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[Round 13] Waiting


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(( Wilde Estate ))

:: Seeing Sarion settled on a bench conveniently positioned next to the fountain, the two Engineers walked up. Jack took up a seat next to the El-Aurian, causing her to glance over at them.::

Kolk: Hey, Sarion. You alright?

Sarion: Yes, or I will be. This has been a rather difficult time for me. ::She shuddered a bit, thinking of the Borg implant incident:: And I dare say for many others as well.

::Jack nodded::

Wulfram: Are things always this insane?

Kolk: Oh! Sarion, this is Ens. Seth Wulfram. He's the new Engineer that showed up right in the middle of this mess.

Sarion: Quite. I do believe he introduced himself to me before. ::She nodded towards Wulfram:: Are you feeling better now?

Wulfram: Better physically but mentally my mind is shot.

Sarion: ::Turning back to Jack:: So, what are you doing here at the moment? I was sure you'd be with Jhen, or in sickbay with Ethan.

Jack: Well, I was actually looking for him, but, when he wasn't at his shuttle, I just thought I'd take a stroll, and lo a fair maiden!

Wulfram: It's getting a bit cold out here, why don't we head inside. Or at least keep walking. ::Offering the kind, if Borg-hating, woman his arm.:: Kolk: M'lady?

Sarion::Taking Kolk's offered arm:: Thank you good sir.

(( A bit later - foyer ))

Kolk: So it's agreed? You'll play chess with me the next time I'm in the Double Shot?

Sarion: If you're up for the challenge, but, I've had a bit of experiance.

Kolk: ::laughing:: See, that's why humans can never get enough of El-Aurians. The never ending mystery! We love a good mystery...

::As Seth followed the two, Jack and Sarion were too deep in conversation to notice that they were entering a foyer where food was being served. From the foyer, however, Lt. Thelev noticed them and called out.::

Thelev: Jack!

:: Jhen jumped up from the comfy chair where he had been sitting next to the holographic fire as Jack Kolk entered through the mansion's front doors.::

Kolk: Jhen! It's good to see you, bro. You apparently found the Captain.

Sarion: Jhen, it's good to see you here, and uninjured

Wulfram: Hello sir, How are you doing after this day?

Thelev: I'm fine. I'm still piecing together what happened, to be honest. I've spoken to Amber and Karynn and it seems Ethan's doing well but I've not seen anyone else yet.

Wulfram: I'm glad to hear that Lt. Brice will be ok.

Sarion: As am I, though I never really doubted it.

Kolk: So we still don't know how or when our Danny was replaced?

Thelev: Yeah, we never had the time to find out back at the Inn. Time was rather against us.

Kolk: ::sighing:: Yeah... a lot of things were against us...

Sarion: And some that seemed to be against may really have only helped us.

Thelev: ::shaking his head:: I don't know how you coped being that close to your alternate version, Jack. It twisted my mind just laying eyes on that Andorian. And he was nothing like as pathologically insane as the other you!

Kolk: ::shaking his head:: I don't think I could've without Cara's help. I mean...

::Kolk looked a be flustered at his last statement::

Wulfram: Just being near copies of you all was weird enough for me.

Sarion: It seems to me that it'd be harsh not to expect that this was the only universe. To all of them you would be the alternate. But that's a lot to think of right now.

:: Jhen picked up his teacup from the table and looked at the Engineering Ensign as he took a sip. ::

Thelev: I had meant to ask earlier; what happened in Calais after I left? All I know is my alternate and Commander Wilde were gone by the time I got back to you.

Wulfram: Your alternate overloaded a blaster after the alternate Wilde put some kind of borg nano-probes into the Captain. The overloading blaster killed both of them instantly.

::Jhen's mouth opened larger and he dropped his tea cup. Sarion watched the cup scup falling. Her fingernails digging into the palm of her hands. She focused on the cup, trying to deny the reality of the captain's encounter with the nano-probes to herself::

Kolk: Holy...!

Thelev: He did... what? Why would someone do that? ::pause:: Why would I do that?!

Wulfram: Someone mentioned honor. And I must agree, it seemed honorable to your alternate self to die with his superior officer. The loyalty you, or I mean he, showed was amazing.

Kolk: Well, maybe, but...

Thelev: Well, I'm loyal to my friends, my ship mates, but that sort of suicidal loyalty is... ::shaking his head in disbelief:: insane. Looks like they had more in common after all, Jack.

Wulfram: Perhaps it was insane, perhaps not.

Sarion: It seems to me that all of the alternates we encountered were just extreme versions of ourselves. Just think, the Alternate Thelev showed a stronger, undying, loyalty to his friends, a loyalty that I have seen in ours, just not so uninhibitedly. Alternate Jack showed the same persistence in his quest for revenge that you have displayed with a certain female engineer. Just more forcibly. They aren't that different, but that's a lot to take in for the moment. ::Glancing at Thelev, who still looked uncertain:: Jhen are you alright?

Thelev: Sorry, I'm just a bit shaken. It's not everyday you hear you've just killed yourself. ::taking a deep breath:: I'm truly glad I wasn't there to see it.

Kolk: Why don't we change the subject. I... I think I know something we can do to take our minds off it. I think we could all use a diversion, don't you, Jhen?

Thelev: Oh? What kind of diversion?

Kolk: I think you'll recall, Lieutenant. ::smiling fiendishly at his best friend:: It involves a starship named after Greek bear, a certain red-haired doctor, a dead Vulcan with a tricorder up her ::cough::, and you and I making it through our next set of physicals without broken bones.

Thelev: I do seem to remember something about a crate of whiskey. Ok, you've got yourself a deal - I'll fly you to Oxford and you fix the shuttle and I don't have to think about anything important for a couple of hours.

Wulfram: Let me help with the shuttle, I need something to do.

Kolk: Fair enough, kid. You're hired. ::half-whispering to Jhen:: I do love the eager ones. Makes it easier for me to relax while they do my job for me. ::laughing, then returning to full volume:: What about you, Sarion? Interested in a quick trip to Oxford?

Thelev: Well, Sarion has a vested interest so it would be rude not to invite her along. What do you say, Mr Wulfram? Fancy another little trip?

Sarion: Sounds interesting.

Wulfram: I guess so sir, I'm still shaken up but perhaps it would be good to leave here. Would you mind if I flew sir?

Kolk: Hold on there, young man! I thought you were gonna fix the transporter for--er, I mean with me.

::As the four walked to the shuttle Kursk, they heard a loud sound as another shuttle close by took off way too fast for normal routes.::

Thelev: ::quietly:: They said Ethan was alright, so it must be...

Wulfram: ::with a groan:: Oh no.

::The new ensign's words kind of said it all, as a hush fell over the small group. A moment later, the Andorian spoke.::

Thelev: She's strong. She won't give up. Besides, she's a joined Trill, so there's two of them to put up a fight, with the experience of a whole bunch of lifetimes.

Kolk: Yeah... I'm sure she'll be fine.

::Unfortunately, he didn't sound sure. Sarion touched his arm lightly::

Sarion: I'm sure she'll be fine.

Wulfram: Joined? I didn't know that. I hope for their sake that you are right, if not it's two lives lost not one.

Thelev: It's out of our hands. We can only hope.

::After another bout of silence, Jack sighed.::

Kolk: See? I told you we needed a diversion.

Sarion: Quite. Shall we head out then.

:: Jhen pointed ahead to the Kursk. ::

Thelev: In that case, shall we proceed?

Wulfram: Yes, Sir.

Sarion: Certainly. Lead the way.

::As they started to move into the Shuttle Sarion's Comm badge went off.::

Rogers: =/\= Rogers to Sarion. =/\=

Sarion: =/\= Go ahead Rogers. =/\=

Rogers: =/\= Ah.. I was hoping you had some time to spare. =/\=

Sarion: =/\= I suppose that could be arranged. What did you have in mind? =/\=

Rogers: =/\= Well.. I really wanted to sit down and…talk. =/\=

Sarion: =/\= I believe that could be arranged. Meet me by the pond? =/\=

Sarion: Sorry boys, it looks like I'll have to pass on this trip. Enjoy yourselves. Jack, I'm holding you to that game of chess when we get back to the ship. Don't forget my whiskey.

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