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[2008: SEP-OCT] Grand Intervention


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Ancient scripts spoke of the end of the world, the mercy of their god saving the people from the pain, but not death. Molak was never a believer, but now as he fell to his knees it was hard not to be. The people were oblivious to what was coming – the mental pain relieved by the government; the physical pain would be relieved by the laws of physics. There would be no cities, towns, rivers, mountains, or oceans... but worst of all there would be no survivors.

At least none on the surface. Those huddled in a cramped cargo bay below would survive. They were the best and brightest, chosen by the powers of his world as their best chance for the future. They were there to survive, to persist, to keep their species alive.

"Please…" Molak begged as he stared at the planet below. "Please… is there no more room for two more?"

His plea was addressed to the man in power; a stern look on his face as he sat on his thrown. It wasn't more than the slightly elevated chair in the center, yet to Molak it was a seat of great power.

"I already told you." The man said as he idly tapped a console, "If there was any more room I would take those who can help your cause."

Molak turned his head to face the man. "Only two! Please – just my famil–"

"No Molak!" he interrupted fiercely. "I don't care who they are or how many there are! You have a duty to your people, and I hope you learn that quickly."

Tears freely flowed down Molak's face as the man stared down at him, eyes glaring. "You are condemning them to die…"

"Don't forget that you should be joining them. If it wasn't for me your entire species would vanish into the abyss!" He snapped, "I am not supposed to be here Molak. I am not supposed to save you and all your knowledge. I am supposed to let you die."

"Why?!" Molak cried, "What makes you better than us? Why did you have to come here? What gives you the right to decide who lives and dies?"

"This ship gives me the right!" He yelled, jumping to his feet as Molak seemed to shrink in fright. "I am risking more than you know! Your people mean nothing to me – a speck in the night sky, a figure in our database. There is no reason I should be here, risking my career; my life, to keep yours around!"

He took a deep breath and slowly dropped back into his chair, his face calming. Molak wiped his eyes fiercely, shaking in fear.

"Unlike your species who has yet to leave its home, I have seen a fair portion of this fine galaxy." He said softly, eyes locked on the man before him, "I have watched species disappear; never to have existed except as a note in the history books of aliens. I've watched cities be leveled; their owner's destroyed. I have watched civilians and families be slaughtered mercilessly, their killers uncaring. I've watched friends die in my arms, the light in their eyes fading like the hope in yours."

"Maybe…" Molak whispered, his head down, "Maybe… they died for a reason…"

"There is always a reason." He replied, "Nature, greed, misfortune, war. But in the end it's all the same - sentient life is to be treasured above all else, and a species is infinitely larger than a single life. One who lives should never watch idly as a civilization ceases to exist, even if it is not his own. I am sick of watching as the innocent die, I am sick of watching species end for the sake of upholding law. It may be the last thing I do before I'm locked away for the rest of my life, but I know I'm doing the right thing."

Molak looked up, the man before him now resembling mercy rather than indifference.

"Why me?" Molak asked, "I'm just the man who answered your signal. I am not one of the brightest minds; I should be below, waiting for my doom."

"You have a…" he paused as he searched for the right word. "light… about you. One I have not seen in many others than myself. You understood what was happening; you understood what must be done. Even if you may doubt yourself now, you understand it all."

His gaze turned to the screen, Molak's eyes following. A barrier of light erupted from the sun, quickly approaching the planet; its beauty signifying death. As it made contact Molak shut his eyes, incapable of watching.

"I saved you because I would have wanted the same." He finished as he witnessed the surface be uprooted, massive chunks of earth thrown into orbit.

Molak opened his eyes and sat in shock as he suddenly understood. A tear trickled down his cheek as he realized how much can happen in a wink of an eye.

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