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[2009: JAN-FEB] Letters on Planet Tune


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Dear Little Stanza,

Greetings and wonderful music to your soul. I know as your Leading Tune, I should be helping you grow and develop. However, work continues to pile up faster than notes on a sheet. The Musical Science Institute requires that I stay and do my work here. Remember, I do this work for you and the future. Just think of the possibilities! There will be much to learn and even more to explore! Before I finish this letter, I must ask you how your studies go. You should be a fourth bar this year, correct? Have you finally found new friends? I know that Harmony moving away was a distress to you, but worry not, there are more than enough rhythms to go with a rhyme. How is your mother and father doing? My sister has always been a closed music box, but that doesn't mean that you cannot go out into the world and make a name for yourself, for you are never too young. Now to my deepest sorrow I must end this letter, my conductor is a bit off key if you understand. Don't tell your mother I said that!

Awaiting your reply,

Leading Tune Cantata

Dear Leading Tune Cantata,

I miss you! I am sorry about the long delay, but postage costs a few weeks allowance! I want to be selfish and have you here, but I cannot. I want to live up to your expectations as well as mom and dad's. I just don't understand what all of you expect of me, I am just a normal underscore on planet Chord. It will be because of your research that all of us will be able to live happier and more musical lives. Next time you send me a letter can you tell me about your research? I want to see what you are doing being as you are too far away to visit. Which reminds me, I am a fifth bar this year! I can't believe you forgot. Mom and dad are alright, just defensive of me. It isn't very much fun to be the middle underscore, weren't you one Cantata? Big etude Cymbal always beats me up and little drum Chant won't stop bugging me. I know I am supposed to love each of my ensembles, but I will bet that you didn't have it nearly as badly. How did you find out about Harmony? Did mom tell you about it? I was sad at first when she left, but I moved on I promise! I have felt depressed lately, but the sky plays the same notes as the day before and I know that I will always have you Leading Tune Cantata. I look forward to hearing your musical words again!

Missing you,

Not so little Stanza

Dear My Forever Young Stanza,

I am sorry to hear about the gloomy sonnets that seem to follow you around. Cheer up, for the world never plays the same song twice. Are you sure that you want to hear about my research? I know that you miss me but finding about my work will help you very little. Due to your insistence though, I know it wont hurt you to know just a little bit of my daily life. My Chief Octave Maestoso has me working on faster than sun sound speed. With this technology completed, everyone on planet Chord will be able to spread their music too all areas of the endless music sheet. This research may not be completed in my lifetime, but you Stanza will be able to experience it all. To my sadness there has been talks of... no, you must not worry about such things Stanza. Behest it to know that I am here and well. I will not reveal who told me about you and Harmony, but suffice it to say that as I said before, I am here to lead you in the everlasting music, even if I cannot be there physically. Now I do remember my fellow ensembles as I grew up, and no, being middle underscore is not the worst thing in the world. You may not want to admit it now, but by being nicer to your ensembles than they are to you will make you a better person in the long run. There are few things that will better teach you be a humble person than a harsh older etude. Your little drum may seem to be annoying now, but have you ever listened to his compositions? Take these lessons and keep them in your soul, for they will treat you well later in your everlasting music. I may not be able to reply to your next letter until you are a seventh bar, my young underscore.

With Greatest Love and Music,

Leading Tune Cantata

Leading Tune Cantata,

Why won't you reply Cantata? The everlasting music is even worse than before! All of my friends have abandoned me! My ensembles are worse than ever and know you say that you will not be able to reply for two Symphonies? I... I... I want to be able to talk to you, to hear your words, but I feel as if you have abandoned me. I know tears will be on this letter when it is sent, but I truly appreciate the fact that you told me about your work. It does not improve my situation but I know that you trust me, which is more than I can ask for. Why won't you tell me the whole story? You tell me that something is wrong, but you do not want to worry me? Is this the reason that I must wait more than a Symphony for you to reply? My hand is shaking, the music seems out of tune all the time now. What can I do to have you back? I will do anything, anything! Please... please respond Lading Tune Cantata.

Wishing Every Day For Your Reply,

Little Stanza for as long as you want

Accursed Tune Cantata,

I hate you. I hate everything about you. I wish that I had a better Leading Tune than you. Mom and dad are horrible to me and the ensembles will never stop. Tomorrow I will leave my home. I am going to run away from it all. Maybe the other Opera's will treat me better than here. I am moving to Jazz or Blues, I do not ever want to hear from you again and I hope you die.

With Hate,

Big Stanza

Leading Tune Cantata,

It has been a while since I sent my last message, but I cannot express my sorrow for my actions. I am now in the middle of sixth bar and I have grown to be a much more mature person. After running away, mom, dad and both of my ensembles were sad. I made them sad, and I never ever want to make them feel that way ever again. Now that I am older, can you tell me more about your work? I realize now that all I want to do is go out to everyone on the endless music sheet. I have been doing well in my studies and my teachers say that one day I could work at the Musical Science Institute! Since the incident, Cymbal has become nicer to me and it turns out that Chant says the most wonderful compositions. Everything is right in the everlasting music and I would not trade it in the world for anything, except to maybe see you once again.

With Greatest Apology,

A more mature Stanza

My Growing Psalm Stanza,

I will admit that I was hurt by your words before. For a while, I had to hold back my tears. You have learned your Rhapsody though so I forgive you. For all that you have learned, remember that you don't know everything and cannot expect me or anyone else to know all the answers. Since you do indeed worry about me, I shall tell you more about what is happening here. There has been a break in the duet in the Institute. They have been offering threats for a while, but no one could surmise that they would move to another Opera, especially that of Jazz. We do not know what knowledge has been taken with them, but Jazz may do something to our home Opera. Do not let this worry you too much, for it is just a conjecture. Sadly, my research has ended on faster than sun sound travel. All of my work has been put towards defense from Jazz. I am glad that all is well with your fellow ensembles, I knew that it would all work out in the end. My work must continue, but do promise you will continue to be a good person.

Forgiving You,

Leading Tune Cantata

Leading Tune Cantata,

I am sure you already know, but we have been evacuated from our homes. Dad has been called off to be a Requiem in the Solo army. I miss him as much as I miss you! What work could possible cause everyone in a Opera to leave? Leading Tune Cantata, please tell me more. I need to know what is happening with Jazz. I promise to be a good person, if there is nothing that would please me more, it would be to make you and dad happy. Why can't we all be together so that the music sings stronger than ever before?

Hoping You Can Reply,


Dear Stanza,

They won't do it. I hope they won't do it. They have the Quadrille Destroyer. It will devastate planet Chord if they send it, no one will win. The music will be in pain forever. I cannot lie, but be safe! Protect yourself, protect who you can. Live to sing another day. Yesterday, I revived word about your father's finale. I am sorry, but it will be too late for me when you receive this letter.

My Love is Imprinted On Your Soul,

Leading Tune Cantata

Leading Tune Cantata,

It.. it... it... is over. I am writing this inside a mountain in the Piano mountains, or what is left of them. Mom.. mom she died. Little Chant wont stop coughing. Cymbal just sits there, unable to speak, I fear that she will die soon. I know that you will be unable to read this letter. Your premonition was too true. The Musical Science Institute was the first to be hit. I hope you are singing the loudest up there with mom, dad, and maybe all too soon my ensembles. You always spoke to me you did this all for me, but no one else would listen. It was lost under the trumpets of other Opera's that were as selfish as I once was. They were all but underscores, underscores that were too young to carry the weapons that they wielded. What is it that I inherited. Was it the pain of Planet Chord? Was it the fury of Jazz? It is a wasteland out there and I have caught the deadly cough as well. I know you want me to go out and bring hope to the few that is left, but my song is too weak.

I Miss You,


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