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[Round 10] New Beginnings

Alana Devar

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((The Eagles Nest - USS Eagle (Starbase 118) ))

::After Captain Taboo had given his speech he approached Victoria and Lah'rel

after speaking to some of the crew on the way, when he reached them he simply

smiled warmly nodding to his Ex First Officer... ::

Taboo: How are you feeling Victoria, you look much better than the last time I

saw you...

Yladro: :: Quickly Poking her tounge out..:: It was touch and go there for a while,

Doctor MacGowan said they lost me for a while back there...

Keely: Again... It's a miracle this girl is still alive after what she's been through


::Daydan nodded to them both clearly sensing the deep bond of love and affection

between them..::

Taboo: Well don't take any chances this time okay, I think what you are doing is

the right decision for you both, and for your unborn baby... ::Smiles..::

::Lah'rel took Victoria's left hand as she stroked her still flat abdomen tenderly..::

Keely: She is going to be spending the next eight months resting and getting

all the attention she needs, I give you my word in that sir..

::Victoria's interlaced fingers gripped Lah'rels tightly..::

Victoria: If you think I am going to be spending the next eight months wrapped

up in cotton wool Mr Keely you have got another thing coming.... I am carrying

our baby. Not a bomb....

Taboo: Well that told you... ::Daydan smiled looking directly at Lah'rel..::

Keely: She is going to be resting sir, I give you my word, we'll be back before

you know it...

::Victoria gripped Lah'rel's muscular arm tightly, hugging him close..::

Taboo: If you really want to make me happy, forget about starfleet, go and

raise a beautiful family together and be happy... :: He sighed smiling to them

with a mixture of admiration and envy in his eyes..::

::Victoria stepped forward slightly, a tear forming in the corner of her eye,

her bushy hair glowing around her like a halo... She tip toed to give Taboo

a kiss on the cheek and bowed her head blushing heavily.. ::

Victoria: Thank you for everything sir, I mean it, I am so sorry I let you

down, it just wasn't to be...

Taboo: Not necessary to apologise Victoria, you are doing exactly what I

hoped you would do someday... Both of you... Go to Bajor and have your

baby, then go back to California and run your uncles Vineyard like you

always dreamt you would, just remember to forward a few bottles for

your old friend would you... ?

::Victoria's eyes began to stream, she wiped her tears away with her

forearm hiding her face behind her hair..::

Keely: Well I've never seen her do that before... ::He chuckled to her..::

Good luck Captain, we'll keep in touch... ::Lah'rel held out his hand to him..::

Taboo:: ::Shaking his hand firmly..:: You do that Lah'rel, just you take

good care of our girl okay...

::Lah'rel nodded and stroked Victoria's tiny abdomen..::

Keely: Girls sir, I have two now.. ::He bent down and kissed Victoria

on the lips softly..::

::With a final smile and heartfelt eye contact Lah'hrel and Victoria exited

the lounge slipping away as quietly as they could, they didn't want a fuss,

the hope was that someday soon they would be back, with the same faces

and the same smiles still here to greet them on their return..::


:: Victoria held Lah'rel's arm.. She was still a little uneasy on her feet,

but with Lah'rel nearby she felt safe and confident, and with Victoria

close by his side nothing else mattered, she was the very centre of

his universe...::

Keely: I know who he reminds me of now..

Yladro: Who?

Keely: Taboo, I know who he reminds me of...

Yladro: Who does he remind you of?

Keely: Merlin.. King Arther's Mystic magician....

Yladro: He reminds me of...

:: Lah'rel looked at her..::

Keely: Of who...

::Victoria smiled..::

Yladro: Nothing, it doesn't matter, c'mon Lah.. Lets go home..


LtCmdr Keely Lah'rel

Mission Specialist

Ex/USS Eagle

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