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[Round 12] Death Throes

Idril Mar

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: The Inn had stood on this spot for generations of the lives of men and witnessed many things over the years. All the pathos that constitutes life had been played out in her rooms and hallways. Most happenings pasted in the flicker of a barely remembered dream. She did remember with affection some of the staff who had looked after her over the decades.

In a blink of time the mighty Oaks in the forecourt had grown from saplings into mature trees. The passing of time was like an endless song. The seasons rolling past, the murmur of the wind and the migration of the birds were her constant companions.

Sometimes the intensity of the lives of those who visited her caused her to remember them. Such a time was unfolding now down on the ground floor in one of the refurbished meeting rooms.

The raging of emotions and the strange tingling of previously unknown energies captured her attention. Suddenly a great pain speared through her. Not comprehending the concept of phased energy she felt as if someone had struck her innards with a dagger. She had witnessed that happen once many years ago.

At first although painful the damage seemed limited to the roof and a chandelier. In a few moments she realised that it was much worse. The energy had pierced her all the way through and out the roof.

Ancient wooden support beams began to give way. Walls started to buckle and crack. In a panic she realised that the heat from the blast had passed close to cleaning storage cupboard on the second floor. The cleaning chemicals had been superheated and burst into flames. The explosion that resulted blew the door out and flames spread quickly into the hall way. Beautifully replicated wall paper ignited engulfing the entire floor in flames.

Realisation that the end was near brought a feeling of sadness. Still she would do what she could to save her guests and caretakers. She activated her sprinkler systems [...]ing the flames with water. As the pain intensified she struggled to release the magnetic locks managing to close all her fire doors and sound the evacuation alarm.

Her entire centre was engulfed in flames. As her funeral pyre raged a life that no one had ever suspected existed faded away. As awareness failed her last thoughts were strangely joyful… where was she going to.. what lay in wait beyond this darkness?

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This is a good example of explaining something with a sim from an inanimate object. Sometimes there aren't any characters able to see what's going on in the background and a sim like this can push the plot without having to have a new character in the mix. Plus, sometimes its just fun to have objects talk.

"If these old walls could talk..."

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