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[Round 5] A Remorseful Start

Admiral Hollis

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((Wheeler Colony))

::Darius chatted for a few minutes with several individuals who had

met with him after arriving with his team. Clack couldn't help but notice

the beauty of the courtyard that surrounded the path that his

small group walked. Beautiful green trees and exotic flowers grew along

side the marble walkway. A water fountain marked the end of a circular

path as it stood in a citadel type position.::

Jennings: We are so happy that you have arrived.

Clack: Thank you.

::Darius reached down to touch a beautiful yellowish green flower. As

he touched it, he felt his body shiver with cold chills. It had a sweet

scent much like the wildflowers that grew along the Amazon River

back on Earth. Clack felt a tear to come to his eye as the sensation

sent a ripple through his heart. A long forgotten sin emerged deep within

his soul and suddenly it vanished as quickly as it had materialized.

The remorseful feeling was replaced with anger as he quickly stood up

ashamed of himself for allowing the episode to have taken place. ::

Jennings: You like our flowers?

Clack: They are very unusual.

Jennings: Your party should be here soon with all the details.

Clack: Good. Is it possible to arrange for quarters for my team during

our stay?

Jennings: I will check. Please excuse me.

::The man walked away just as Darius caught sight of Commander

Chen approaching. Darius could tell by the expression on the

commander's face, the initial contact with the colonies officials didn't go

as smooth as he had expected.::

Lt Darius Clack



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