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[Round 10] Higher Powers & Fresh-Plucked Flowers


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REPOST: Lieutenant Jackford B. Kolk - "Higher Powers & Fresh-Plucked Flowers" (This Time With More Serious Ponderings)((Wilde Pond, Watering Hole of the Rich and Famous))

::Sorting himself a bit and managing to look at least like he knew where he was going, he followed William Rogers to the loveliest estate pond Jack could remember ever seeing. As the other man plopped himself down and fiddled with some small stones, no doubt planning to toss them at the pristine waters, Jack paused, considering the state the other man was in. When he felt he had a modicum of insight into the situation, Jackford approached. ...and William tossed the first stone.::

Kolk: You'll never skip it like that. Use your wrist, not your arm.

Rogers: I didn't realize that skipping stones was one of your many talents.

Kolk: Mind if I have a seat?

Rogers: It's not my estate. You can sit where you will.

Kolk: Ever heard the phrase, don't look a gift horse in the mouth?

Rogers: Yes. Is that supposed to mean something?

Kolk: Not a clue. I just felt like asking.

Rogers: ::sighing:: So, Jack, did you suddenly develop a urge to sit by the side of a pond?

Kolk: I'm sensing a touch of hostility there...

Rogers: Perhaps hostility is a bit strong. Maybe irritation is closer to the mark?

Kolk: Look, I'm obviously not your favorite person in the galaxy and... I'm guessing Sarion is. But I'm here to let you know that, even though you can't be with her right now, there're still other people at this reception who'd like to enjoy your company. And I'm guessing the Captain would like her Security Chief to enjoy her wedding reception.

::Will half rose to leave, practically breathing fire from his nostrils. Jack began to feel that he'd failed to keep this particular interaction from ending badly. He frowned slightly... until he realized that the J.G. was practically floating mid-rise. Maybe he wouldn't have to follow the man elsewhere. Why was it so hard to have a civil conversation with Lt. Rogers? As the moment of floatiness passed, Will sat back down with a thud.::

Rogers: Now that you mention it, you do remind me of a horse I once knew. ::passing Jack some stones:: If you've got a few minutes Jack, maybe you can show me how to skip the stones over the pond?

Kolk: This is shoreleave; I'm free to spend my time as I please.

::Just then, Jack heard the faint chirp of his combadge from the pocket of his trousers. No doubt it was the cadets from the Shipyards... again. He ignored it and demostrated the perfection of his stone-skimming technique instead. His youth had seen him populating many cool beaches of the Puget Sound time and time again as a place to get away and think after another confrontation with Jared or a heartbreak at school. Suffice it to say he had become a master stone skipper.::

Rogers: Jack I owe you an apology for being so rude to you just before. You're right I was upset over Sarion leaving so suddenly and I do know that there are other people who deserve my attention and respect - not the least the Captain. You were also correct about you not being my favorite person in the galaxy.

::Rogers tossed a stone and Jack watched.::

Kolk: That was good. But try this; watch my wrist.

::Jack tossed another stone, hopping it along the surface in a smoothly curved path, just one more hop than Roger's previous attempt. As he did, he took the oportunity to ask the question that was really bothering him.::

Kolk: Any particular reason you dislike me? Wouldn't have anything to do with that horse comment earlier, would it? I do try not to be as stubborn as one, although I suppose it's better than a mule...

Rogers: I'm not clear why. I do know that you deserve better from me. ::laughing:: Although skipping that last stone five times to my four certainly doesn't help your case... Jack I wouldn't blame you if you tell me to mind my own business, but I was hoping to attend a Mass while I'm here on Earth. I know you're Catholic like myself. I feel that we should try and get along and... ::laughing again:: Perhaps a higher power would be helpful?

Kolk: ::laughing:: Couldn't hurt! Actually, I've been meaning to go to Mass myself, one of these days. I just... never seem to make it. You know how it is; the Warp Core's about to explode, the Cardassians are getting away, or the girl you fancy is... ::Sensing a presence, Jack looked behind them.:: Oh hi, Sarah!

::She was not far off and had clearly just been looking their way, though she was now doing a smashing job of turning to leave. Jack hopped onto his feet and suddenly felt torn between staying to mend fences with a Security Officer (Why was he always having to do that? Must be because mending things is what Engineers do...) or going after the girl in whatever fashion necessary. Glancing around as he turned, he noticed some very beautiful flowers growing close by and toyed with the idea of "borrowing" some to give to Sarah.::

Lieutenant Jackford B. Kolk

ACE of Hearts & Starships

USS Ronin - NCC-34523

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