transporter room of a Federation starship.::

Mar: This is the USS Qualeth, a Nebula-class science vessel that SooSang was  

attached to by the Trill Science Ministry to study a primitive culture near  

the Trill system.

::Alana nodded.::

Devar: I suppose SooSang's scientific pursuits took him far.

Mar: Physically and emotionally, I’d say. He sacrificed his personal  

happiness for those scientific pursuits.

Devar: Let us move a bit further; recall the imagery of being whisked away  

and arriving on the shore of the planet.

::SooSang and three Federation officers walked into the transporter room and  

transported away. The scene changed to the surface of the planet. The clouds  

were dark and ominous. The wind was blustery and the women had to speak a  

little louder to be heard clearly.::

Mar: See those clouds?

::She pointed over at the dark clouds near the horizon. They had a slightly  

different tinge to them, and a flicker of reddish-purple lightning could be  

seen peeking out of them occasionally. Alana nodded at the imposing sight;  

the imagery was brisk and unsettling. She had recognized the elements in the  

'air', as she rubbed away the goose-bumps that threatened to rise on the  

nape of her neck.::

Mar: That’s the leading front of the ion storm bearing down on us. We…they  

weren’t even paying attention to it and didn’t realize they needed to get  

back to the ship until the storm had disrupted the transporter scanners to  

the point that the ship couldn’t lock onto them from orbit anymore.

Devar: Had you first noticed this? Did you try to warn them of the  

forthcoming threat?

::Alana looked over to the Trill, and then the horizon again, her hair  

whipping in the fierce winds, squinting her brown eyes back over to the  

woman. It took a minute for Idril to respond, and Alana could barely hear  

her quiet words over the growing howl of the wind.::

Mar: I don’t remember. I think I saw the storm when we first transported  

down, but I didn’t think about it being a danger. We were so intent on  

getting the plant samples that we wanted to study that it was all I could  

think about.

Devar: What did you do when you realized the threat was upon you? Allow me  

to feel the emotions SooSang was feeling as he realized the ion storm was  

about to break on the group…

::The storm was suddenly a lot closer, and a reddish bolt of lightning  

struck about a hundred yards away from the two women. The air tingled with  

the static discharge, and the smell of ozone stung their noses. The  

researchers suddenly looked up, realizing for the first time it seemed that  

this was not a normal storm. Idril raised her voice over the storm. Alana  

could only watch in disbelief.::

Mar: I remember that my first reaction was curiosity. I’d never seen an ion  

storm this close up before.

Devar: What happened next?

::The roar of the storm clashed fiercely, penetrating a deep sense of  

realism to the two. Alana knew these were Mar's memories, but the visuals  

were spectacular…the senses of smell, sight and touch were potent. She could  

even feel the static of the storm, combing through her hair.::

::The women could see SooSang standing, his eyes shaded against the wind,  

watching the progression of the storm towards them. One of his companions  

shook his shoulder and pointed towards a cliff face, where a number of large  

caves could be seen. SooSang nodded, collected his things quickly and they  

began to run, following the other researchers towards the cliff. As they  

began to climb the slight incline at a run, Idril spoke up in a quiet voice,  

leaning in towards Alana so she could be heard.::

Mar: That’s when it happened.

::Another bolt of lightning hit just behind the two running men. The  

Starfleet officer was knocked to the ground by the concussion, but SooSang  

was thrown violently through the air almost 50 feet and landed awkwardly  

against a pile of debris from the cliff. Even from a good distance, the  

women could see that his right leg was impaled on a spike-like stone, which  

entered midway up his inner thigh and came out at the corresponding point on  

the other side. The women walked over towards the cliff. As they got closer,  

they could heard the Trill man crying in pain, much like he had during the  

Joining. He was picked up and carried into the cave, where they lost sight  

of the scene. Blackness enveloped around them. Alana shook her head as the  

images faded away. Idril looked over at the counselor.::

Mar: I can’t do this, Alana. I can’t handle watching him die.

::Alana approached Idril, her dark eyes wavering, trying to convey a sense  

of warmth and comfort. Gently, she placed a hand on the Trill's shoulder and  

smiled lightly.::

Devar: Idril, you must overcome your fears, the nightmare that plagues you  

so from your previous life as SooSang. I know these images are tough for  

you, but it is instrumental for you to witness them from your own view, from  

SooSang's, in his personal perspective, and yours as Idril Mar, a  

bystander's perspective. If you do not do this, you will never be at peace,  

and this will follow you even after Idril dies. It will continue to saturate  

your life, and upcoming lives. As a host, you have to live and learn, and  

make a positive influence for yourself.

Mar: I’m not sure I can do it though…

::Alana closed her eyes and the image rematerialized around them again. She  

could sense hesitation course through Idril as the troubling scene was once  

again recalled; the Betazoid squeezed her shoulder a bit, to give the Trill  

a recollection. She lowered her voice and spoke is a whisper.::

Devar: You are not alone, Idril. I am here with you, to help you. As you are  

seeing these incidents again, I am experiencing them as well. I can feel  

your pain, your sorrow; do not forget I am empathic. It is imperative that  

you guide us through this. You cannot quit now.

::Idril was still hesitant, trying to look at the scene but still not able  

to bring herself to do so. Alana frowned, as she looked over to the bleeding  

Trill as the other men frantically tended to him. The color of his face  

screamed of horror and impending death. Sadly, it alone was symbolic enough  

to presume the horrible outcome. Looking back over to Idril, she smiled  

lightly as she held back an urge to run away herself. Alana stood beside her  

contently and strong, adamant in being Mar's rock through this experience.::

::The Betazoid began to walk over to the men kneeling beside SooSang Mar.  

Looking back over to Idril, her eyes expressed warmth and sympathy. The  

fierce winds outside the cave could not match the life inside of it; the raw  

emotions as life and death was in the balance.::

Devar: Idril, listen to me. This has already happened. Whether or not you  

watch him, does not change anything that happened in the past. In order for  

you to move on, you have to face your fears, challenge them and win over  

them. Tell yourself you are not afraid anymore, and build a stronger  

foundation from it.

::Idril hesitantly walked over towards the counselor and her previous self,  

whispering under her breath the entire way…::

Mar: I am not afraid, I am not afraid…

::One of the Starfleet officers moved a hand off of SooSang’s thigh and a  

spurt of bright red arterial blood splashed out, covering the man’s face.  

Idril didn’t remember anything more after that. Alana slightly gasped as the  

picture snapped to darkness. Opening her dark eyes, she found herself back  

on the Independence, in her office. Adjusting her vision to match the dim  

lighting, she slowly turned her gaze to a presence leaning against her  

shoulder. It was Idril Mar. She had broken the connection, and passed out  

from the sight of blood that recalled within her memories. The Betazoid  

woman sighed.::

Devar: oO It's alright, Idril. You made an excellent first step. Oo

::She whispered to the unconscious woman.::

Devar: Idril…Idril, wake up…

::Alana did not hear a response, only the woman's calmed and rested  

breathing brushing against the fabrics of her uniform. Giving her a gentle  

nudge mentally, she sensed the Trill having no thoughts or dreams flooding  

her mental plane. It was empty; she had truly passed out. Alana frowned. She  

then proceeded to gently move Idril off her shoulder and laid her out on the  

couch, amidst the wide array of soft and cushioned pillows. This wasn't the  

first time this had happened to her while with a patient.::

::The counselor then stood to her full, petite height and made her way  

sluggishly to the replicator. She returned mere seconds later with a glass  

of cool water in her hand and kneeled beside the couch. Alana dipped her  

fingers into the chilled clear water and splashed a few drops onto Idril's  

face. It was then that the Trill slowly came to. Idril blinked a couple  

times then sat bolt upright. Alana pushed her back down onto the cushions.::

Devar: Not too quickly, now, Idril. You just lost conscious during the walk  

in your memories.

Mar: I don’t remember much…what happened? Why did I pass out?

Devar: You were telling yourself you were not afraid as you approached  

SooSang. However, you lost the plane when you saw the spurt of blood rush  

from his leg.

::Idril held her head in her hands, trying to get the fuzziness out by sheer  

force of will. It wasn’t working too well, though.::

Mar: If I’m passing out even in my dreams, Alana, how am I going to deal  

with this in the waking world?

::The counselor smiled gently, reassuringly.::

Devar: It's alright, Idril, really. You made a major first step in fighting  

this thing. You were willing to confront this, and tell yourself that you  

were not afraid of it anymore. Don't worry; I'll help you with this. These  

things just take time.

Mar: Well, I’m glad one of us is confident.

::The young Trill woman sighed, feeling uncharacteristically disheartened.  

She wasn’t sure she’d ever get past this, but was glad that Lt. Devar was  

going to be there to help. Having friends was good, and she felt more at  

home here on the Independence than she really had anywhere since her Joining  

almost two years ago.::

Devar: You'll become confident in time, Idril; don’t worry. Just remain  

strong and determined, and do not let it get the best of you.

Mar: I think I understand. I'm glad I can count on you.

::The counselor smiled again. There was something reassuring about that  

smile, Idril thought to herself.::

Devar: You have everyone on this ship to be your rock.

::Alana paused a moment, her mind abound with fruitful thought. She smiled  

warmly to the Trill and recited a line that obtained her admiration as a  

young student on Betazed.::

Devar: "The water does not wear away the stone by its strength, but by  

continually falling."

Mar: From the way you say that, I’m guessing it’s a quote, but I don’t  

recognize it.

Devar: A wise remark made by Horace, a famous Earth philosopher. It suggests  

consistency outweighs pressure and strength. You may feel like you lack the  

strength to fight this, Idril, but if you fight in continually...in small  

intervals of time... then your goal will be within reach.

Mar: As widely varied a race as the humans are, they certainly come up with  

a lot of interesting sayings, don't they?

Devar: Indeed they do...

::Alana grew silent for a moment, her thoughts flickering with a  

recollection. Inwardly, she smiled mischievously.::

Devar: Humans have remained an integral part in Starfleet, as the Academy is  

set on their very own Earth. Some of our ship's finest hail from  

there...including Danny Wilde, our Chief Security Officer.

::Idril blushed a little bit. Alana was a counselor, and from Betazed in  

addition. She shouldn’t be surprised that her friend had found out about the  

growing crush that she had on Danny Wilde.::

Mar: Lt. Wilde and I have a purely professional relationship. He wanted  

to...um...see some self-defense techniques that I knew...

::Alana could sense the other woman stumbling and fumbling for an answer.  

She just [...]ed her head to the side and waited for the Trill woman to  

realize that she couldn't lie. Even if Idril believed the lie herself, Alana  

would still know the truth, whether it was from the emotional or thoughtful  

prospects. Idril saw that Alana wasn’t buying it and gave up with the  

excuses. She mentally noted herself to never try to lie to a Betazoid.::

Devar: You've taken a fancy to each other, haven't you?

Mar: Well, I think Lt. Wilde is really nice, and definitely is cute.  

However, I’m not sure about how he feels towards me. I’ve caught him  

stealing glances, but nothing more than that.

::The Trill woman played nervously with the slim braid that carried a single  

gold bead on it. Devar watched her behavior with a distinct interest.  

Idril's fingers spinning and balling the bead around suggested that she was  

indeed uncomfortable in talking about this. The attraction was indeed  

strong, but Mar was trying to avoid it if possible. Perhaps there was  

something in her past... Alana [...]ed an eyebrow as the Trill continued.::

Mar: I’m really waiting for him to do something definitive to let me know  

how he feels. As boisterous and bustling as I am, Alana, I’m kind of shy  

when it comes to matters of the heart. That’s something that certainly did  

not change after my Joining. I haven’t had a steady boyfriend in almost two  

years and I’m not really sure I even want to get involved with another  

officer. What happens if we get together and one of us gets transferred?  

Even better, what happens if we have a spectacular break-up and have to  

serve on the same ship?

Devar: Have you asked yourself this question...is it worth the risk?

::Idril thought for a moment, tugging idly on her braid. She was pretty sure  

she knew where the counselor was going with the question, but wanted to be  


Mar: What do you mean?

::Alana smiled lightly, her hand finding it's way into her dark hair and  

playing with an individual wave. Wrapping it around her index finger, she  

looked over to Idril; her brown eyes cascading with love and sorrow. Her  

thick Betazoid accent then whispered her poetic musings.::

Devar: I mean, if you think it's worth it... love and Danny, or just to have  

a coy relationship, then you should pursue it. It's healthy to think those  

things ahead, but sometimes you just have to loose yourself in the moment  

and just be spontaneous. Is your attraction for Wilde sufficient enough that  

you're willing to make those certain sacrifices? The possibilities are quite  

real, but if you would be denying yourself if you choose not to accept them  

and him.

Mar: How do you and Lt. Horne handle a relationship like this?

::The Betazoid grew silent for a moment. Her gaze shifted to one of the  

paintings on her wall. She knew Idril would ask that particular question. No  

matter how hard Alana tried to be like the logical Vulcans, ultimately her  

Betazoid heritage would overwhelm her spirit. The Betazoid surmised that  

everyone on the ship knew of their relationship now - not that it really  

bothered her, but she was curious of Horne's reaction to it all. He wasn't  

really the 'touchy & feely' type and she respected that, so long that he  

didn't consider their relationship a weakness. In all actuality, she  

considered it one of her better strengths. She answered, her whisper thick  

with emotion.::

Devar: I love Makra, and it kills me to think such possibilities as well.  

Transfers, break ups...it all comes with the territory. I feel enough for  

him to take those chances, to make those sacrifices if need be. I know if I  

were to ever transfer, my heart would certainly break. I would never loose  

touch with him, though. Heck, I may even resign my commission just to be  

near him and become a ship's civilian. The point is, risks are everywhere in  

everyday life. Each is different in their unique way...you just have to ask  

yourself what's worth doing and what's not.

::The young Trill woman was attracted to the security chief; she knew that  

much for sure. She guessed that he was attracted to her physically too,  

though she had gotten that during her Academy days and hadn’t gotten more  

than a few dates with any single person. In fact, she had gotten a little  

bit of a reputation as something of a heart-breaker and a big tomboy; the  

second one was deserved, though the first wasn’t.::

Mar: I think it’s probably worth it over all. I certainly wouldn’t mind  

dating him. However, I don’t think I’m comfortable making the first move. I  

don’t know for sure how he feels about me, so I’ll wait for him to take the  


::Smiling, Alana nodded towards her friend.::

Devar: Time. Time is life's ultimate solver to questions and situations.  

Give Danny time, I am certain he will approach you.

::The two women chatted for a little longer, then Idril tried and failed  

horribly to suppress a yawn. The walk through her memories had taken a lot  

out her both mentally and physically. The Betazoid was becoming tired  

herself; after all, a walk through the mental plane would decrease the  

psilosine levels considerably, not to mention that she herself was still  

recovering from the ‘conversation’ with the Serpentai. Sufficient rest was  

what Alana needed.::

Mar: I think I need to get to bed. I do appreciate the help, though, Alana.

::Alana smiled again.::

Devar: Anytime, Idril.

::Idril smiled and walked out of the counselor's office with a wave. She  

made it back to her quarters and was asleep before her head hit the  


::Alana sat in her office for a few minutes. Silence lingered after Idril  

left, but her mind was still occupied by the horrific images she had seen.  

It was amazing that Idril (Mar) still remembered such things, and it didn't  

affect the new host's everyday life. Pondering, her hand running across the  

smooth fabrics of the couch's surface, she contemplated the images brought  

before her in total awe. It wasn't but for some time later, as she sorted  

out her thoughts, that Alana went to her own quarters to get the rest she  

needed as well.::


Ensign Idril Mar


USS Independence


Lieutenant (jg) Alana Devar

Chief Counselor

USS Independence

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