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[Round 3] Happenings


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((Bridge, Ronin))

Garlone: Just adding my two credits to the pot. Any orders for helm, sir?

Walker: Yes...shift us slightly...cover the incoming ship more fully. Leave our flank exposed.

::The Hermat nodded, leaning forward to do as ordered, tapping away at the controls to turn the ship. The whole feeling of making such a massive beast turn underneath hir caused a grin to spread. Only after the ship was facing the right way did s/he look back up to the Acting Captain.::

Garlone: With all due respect, is that wise sir?

Walker: We want this Admiral Trul to believe we trust him...so we aren't going to guard that side as heavily. Alright...give me a narrow, unencoded transmission to Trul's ship.

::The grin just got wider across the Hermat's face.;:

Garlone: Ahh, of course sir!

::S/he sat there for some time, just watching the viewscreen and hish controls in case of anything happening. The glares of a certain bridge officer were totally missed by the rather excited Hermat. S/he was flying the whole ship on hish first shift as helm officer. Of course. that was kind of hish job, but s/he wasn't really thinking about it like that. And then the Science officer spoke up, and s/he turned to look.::

Valis: Commander, I am picking up energy fluctuations approximately 27 kilometers aft of the USS Ursa Major.

::Perking up, Garlone just listened. Something was happening and maybe s/he could make the ship move again.::

Walker: Ok, what is it? Another set of aliens come to visit?

Valis: I believe a wormhole is forming.

Walker: As in the same type that brought us here?

Valis: Yes. There appears to be a Federation probe emerging. The probe is transmitting a subspace carrier wave being focussed back through the wormhole. I believe it to be a modified Class 8 Probe, rigged for Communications Relay. I will open a frequency if you care to--

Walker: Yes, definitely open a channel. But lock us off from the other ships. If this is a trap, they'll only catch one of us.

::Leaning back, the Hermat smiled widely. Looked like they were going home sooner than s/he expected.::

Walker: =/\= Attention. This is Commander Walker of the USS Ronin. We have regained contact with Wheeler. Please be ready to act calmly and quickly as we prepare our plans to return home. =/\=

::Garlone grinned some more, they were going home, and it looked like s/he was going to be the one to take them there.::

Valis: I'm reading a massive energy signature eminating... from the Independence's Engineering hull, but it has expanded beyond the ship and continues to do so. It will reach us in... 81 seconds.

::Grin abruptly gone, the Hermat turned back to the controls, hish fingers spreading about as s/he uselessly tried to work out if they could escape in time. They couldn't, of course.::

Walker: =/\= All hands, brace for impact! =/\=

Kolk: =/\= Kolk to Bridge. Captain, should I order the fighters to withdraw to the wormhole? We can't expect it to be open forever... =/\=

Walker: =/\= Get them through Mr. Kolk. No idea if that wave is going to destabilize things. Get them through NOW! =/\=

::The Hermat was still working out what s/he could do when the wave hit. For a moment s/he wasn't on the ship anymore. In fact, s/he didn't know where s/he was, just that s/he was happy and laughing. But s/he didn't like the feeling, the idea of someone messing with hish mind was anathema to hir, and shaking his head s/he snapped at the thoughts.::

Garlone: oO [...]it! Get out of my mind! I'll be happy when I want to! Oo

::With immense effort s/he forced the feelings away, in time to see that the ship was being pushed through the wormhole without hir touching a [...]ed thing.::

Garlone: oO Hey! That's my job! Oo

::But even then, s/he didn't touch the controls. Wasn't worth the trouble to cause something to go wrong now. Either way they were going through the wormhole.::

Walker: Is everyone ok?

Garlone: All good here, sir.

Walker: Get me a link to the other ships. =/\= Walker to Commander Chen, Commander Riley...What was that wave? And what's your status? =/\=

::Garlone just fell silent. S/he was aware there was something wrong with the First Officer, but s/he concentrated on the console, just waiting in silence. They might not be out of the frying pan quite yet, and even if they were they might just have landed in the fire. But, even then, it seemed not as there were various conversations that seemed to indicate that they were safely back with friends.::

Garlone: ::looking to Walker:: Orders sir?

Walker: <tag>

((OOC: I'll backsim whatever here, I'm just a little quiet on this one, having come in so late ;) ))

((Time Warp. Double Shot Lounge))

((OOC: If anyone else was desperate to grab these tags, give me a kick))

::Garlone stepped into the lounge tiredly. What a day. S/he took a look around at the occupied tables before spotting someone alone. Someone s/he'd seen and heard of by reputation, but never had had a conversation with. Getting a synthehol from the bartender, s/he made hish way over there.::

Garlone: Hey there. Mind if I sit?

Wilde: Please, by all means take a seat.

Garlone: That was... one hell of a first mission for me, there.

Wilde: Indeed. Quite an eye-opener.

::The Hermat smiled lightly and nodded, sipping a little at hish drink.::

Garlone: That's one way of putting it.

Wilde: If you don't mind my asking, how was it for you, this moment of ecstacy I keep hearing about?

Garlone: ::Scowling faintly:: Special. Felt really happy. ::S/he was quite aware there was a lot unsaid, but s/he left it for now.::

Wilde: I wish I could say the same. I keep getting told of how everyone was suddenly happy, like a magic wand was waved over them. Myself, I felt nothing. No change. Not even a nanosecond of bliss.

Garlone: ::Chuckling quietly.:: Maybe you just don't like to be happy. It isn't for everyone, far as I've seen. Hey, maybe you're a black hole of happy or something crazy like that?

Wilde: I doubt that I'm that much of a killjoy. I do remember one thing, though. In engineering on the Independence, as everyone was reacting to the blue light. The implant started flaring up. It's designed to protect me from...from energy. Weird outside stimuli. Chronitons, mainly, but I think it kicked in when it detected whatever it was the alien was emanating. Because my body saw it as a threat, it numbed the reaction and pumped yet more bloody nanoprobes into my system. I'm still taking medication from the last time.

Garlone: The last time? ::S/he was vaguely aware of having heard something from the gossip train, but it was sat at the back of hish mind and just not coming forward.::

Wilde: ::smirking:: Don't worry, there won't be a repeat of that. Hopefully. If it does, inform Lt. Kolk that if I go after him in the night, it's nothing personal.

::Ahh, there it was, the mental image making the Hermat laugh before s/he looked a little more serious about the whole thing::

Garlone: Does it flare up at random? Or is there a sort of rhyme and reason to it?

Wilde: It makes perfect sense. I complained of a stiff neck after we went through the wormhole. Ensign Devereaux said I must have hit it funny. I looked back over the security logs and science results. I never hit it at all. There were slight elevations of chronitons in that wormhole, and it triggered the implant. I should trust these instincts after all this time, but I still like to think that I'm, well, normal.

Garlone: Oh, I think we all like to think that we're normal. ::Winking:: Of course, no one is, when it comes down to it.

Wilde: True enough. What do you say we head to my quarters for a real drink? ::he examined the strange [...]tail:: I've got a few cases of brandy hidden away - for special occassions.

::That caused the Hermat to pause as various thoughts ran though hish mind.::

Garlone: oO Is he flirting with me? Because if he is, unless he knows about Hermats he's going to get a surprise... Of course... it could just be a friendly drink, after all, we made it out of there alive. Eh. Give him the benefit of the doubt. The Great Bird of the Galaxy knows that I could do with a proper drink after all that. Or two. Oo ::The Hermat merely nodded, giving no indication of the thoughts running through hish head.:: Sure.

((Time warp - Wilde's quarters))

::The doors swooshed open into Danny's quarters, the Hermat waiting politely behind. However, over the human's shoulder s/he could see the devastation that was the man's quarters. Hish eyes widened and s/he stepped in a little to get a clearer look. The whole place was a mess, and it didn't look like it was getting any better. A quiet chuckle escaped the Hermat at the thoughtless pillow slaughter before s/he managed to muffle it.::

((Space shot: USS Ronin in orbit of Wheeler Colony))

Wilde: (Voice Over): MAAAAAAAX!

Garlone: ::Leaning against the wall next to the door.:: I'll... come back later.

Ensign Garlone 301

Helm Officer

USS Ronin

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A good, well-written sim that covers a few topics & time periods.

*edit* darn it, sorry i left my sig at the end of the above submisison. forgot to remove it...

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