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[Round 6] Moving Sand

James T. Kolk

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(( POD CITY ))

:: Sitting alone on a flat rock, Max gazed over the followers of the crew and those who had come down in the pod-things. He was surprised that so many had made it off that death trap alive and how many were helping each other. They had some strange habits.::

:: The cat's jaw opened and a yawn crept out, showing his teeth to any that would try and surprise him. He could defend himself. His claws were lethal weapons and his roar was that of a lion ninja from the plains of... wherever ninja lions came from.::

:: Splaying the fine display of claws on his right paw, Max scratched the skin underneath his nose and went back to standing proud, surveying his kingdom of humans and deciding which ones would be the fittest to take with him when he transcended the cliff tops to safe ground up above.::

:: He looked down at the sand and crewed up his face. He didn't relish the thought of more sand in between his paws. It'd taken him a few hours to get rid of the first lot and he was pretty sure he was due a nap any time soon. It wasn't fair. He didn't have the energy to keep watch over the silly humans and not take his compulsory six naps during the twenty-four hour period.::

Max: o0 All right, we can play this one of two ways... I can nap and you can continue your servitude or suffer... 0o

:: He narrowed his eyes and looked around. No one held their hand up, in fact no one seemed ultimately bothered whatsoever. He grinned, as cat's do.::

Max: o0 Simply marvellous! Keep up the good work and don't forget, a clean camp is a happy camp! 0o


:: It wasn't much later that the change in temperature had alerted the feline's skin to react with his inside working bits, making him wake up. He uncurled from the ball on the stone and stretched in every way he possibly could, making sure to crack out the annoying strain in his neck. He looked around and saw that he was completely and utterly alone.::

:: And freaked out.::

:: His eyes grew wider, his face matched that of a cat having had it's fur dipped in tar and chased by wild pigeons. There was a strange sense of ill omen that passed over the furry creature's features as he gazed round at the deserted Pod City. Where was everyone?::

:: He stepped a paw from the stone and felt the vibrations running through the sand. He looked down. It was vibrating oddly; unlike anything he'd felt before. His paw slipped beneath the sand, though only for a second, as though it was made of water instead of millions upon billions of teeny tiny rocks.::

:: Immediately he retrieved it, yanking it from the sand and back onto the stone. His whiskers twitched and without a second's worth of hesitation he ran for a pod, leaping up on top of it with a series of wild and uncontrollable jumps that even he was proud of. His kitten form had managed to reach the doorframe when he felt the rumble again, shut his eyes tight and refused to look down. A low grumble arose from the floor and it was all Max could do not to look down.::

:: He curled into a ball on the top of the pod. He could hear the incessant chatter on the inside and wondered what brainless moron had left him outside to be eaten by whatever it was on the hunt for kittens.::

Max: o0 Blast you all! I will... I will... As soon as this monster leaves! 0o


(PNPC) Max the Feline

Intelligence Officer

USS Ronin

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