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[Round 10] Submission for round 10

Tal Tel-ar

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((USS Eagle - Chief of Security's Office))

::Tal gazed at the monitor screen... a little puzzled by the message he was reading... it had obviously been sent to Lt. Commander Dar as Chief of Security... it was a request from Andor for an update on one Lt. Commander Tal Tel-ar... what was puzzleing him was the nature of the request... medical files... performance evaluations... mission reports... phycological profile changes...::

::It was the requests for his current medical and phych info that concerned him... for that matter why was anyone back on Andor curious about him... he was an outcast... no clan would or could claim him... he had been shunned... offered no chances... no life among his own people...::

::So why were they requesting this info... even more daunting was who was requestion the info... the request came on behalf of the ruleing council, the Andorian Science Institute, the Academy of Medical Research, Dr. Anichent Thann Chreviss and Professor Thririshar Chen Dravoss plus about a dozen others...::

::It was the last 2 names that were really freaking him out... both of them had been in charge of his testing... OK... the living hell that he had underwent when he was first brought to Andor... they had put him through so many tests... taken so many blood and DNA samples that he feared he was loosing body mass as a result...::

::They were probally the most important current living Andorian doctor and Andorian geneticist in the Federation... they were in charge of the Institute and the Academy... as he knew they had the clout to make even the ruleing council stand up and take notice...::

::That showed in the request... but that did not make it any easier for him... no... in fact that was what was freaking him out...::

::Why would they be asking such questions... and if they were asking questions now... had they in the past???::

::With that thought Tal started doing a search... as he did he could feel a sense of dread creeping over him... he was finding out just how bad it was... every test... medical... phych evaluation from the Academy had been copied and sent to Andor... his posting on the USS Triumphant had been requested by Andor... his reassignment to the USS Eagle was also requested by Andor... every single report every submitted with his name on or in it had been copied and sent to Andor...::

::Tal leaned back in his seat... his mind stunned... WHY!!! Why were they so interested in him???::

::When he finally sat back up... his mind still numbed by what he had read... Tal started to close the file... then stopped... he had been so stunned that he had failed to notice the other name... this one had also recieved copies of everything since he had joined Starfleet... this one was not Andorian... it was Dr. Gabriel... a quick check proved it was the same Dr. Gabriel that was currently on board the Eagle...::

::What was going on??? curious as to why Dr. Gabriel was getting copies of his records Tal looked at the early records again... the ones from the Academy... his search pulled up a file from prior to his enrollment in the Academy... a file that he was blocked from opening... ::

::It took Tal a few minutes... but he was eventually able to bypass the security lock out... what he saw was even more stunning... he had failed his entrance exam... he had not earned a spot at the Academy... certain important persons on Andor plus the good Dr. over ruled the result and requested he be accepted...::

::It was the statement submitted by Dr. Gabriel that really confused him... "the subject, an Andorian by the name of Tal Tel-ar will be given a place with in the next Academy class. It is imperative that he be placed within an environment in which his every movement can be observed and recorded. Also all records regarding his medical or phycological status will be considered Alpha Red 7. Copies of these records will be transmitted to both myself and Dr. Anichent Thann Chreviss of the Andorian Academy of Medical Research and Professor Thririshar Chen Dravoss of the Andorian Science Institute"...::

::Alpha Red 7... that was strange... the only people with a security clearance high enough to view his medical files would have to be an Admiral or a Doctor of at least Lt. Commander rank...::

::Not sure if he could Tal decieded to try and fool the system... Dr. MacGowan was a Lt. Commander and the CMO... maybe he could get into his file by useing the over ride codes... kind of make it look like he was the CMO...::

::It took him a lot longer than he thought... in fact Tal was on the verge of giveing up when he finally cracked it... the amount of data was just unbelievable... over 90% of it was over his head... so Tal just scanned it... looking for any notes that might have been made...::

::When he finally found some it was again from Dr. Gabriel..."Under no circumstance is the subject to be told about the genetic anomalies present in his DNA. An indepth investigation is currently under way to determine who altered his DNA and why"... then later in the files their was another set of notes again from Dr. Gabriel..."their is no doubt that who ever created the subject now called Koriander is also the individual who conducted the genetic experiments on the Andorian Tal Tel-ar. It is still unknown as to why such genetic experimentation was conducted on the Andorian. His height, musclature, enhanced strength and senses are only the obvious signs of tampering with his DNA. The more confuseing and radical problem is that he no longer falls within any of the 4 classifications for normal Andorians when it comes to procreation. While all normal Andorians are bonded in their late teens into bond groups of 4, one from each of the 4 types needed for reproduction Tal Tel-ar is totally different. He is a male who only needs 1 female partner in order to reproduce."...::

::Tal turned it off... the confusion inside him boiled over into rage... rage that made him smash his fist into the monitor... shattering it and knocking it flying off his desk...::

::Tal spun the hover chair... then drove it out of his office ignoreing the startled looks from those around him... a couple of whom had to jump to prevent being run over as he pushed the chairs speed controls to their max...::

::In the hall he raced to the lift... slidding to a stop and waiting impatiently... his hands clenching and unclenching...::

::Once the lift arrived he entered... but the rest of the trip was a blur... becouse the next thing Tal knew he was bargeing into Dr. Gabriels office... his hover chair flying forward to crash into and know the desk flying... while Tal managed to spin the chair to bring him around the mess and into contact with the Dr...::

Tel-ar: WHY? Why the hell didn't you tell me!!! ::Tal snarled... his voice a twisted mix or rage, pain and confusion...::

Dr. Gabriel: respond

Tel-ar: What do you mean, tell me what? That I'm a freak! Just another stinking lab rat to be poked and prodded...

Dr. Gabriel: respond

Tel-ar: I don't give a [...]!!! It ends now...

Dr. Gabriel: respond

Tel-ar: I know what you did... I've seen the records... read the files...

Dr. Gabriel: respond

Tel-ar: Stop playing with my life... I'm not here to satisfy your scientific curiosity...

Dr. Gabriel: respond

Tel-ar: You may have gotten me the door... but I [...] well know I earned everything else... not even you can take that away from me...

Dr. Gabriel: respond



Lt. Commander Tal Tel-ar

Chief of Security

USS Eagle

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