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[Round 7] The cold hard truth....

Alana Devar

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((Deck 9- Black Tower - Starbase 118 ))

::The crew were on the base having a well deserved rest, Daydan

however was still working, in fact he hadn't stopped since they had

left the base almost two weeks ago, the trip to the Trinity sector

was not an accident, neither was the run in with the space pirates

from Cart'hen III.. Or the Orion syndicate..::

::Black Tower was heavily involved in the politics in the area, that

was obvious to Daydan, Starfleet intelligence seemed to have an

agenda all of their own and that frightened the Betazoid... He

appeared on the ninth floor, not in the uniform of one of starfleets

finest, but as a member of the Guild of Readers, thick heavy robes

hiding his athletic frame, his hazel eyes looking straight ahead but

his empathic and telepathic presence radiated around him ...::

::Walking up the long corridor to the turbo lift Daydan sensed

other eyes upon him, but there was no one else around, at least

not in a physical sense.. He could feel eyes trying to pierce into

his very soul, but his barriers were far to strong and each probing

assault was harmlessly deflected off without resistance... ::

::Before Daydan reached the turbo lift at the far end of the corridor

it opened, when he stepped inside the door closed behind him with

a his and then nothing, there was a long pause of almost half a minute

until the lift began to climb up the last few floors to his destination at

the most unseen part of the station.::

((Room 101 - Section 13 - Deck 3))

::The doors of the lift opened and Daydan was able to see right into

the office of one of Starfleet Intelligence most senior operatives, the

administrator... The chair where he sat was turned around so the

Daydan couldn't see his face, he was facing away from his desk

looking out of a window that rose high above him, the only part of

the station that was visible from this location were the enormous

antenna, reaching out in to space...::

The Administrator: Finally

::The voice was strange, hard to tell what race age sex or back

ground, there was no enthusiasm or joy in it's tone, Daydan

frowned contemplating a probe on the originators mind..::

Taboo: We had no agreement to meet, not that I was aware of...

Administrator: You think you are here by chance Taboo

of the guild? You are not, we take nothing by chance, we know

every move you will make even before you do...

::Daydan said nothing and simply stood still for a moment, he

pulled back the hood of his robe and stepped forwards a few

places so that he was only a meter or two away from the

Administrators desk...::

The Administrator: You have a mission do you not?

Taboo: Correct, Trinity Sector peace keeping force, we....

::Before he finished talking the Administrator butted in


The Administrator: Funded by Black Tower..

Taboo: ::Raising an eye brow..:: And Starfleet?

Administrator: Negative, Black Tower.. The Trinity

Sector is important to us...

::Daydan waited for the chair to turn around but it did not..

The Betazoids mind was swimming with questions...::

Taboo: You said "us".

Administrator: Starfleet has interests, yes, Black Tower

has the security of the Federation to consider, and the

purity.... ::The voice trailed into silence, Daydan sensed

a real emotion of hatred that felt more cold and bitter than

any other emotion he had ever felt before..::

Taboo: oO Sceptre? Oo

::Taboo's eyes narrowed, he would have gone head to

head with this figure before him but for the first time

things were beginning to make sense, he felt alone, more

alone than ever, who could he trust now... Starfleet

had little or no knowledge of what was really going on

here, either that or they chose to ignore it.. Now it seemed

that Starfleet Intelligence were involved up to their necks, and

not only starfleet intelligence but Sceptre too, the Elitist Readers

of Starfleet set on the total domination of all species... The hairs

on the back of his neck [...]led as a chill ran down his spine

causing him to shudder slightly..::

:: Daydan looked up to see a pair of hands grip the arm rests

of the chair, who ever it was they were suited in a black uniform

of some kind with gold braid on the sleeves, the Caucasian skin

was unmistakable, but the hands were not muscular but not exactly

feminine either. How hard would it be he thought to himself to

simply reach over the desk and spin that chair around so he could

see who it was he was talking to...::

The Administrator: You will go back to Cart'hen III to complete

your mission...

Taboo: Why, they are no threat, just pirates...

:: The tone of the voice suddenly elevated..::

The Administrator: DO NOT QUESTION...

:: There was a sharp and decisive assault on Daydans mind,

sharp and decisive but one that he easily deflected to one side,

the hands on the arms of the chair gripped tightly, and then

moments later the grip frustratingly declined... Daydan could

sense the hate still, but also a slight feeling of fear... Daydans

hands fell to his front waiting for a new response..::

The Administrator: You have your orders...

::Daydan waited for a padd or a data crystal to be handed to

him with his orders and actions clearly defined, but there were

none... He turned on his heels and began to walk but then

stopped... He pulled the hood up over his head almost hiding

his face, while his eyes were in shadow his mouth cheeks and

soft lips were in clear view... ::

:: He breathed in deeply thinking about the dire cities on Cart'hen III

and all of those people oblivious of how joyous life could be... His

next question was meant to definitively make up his mind once and

for all, not that he ever suspected that it would change, when ever

Sceptre were involved it meant only one thing, people would suffer

and many would die..::

Taboo: ::From beneath his hood..:: People may get hurt, innocent


The Administrator: No one is innocent, Ignorance is Guilt...

::Daydan clenched his fists and grit his teeth, he let out the breath

long and shallow, at the end of the breath he continued to the

door and entered the turbo lift that had been waiting for him the

entire time.. He turned about to face the desk and the chair from

the far end of the large office.::

Taboo: oO All life is precious.. What right do you have to judge.. Oo

:: The doors closed with a hiss, Daydan put his hand to his face

as if to wash it clean, the higher he rose up the chain the more he

hated what he found, corruption, greed, jealousy, gluttony.. To

the most humble life was precious, was it only the poor that really

understood how wealthy they truly were... Maybe not knowing

the truth was it's own gift.. ::

::With a sudden cry of anger the Betazoid hybrid struck out

punching the turbo lift wall as hard as he could.. the cushion

padded walls gave only slightly causing his knuckles to redden

and tiny veins bursting open close to the skins surface...::

((Deck 176))

::Daydan strolled out of the turbo lift, his robes flowing behind him

as he walked quickly between the busy population of Starbase 118.. ::

Taboo: oO I need a drink.. Oo

::He stopped at a coffee bar and approached the bar pulling back

his hood, leaning on the bar and putting his foot up on the foot rail

he sighed as he looked at the waiter...::

Taboo: Water, cold, 5 oc.. And a slice of lemon..

::The waiter nodded and poured a glass of cold water onto a slice

of lemon, he lifted it to his lips and drank it down, slowly at first and

then quickly finishing off the second half... ::

Taboo: Thanks, ::He placed the empty glass down onto the bar

and wiped his arm across his mouth..:: pheew!! I needed that..

Waiter: Have that one on me sir... ::Smiles..::

::Daydan bowed to the man and smiled..::

Taboo: oO Someone has to stand up to them. Sometimes maybe

it is better to be ignorant of the truth.. Oo Thank you, I owe you


::Before the barman could ask him to wipe down a few tables he

was on his feet again trying to clear his mind and ejoy what the

station had to offer...::

The Administrator

Administrator Black Tower

Starbase 118


Captain Taboo

CO/USS Eagle

NCC 74659

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