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[Round 13] Waiting...


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((Turbolift, USS Tiger))

::Dodhun roared as an explosion made escape from the turbolift's doors impossible. He would never admit things were not going as he had planned.::

::These Federations, these Starfleeters...they were different...they were not ruthless like the ones he had encountered in a prior phase and they were not weak and defenseless like ones he had encountered in another. These were weak in some ways, but in others...::

::One thing he would give them, they didn't give up. Not that he was going to admit that to any of his crew. They could still beat these beings, take their ship and break away from the cursed Erati station, their prison...he was motivated. Still, there was something about these people that made them unique and it annoyed him...::

::Things had been going good. They had reaped at least one third of the ships crew. They had control of the ships engines and systems. His crew chased the remaining beings around reaping them when possible. Then something had changed...instead of being broken, these beings fought back...they adapted to the situation, they took no time to mourn for their dead. Instead the thought seemed to strengthen their resolve. It was like Ri....::

Dodhun: oO Ritar! Ritar! Oo

::Dodhun sneered...Ritar had been right.::

Dodhun: oO That traitor! He knew! He betrayed me with these people...Oo

::That really was the only explanation for this situation. He was Third of the father! No one defeated him, no one could even come close....no one except...The Fourth!::

::Dodhun roared piercingly the Reaper in the turbolift roared with him.::

Dodhun: We have been betrayed...::Dodhun activated the device in his hand.:: =/\=Lonsad! =/\=

Lonsad: =/\= What do you want? =/\=

Dodhun: =/\=What is your situation?=/\=

Lonsad: ::feigning confidence:: =/\= Things are under control... Engineering is quite secure. =/\=

Dodhun: =/\= We have been betrayed...=/\=

Lonsad: =/\= Betrayed!? =/\=

Dodhun: =/\=Nothing is worse than the betrayal to the Father...=/\=

::Dodhun's voice trailed off as he looked down at the device in his hand. He tilted his head as he watched his hand suddenly become tranparent. The phasing...the phase was returning...the Erati curse!=/\=

Dodhun: =/\= NO! IT'S NOT TIME! Find the traitor! Reap as many as you can. I WILL NOT FAIL!=/\=

Lonsad: =/\= Understood. =/\=

((Meanwhile, Outside USS Tiger))

::The transport moved stealthily towards the ship Dodhun had promised would free them from the prison. The six Reaper women and three children inside waited. Waited for their fighters and the Third to send word that the ship had been cleared for them. All would not be saved, but they were the lucky ones...the ones who would escape from the station with the Third of the father...those who would start a new life.::

::The children huddled together watching the pilot of the craft move them along side the others that were getting ready. Word had come the vessel was almost theirs.::

::Suddenly a voice pierced the air.::

Dickens: =/\= This is shuttle Eagle from Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets to the Reaper patrol ships. Your people, invited on our ship has committed an act of aggression and are being taken prisoners for that on the ship. We want to end this as peacefully as we can, but for that to happen I must ask you your intentions being deployed after that act. =/\=

::The pilot turned and closed a door between himself and the passengers. Something was wrong...word had come that Dodhun was almost ready....::

::The pilot activated the comm but said nothing over the staticly channel.::

Dickens: =/\= I've moved here 'cause your station emmited some kind of interference what only strengths our believe that your people are acting on your orders. I must ask that you cease all kind of attacks on our ship and allow us to leave this system peacefully. A distress signal has been sent and you could expect starfleet ships dropping here in mass if we are not released =/\=

::The pilot continued to ignore the message. Afterall Dodhun had said these beings were harmless, easy to reap.::

Dickens: =/\= If you don't back off, we'll be forced to use any kind of force to free ourselves. Do you want to enter in conflict with the United Federation of Planets? =/\=

::The Reaper pilot continued to move the ship closer to the vessel that was going to be their new home.::

Reaper: =/\=You will be reaped...this is no longer your vessel.=/\=

Dickens: =/\= You bet.This is a last warning. Withdraw your approach or ...=/\=

Reaper: =/\=You have no choice...the Third of the father has spoken... you will be destroyed if you interfere...=/\=

Dickens: =/\= I don't know who's that Third of the father, but I'll kick ~·$%/&$· if he force me, as I'll do with you. Back off from the Tiger. =/\=

::Finally having brought the vessel into place the Reaper pilot stopped the transport. Hovering near their new home, they would simply wait.::

Reaper: =/\=We wait for word from the Third. We do not answer to you...you are insignificant...=/\=

Dickens: =/\= Then you leave me no choice =/\=

::The pilot looked down at the controls and blinked...one instant they were solid, the next they were disappearing...he looked down at his hands...::

Reaper: It's beginning...

::Outside the fighter/shuttle sized transport seemed to blink out of view and then reappear...it did this twice and then reappeared still hovering in place.::



Third of the father

Rihac Gorshun


Reaper Pilot

Rihac Gorshun

as simmed by

Commander Sidney Riley

Commanding Officer

USS Tiger

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Tags filled to complete the sim per rules. Lonsad replies were left as tags and have since been filled. Dickens replies posted prior to this sim, up until "Reaper: =/\=You will be reaped...this is no longer your vessel.=/\=", from which point Dickens replies have been posted since this sim.

Original sim, with unfilled tags, is here

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