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[Round 14] "Knock, Knock"

Nathan Baker

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OOC: Here is the combined sims of... well, I'm still calling it "Knock, Knock." The first part is from Jarak, the latter is mostly from me, Jacen.

((CMO's Office - Sick Bay - USS Indria-A))

Jarak: You and I still have to get married. And children. We are going to have lots and lots of children. :: Grinning ::

:: Saja kissed Jarak, and before he knew what happened, she slapped Jarak across his cheek ::

Saja: If you ever leave me and not say goodbye, I'll give you more than a good smack!

Jarak: :: Turned on by the klingonish show of emotion :: Grrrrrrr..HAHA, Yes my dear.

:: Jarak took Saja into his arms, and passionately kissed her, while trying to de-robe himself. ::

Saja: Mmmm. I'm going to have to slap you more often.

:: Saja wrapped her arms about her Klingon/Human Doctor and lost herself in his kisses.::

(( USS Indria-A / Sickbay, ICU ))

::After getting back on his feet, Jacen decided that it would be best to check on the Doc so that he would be cleared to get back on the bridge...::

Fanel: And if those [...] Klingons are still there, I'll skin them and eat them for dinner...F****** Klingons are like the...what's a good term...gangsters, and not the kind from the early Earth 20th century. The kind in the inner cities from the late Earth 20th century. [...] punks.

::In walking about the sickbay area, he could see that the battle with the Klingons did a number on the crew. He did feel lucky to have left with just a headache. Some people would need some face reconstruction. He then snapped out of the trance. He quickly realized he needed to get back on the bridge, so he hurried to Jarak's office to get cleared, even if he might possibly not be.::

::He walked to the door expecting it to be opening automatically, but it was locked apparently. He looked around and didn't see Jarak on duty and assumed he was either here or in his own quarters, but why would

the Doc leave in a time like this?::

Fanel: I guess he isn't here. ::Then he heard a thump from the door and

turned back to it ever so slowly...:: Doc?

::Obviously he didn't get an answer, but it wasn't like the door was incredibly soundproof, either. Jacen cautiously walked closer and then looked to see a glass of water on a table next to him, he poured out

the glass and then pressed it on the door and placed his ear on it to hear. Then he stopped and put the glass down.::

Fanel: What am I in grade school?

::He then knocked on the door since he assumed to protect privacy, the Soc might have also turned off sensors and com to the room. It didn't take a rocket scientist for Jacen to figure out who else is in there with Jarak and what exactly they were doing. Especially since most starfleet officers are technically, in a manner of speaking, "rocket scientists". He could leave them be, but he needed official clearance to get back on duty and as an officer a rank higher than Jarak, this is something that he should set aside.::

Fanel: Doc, I know you're in there! And Saja, if that is you too, front and center, Ensign.

((Inside the Office))

:: Suddenly there came a rapping and it wasn't them! After a mad flurry of uniforms stretching this way and that and a blurr of a white lab coat. Saja growled under her breath as she tried to pull on her tunic. It was always so tight around the chest. Before she could protest, the door swished ajar and Saja stopped her boots into place and fussed around with her golden locks of hair. They were a mess as she glanced into a mirror!::

Saja: oO Frell it Oo


::Jacen stood tall and waited for the door to open up to reveal whoever decided to walk up first. Jacen could tell, no smell what was transpiring behind closed doors and from Klingons...that is an understatement, and

Jacen knows it well enough. Kinda reminded him of the year he spent on the Klingon homeworld. He rolled his eyes a bit.::

Fanel: Doctor, I need your go to get back on duty. I hope I wasn't...interrupting anything important. Looks like a meeting you were having. I hope it wasn't serious. ::He said in the most sarcastic and

also serious tone.::

Jarak: We were just communicating plans for our marriage..klingon style. ::grinning ::

Fanel: I don't need excuses, doc and is there wrong with your room? This is your office, not your bed chamber.

Jarak: I am the Doctor. I am here almost 24/7 Fanel. This is as much my bed chamber as it is my office. ::Smirking ::

Fanel: I need you to clear me for duty.

Jarak: :: grabbing his tricorder form the Desk, and scanning Fanel, while trying to hold a towel around his waist. :: You're fine, Lt. You can return to duty.

::Jacen didn't wait for a response while the good doctor was scanning him and looked over to Saja in the back

hoping she was descent enough, as he can clearly tell. Raising his eyebrow a bit..::

Fanel: Ensign Saja, report to your station and help out. We need everyone standing to report status...Now. ::With great tone.::

Saja: Humph :: growling somewhat.:: Yesrrrr sirrr!

::Most might be a little more cautious and maybe even afriad when getting in between a man and a woman and their...moment, especially if the man and woman are Klingons or in Saja's case, part. It didn't

matter to Jacen if he had interrupted 2 Klingons fully engaged in passion, he was an officer, higher rank in the matter than both of them and since this had nothing to do with medicine, he could pull that authority on Jarak.::

Saja: Sir... I will need to-

Fanel: Report to your station, Ensign. Now. You two can finish later and in a more appropriate place.

:: Saja blushed all shades of red or whatever color a Klinogn blushes in. She tried to squeeze past Lt. Fanel who seemed unwilling to move out of her way for her to get by and so she HAD to squeeze by Jarak and Jacen with limited space between them. Saja was all but out of sorts and she smacked her own head.::

Saja: Oo Ooooh I'm going to get him one of these days! oO

Jarak: I will see you later, my Love. :: Turning his head back to Fanel :: You're right in some aspects, here. But next time you interrupt me without proper intervention by knocking or alerting me through the computer, we are going to have words. You're allowed to go back to work, Lt. Be careful up there.

:: Jarak turns away and orders the doors shut and locked, so he could get dressed. The doors shut in Fanel's face. ::


Sims by

Lt. Jacen Fanel - (Lead Author)

Tactical Officer

Dr. Jarak



Ensign Saja Ja'Kor

Science Offcer - PNPC (Played by Cura Assanti)

Posted by Nathan Baker with permission from the Authors.

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