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[2008: SEP-OCT] A Klingon fairy tale

Tal Tel-ar

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, deep in the heart of the Klingon Empire there was a single green orb. A peaceful planet of average size and density. The only jewel to orbit it's red sun. Far from most other systems it was unimportant. A place of intense greens and strange tales.

For the Klingons it was a banned world. Off limits. No reason or explanation given and none needed by most. Except Krin'tok was not your average Klingon. He was ambitious, strong with a ruthless streak matched only by his fearlessness. Some would say it was recklessness but he knew he was destined for greatness. He was sure he would find something on that world that would make his house stronger.

Now true he was not the smartest Klingon, but he was crafty. He knew that the planet would not be posted off limits unless there was something there the Emperor did not want anyone to find. So he plotted very carefully. Took only his most loyal men, 1 single small light cruiser that he had altered for troop deployment and slipped off to conduct landing exercises.

Krin'tok made sure they were not followed. No need to advertise his disobedience after all. Before he knew it they settled into orbit around the planet. Scans showed nothing, nothing except dense woods everywhere, but he knew there had to be something there. He took all six troop shuttles with 3/4 of his men and landed in the only clearing to be found.

They disembarked and at his order spread out, searching for anything. They found nothing. Nothing except huge trees, shrubs, grass and vines everywhere. No ruins, no people, not even any animals. As it grew dark they returned to the clearing.

When they arrived they found that there shuttles were gone. Vanished with out a trace. They were stranded. There were no more shuttles on their ship. Where could they have gone?

It got even worse when some of his men never returned from the forests. The men grew angry, but Krin'tok bellowed. Calling them P'tah, cowards to fear nothing. At his command they made camp. Half kept watch while the other half slept. They cut down trees and made huge fires to light the night. It did not help. More men went missing. Vanished into the night.

By morning they were all awake. No one went anywhere with out a weapon in his hand. Fearful eyes watched the trees for anything. Ready to shoot anything that moved.

Krin'tok took a head count. Almost half his men were gone. No one had seen anything. They were fearful. They demanded that Krin'tok find a way to remove them from that demon cursed world. He killed the loudest malcontents, breaking the rest to his will.

Even then he knew he would learn the secret of that world. Again they scattered, searching the land for anything. And still they found nothing. By this time he was down to less than a dozen men. No sign of the others could be found.

Krin'tok raged, throwing back his head, screaming his defiance, swearing vengeance while his last few men stood by watching.

Why are you here? came a quiet calm voice.

Krin'tok spun to see a strange looking man. He was of average height but naked except for leaves and vines. He stood at the edge of the clearing, watching them.

Seize him, Krin'tok ordered, and his men jumped to obey. They rushed the unarmed man. Their faces contorted with rage and anger, but with just a minor wave of his hand they vanished.

Krin'tok could not believe his eyes. Was this the secret. If he could harness that power he could rival the Emperor himself. He grinned as he walked forward, not a single though was wasted on the men he had lost.

What do you want for the power to do what you just did, asked Krin'tok.

Silly mortal fool. I warned your kind to stay off my world and out of my garden, he said as he walked forward. His body changing, growing, taller with huge ropy bands of muscle appearing on a form that finally stopped growing at 14' tall, but it was the blazing amber eyes that...

"Bah! Why do you waste your time with this silly old fool?" snarled the Klingon warrior as he shook his head in disgust.

"I had thought the story would have a point," replied Kirag as he stood up ready to go.

"A point, yes their was a point," mumbled the old man. His voice had lost its intensity now that the story had been interrupted. "The point is do not let your arrogance blind you to the risks you take, because if you do your life can change in the wink of an eye."

"Stop wasting your time with that silly old fool and come drink some more blood wine with us Kirag."

"I'm coming my friend," Kirag replied as he stopped to toss a coin in the old blind mans cup. "So what are we drinking to tonight?"

"Why women and victory, what else," he bellowed in joy.

The voice's faded into the background, drowned out by the sounds of many people going about their business.

And as for the old man, he sat hunched on the floor. His frail crooked back leaning against the wall. Long strands of pure white hair hung down to conceal most of his face. A face etched with the lines of defeat.

In a soft, quivering voice he spoke to no one. "Ah youth... I remember mine so well... all gone now... lost the day I looked into those amber eyes... the last thing I ever saw..."

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