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[Round 4] Creative Solutions


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JP - Lieutenant JG Karynn Ehlanii and Lieutenant Jack Kolk - Creative Solutions

((OOC: this begins whenever Lt. Cmdr. Walker decides to leave my office))

((Counseling Office, USS Ronin))

::Karynn stood in the doorway and watched the human First Officer leave. She wasn't particularly pleased with the situation, but she felt that she had handled it decently. All she wanted to do now was be alone for a little while.::

::Just then, Jack heard the Counselor's voice from around the corner saying good-bye to LtCmdr. Walker, who came around the corner nearly immediately, an odd look on his face. Jack couldn't help but suspect that the First Officer was up to something, but it didn't matter. The Counselor was free, which meant--::

Benson: She can see you now.

::Karynn had to fight a sigh when she heard her secretary announce her availability. She glanced into the waiting room and saw theACEO . Forcing all the control she could muster to keep any signs of the emotions she was feeling off her face, she held the door open and signalled for the engineer to enter her office.::

::Jack gave P.O. Benson an annoyed look, which she returned with a far-too-joyful smile, and trudged around the corner into the Lt's office. Jack walked in and plopped himself into the "comfy chair," slouching quite nicely. If he had to talk to the Counselor right now, he was going to be comfortable doing it.::

::Karynn sighed internally: she had a bad feeling about this session. She started walking over to the chair across from the human male.::

Ehlanii: What can I do for you, Lieutenant Kolk?

Kolk: The Captain ordered me to come see you.

::He sat up to show respect ...and because slouching that badly wasn't as comfortable as he'd hoped. His body tended to prefer sitting in a more upright and officerly position. It just figured, didn't it? Stupid, responsible body...::

::Karynn raised her eyebrow and took a seat.::

Ehlanii: Why is that?

Kolk: Because of the dead pilot.

::He just blurted it out without thinking, but once he had he hated how cavalier it sounded. How callused. He showed his distaste clearly on his face and began looking around the room. He never knew how to feel in this room. He wanted to look around and be observant, get comfortable with his surroundings, but he always felt... watched in this room.::

Kolk: It was my fault.

Ehlanii: How so.

Kolk: ::bitterly:: I was the Officer in Charge of the Flight Deck. I literally ordered the man into a fighter that exploded in his face.

Ehlanii: Did you know the fighter would explode?

Kolk: ::almost laughing:: No. Of course not. If I had I wouldn't have ordered its use.

Ehlanii: And did you have a good reason for having the fighters scrambled?

Kolk: Look, I know what you're doing. I know you're trying to help me rationalize it away. And I understand that I did the best I knew how. I think I'm ready to go back to work and deal with it later, but... the Captain ordered me to see you, so...

::Karynn heard his message loud and clear: "I don't want to be here." She didn't really want him to be here either. She wanted to sulk...or kick something. But she had a job to do, and she could tell the man in front of her needed help. She decided to push him a bit.::

Ehlanii: Yes, I can see you don't want to be here. But it still is bothering you. The Captain could see it and I can see it. I'm guessing she'll be contacting me to check whether you showed up or not, so let me make this clear. Cooperate with me. Work through this now, with me, and I will be able to honestly tell the Captain you've done what she asked. Resist this process and stonewall me and I'll be forced to either keep you here longer than necessary or tell the Captain you didn't cooperate.

::Karynn paused and closed her eyes gently for a moment. oOThat came out a lot harsher than I intended.Oo She prepared to apologize but the ACEO spoke up first.::

Kolk: ::sigh:: oO So much for rushing through this and getting to work quickly. Oo Alright, Counselor. Aside from rationalizing it away, what do you suggest I do? Because logic obviously isn't cutting it.

Ehlanii: Well, how do you usually deal with your feelings of guilt?

Kolk: Well, if there were a Priest on board, I'd go to him, but an Akira class ship is a bit small to have a chaplain from every conceivable religion.

::That came out a bit more sarcastic than he'd meant it to, but... he'd missed being able to go to Mass since shipping out. He'd managed to go once or twice while the ship was docked at DS17, but not nearly as often as he'd like.::

::Karynn paused a moment as she thought. oODidn't I see a church in the colony?Oo::

Ehlanii: A priest sounds like a good idea. You might want to check out the colony. I thought I saw a Catholic church or something down on the surface.

Kolk: Really? Maybe I'll have a look.

Ehlanii: You've experienced some pretty significant losses recently. How have you traditionally dealt with those losses?

Kolk: ::laughing:: Traditionally? I've either let it eat at me for a while and gotten touchy with people oO like Jarod Oo, or tried to ignore it until something scares me and I find myself hiding under my desk.

Ehlanii: ::suppressing a smile:: Ah. I see. Well, then lets brainstorm together some constructive ways to deal with your grief. Do you have any ideas?

::He thought for a while, but, honestly, if he'd had a better way to cope, he'd have used it.::

Kolk: Um... Talk to Jhen more?

::Karynn raised an eyebrow::

Ehlanii: Talking is always good, but that doesn't seem to be the answer. Sometimes people use their creativity to deal with grief: they write or paint or draw or sculpt or compose. Do any of those ideas appeal to you?

Kolk: Hmm... I've always wanted to try sculpting. But... how does that help me get my feelings out?

Ehlanii: The idea would be to sculpt something that represents either the lives lost or your own grief about those lives lost - and then share your sculpture with someone, theoretically that would be me, and explain what it represents.

Kolk: Hmm. Cool. So, when is my sculpture due? Should I come back next week?

Ehlanii: ::laughing:: I'm glad you like the idea. ::She stood and walked to the replicator.:: Computer. A block of artist's clay, a wooden board dimensions 1 foot by 1 foot, a small bowl of water - lukewarm, and a towel please. ::The items materialized in the replicator and she picked them up and walked over to Jack.:: Here you go, Lieutenant. I'll go over to my desk and do some work. You can sit here ::she set the items on a nearby table and pulled it over to Jack:: and work until you're done.

Kolk: What? You've got to be -

::He'd planned to say kidding, but he could see from the look she gave him that she meant business.::

Kolk: oO Great. Ethan and Sarah are gonna love that I spent the morning sculpting clay instead of fixing the ship with them. Oo Alright, Counselor, have it your way.

::He took the newly materialized clay and sundry and got to work.::


Lieutenant JG Karynn Ehlanii

Ship's Counselor

USS Ronin


Lieutenant Jack Kolk

Asst. Chief Engineer... I Wish

USS Ronin NCC-34523

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Just told Lt.JG Ehlanii this on IM but I'll post my views here too.

I'm afraid I have to criticise the beginning. Not only is there a typo ("theACEO", missing space.) but the first two paragraphs of description are a bit disjointed together. Either would be fine in an individual sim from either of you, but in a JP, they really need to be combined. I like seeing the situation from both sides but we get the setting repeated twice in quick succession so perhaps a more general overview may have been better, try and work the two together?

However, that is perhaps my one main issue with what is otherwise a very well written sim. I especially liked the bit around "oOThat came out a lot harsher than I intended.Oo " and Kolks reply. If it weren't for the opening, I'd probably rate 5 stars but that really did hinder the flow trying to get into the sim. I pondered briefly 3 stars but such is too harsh given how well written it is after about the 3rd line. Thus I've rated this at 4 Stars.

Edited by Salak
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