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[Round 2] Ensign Brenna Parker,MO, sickbay, USS Challenger, "When

Marine Captain Llewelyn

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((Sickbay, USS Challenger)) ::Llewelyn tried to get up, to move to comfort the young security team member, but was unable to rise. With a loud sigh he slumped backwards, where he was caught by Gomez.::

Parker: Lieutenant! ::She rushed to the fallen Marine, checking his pulse with two fingers as the other fumbled for her tricorder.::

Gomez: I think he's just exhausted, Doc. In fact we all are.

Llewelyn: ::eyelids fluttering:: Ohhhh, I feel:: suddenly he lurched sideways and puked, then let out a loud "aarrrggggghhhhhh! " as he shook to clear his head. There was blood mixed with his vomit, bright red. Wiping his mouth with his hand, he looked around in a stupor then fell back again and started convulsing.

Eritia: Jesus, Doc! What's wrong with him?

Parker: ::instead of answering:: Get his armor off! ::She dashed a hypospray into a canister, emptying the contents into Llewelyn's neck to knock him out.:: He's got a broken rib, at the very least, and it's probably tangoing around in there causing damage with every convulsion. Be careful!

::The Marines closest to Llewelyn began pulling his Kevlat body suit off as fast as they could, revealing a dark purplish stain spreading under Llewelyn's skin on his abdomen. Brenna ran her tricorder down his length, noting the damage.::

Parker: He needs oxygen, get me a blood-oxygen infuser!

::She placed the device on his carotid artery after the nurse hurriedly brought it.::

Gomez: Doc, is that internal bleeding? Jeeezus, did anyone see him take a hit?

:: He stepped away from the bio bed to give the med teams access.

Eritia: His chest plate is, oh @#$! yeah, he took a hit alright.::He said holding up the chest protector which had a slight indentation to its surface with microfractures radiating out from it.. it was almost invisible from all of the grime and smoke damage.::

There's a three inch intrusion on the back side. Oh [...], how did we miss that?!

Parker: ::while still working:: How did HE miss that?! Stupid-- ::The ship shook, throwing Brenna against the side of the biobed. She gritted her teeth and stubbornly attempted to anchor her feet to the floor, but her light body had little grounding against the shudders of the ship.::

Parker: ::muttering to herself:: Hard enough to do this standing still, guess they figured I needed a challenge... .

::really, the fact that Llewelyn was the patient was enough of a challenge. Brenna was second-guessing herself every step of the way, and it had to stop. Though simply telling herself that did very little good.::

Dak: The stubborn SOB! Probably just thought it was a bruise or something. $#!+!

Thiessen: Must have been a concussive blast from one of the grenades, but I can't figure why the chest protector didn't ablate!

Parker: ::working quickly:: No time for that now. It looks like his rib has perforated his left lung -- he's bleeding into it. We need to stop the bleeding. Nurse-- ::she began, but Llewelyn began coughing, splattering blood with every attempt at a breath.::

Med Tech: He's aspirating!: : to the nearest marine:: Help me roll him!

::The Marine practically pulled him over on his right side with one arm as the med tech began suctioning out Llewelyn's airway. Suddenly there came a loud beeping...::

Med Tech: He's coding! Going into V-tac!

Parker: Cardiostimulator! ::As she spoke, all went dark and red around them.::

Computer: All hands, abandon ship. All hands, abandon ship.

Parker: You've got to be frakin' kidding me.

::The words just slipped out of her normally mild mouth, as he hands paused over Llewelyn's body. The Marines watched her expectantly. ::

Go on, you heard! Abandon ship!

::They didn't budge.::

Gomez: Will all respect to you, ma'am, we ain't leaving him.

::Brenna's mouth went tight, and mumblings that contained the words 'stubborn' '[...]ned' and 'Marines' came into play rather clearly. Coming from the side, she could hear Jerry Reid's voice booming at the nurses as they scrambled about, triaging patients to the pods. Reid came around the corner and nodded to Brenna to continue her work, as he continued to order the evacuation. Relief was stark in her mind at this turn of events -- she had known she wasn't supposed to stay with him, but Reid's timing and support would allow her to continue for as long as she could.:: ::She pressed the round, metal object against Llewelyn's chest, continuing to try to scram the Marines waiting around his bedside.::

Parker: Look, this is a triage situation. The worst wounded are the last out, and that's definitely your Lieutenant.

::With a gasp, Llewelyn's heart started up again. Brenna almost gasped herself, having convinced herself it wasn't going to work. Throwing the cardiostimulator aside, she began her tricorder scan anew.::

Dak: ::injured himself:: Then we'll stay with him until you're ready to take him out.

Eritia: You're not going to leave him here.

::Brenna looked from one to the other, across the faces of all the Marines. Their expectations were clear, and their faces revealed that they would do exactly as Dak had stated.::

Parker: Look, without immediate treatment, he's going to die, but the procedure will take longer than we have aboard this ship! There's no way I can--

::She faltered as her eyes dropped to Llewelyn's face. Torn up and scarred as it was, it had held a tenderness for her before, and she couldn't help but see it in the lines of his face. When she looked back up, determination was the only readable expression on her face.::

Parker: Okay, here's what we're going to do. I need a statis field from the morgue. I need an emergency cot. I need a blood plasma generator for ::she checked Llewelyn's tags:: A+ blood.

::As the Marines ran off double-time on their assignments, Brenna injected Llewelyn with a [...]tail of drugs, including dexalin, hyperzine, inaprovaline, and purvalin, to begin the statis process in his cells.::

Parker: ::softly, as Eritia came running back with the statis generator.:: Hang on, Llewelyn.

::With the strength common to Marines, Llewelyn was quickly loaded on the cot as Brenna activated the statis generator. A blue shield sprang up, swirling not unlike that of a bubble about to pop.::

Parker: This field isn't meant for transport, so try not to jolt it, okay? This way.

::She led them down the corridor to the special pod designed for medical trauma victims. Supervising as they slowly lowered Llewelyn inside, Brenna checked the field again to make sure it was stable, then rummaged around the lifeboard (which could become a coldly ironic name if she couldn't save the Marine inside) to make sure the supplies she needed were there. The Marines started to enter as well, but Brenna halted them with a gesture.::

Parker: The Med Tech can come, ::she looked at the Marines, realizing one was still somewhat seriously injured:: and Dak. The rest of you will just get in my way.

::It was blunt, but it was true.:: Go!

::There was a moment of hesitation from those assembled, and Brenna's voice turned from the exasperation she was feeling to the heartfelt words she needed to express.:: I won't let him die.

::She saw them accept this, then turned drill sergeant on them::

Now, you won't be much good to him when he recovers unless you get off this [...] boat! Go!

::Finally, they scrambled. Brenna breathed out a sigh of relief and closed the door of the pod, punching the button for takeoff. The pod automatically jetted out from the damaged ship, firing until it was far enough away should the Challenger explode. Brenna watched for a moment as they drifted away from the ship, finding herself rather strangely at peace. From a distance, the Challenger seemed just as she had when Brenna had first arrived, noble, proud and aloof. Only now, she was crumbling.::


Ensign Brenna Parker

Medical Officer

USS Challenger, NCC-12886

Edited by 1st. Lt. Llewelyn
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Please use the proper format for posting sims, otherwise the sim will not be accepted into the challenge.

TITLE: Sim heading

SUB-TITLE: Writer's primary character

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Please use the proper format for posting sims, otherwise the sim will not be accepted into the challenge.

TITLE: Sim heading

SUB-TITLE: Writer's primary character

I was a little confused by the format, as it asked for add'l information but I was unclear on what that meant. Please consider the title

"When I come home" and the Writer's primary character to be Ensign Brenna Parker, USS Challenger

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