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[Round 3] The Transformation

James T. Kolk

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((Main Engineering, USS Independence-A))

::What were the carbons doing to him? A moments confusion and then the truth. Suddenly he knew, he had all the information he needed. The vessel that had been his savior was called the Independence and the carbons had names as well. The strange one's name was Wood and the one in charge at his current location was called Ventu. Why had he been so blind before?::

::It was like a whole new world was open to him. Knowledge began to flood his being; knowledge from and of the carbons thoughts, but also of the Blue/Whites and White/Blues. Knowledge of the universe; it was so much larger than he had ever thought. He could feel his thoughts expanding just as his emotions had.::

::His light continued to expand encompassing first all of the Independence and then two more vessels. These vessels he learned from the carbons were called the Ronin and the Ursa Major.::

::He let his light fall over all of them bathing all three Federation ships in blue light. He continued to expand taking in smaller vessels which were also of this Federation.::

::He projected his feelings out to them, a sense of happiness, joy and love encompassing the three vessels and then reaching out further to the approaching armadas and encompassing them as well. These were his people.::

::It was then that he realized his purpose an end to war, an end to the fear gripping his people. For they were both his people, the Blue/Whites and the White/Blues. They were both Maari only they had lost this knowledge long ago. They were the same as he, only they had been in so much discord they did not know it, did not know the potential they had.::

::He projected his feelings of love, friendship and joy to all the vessels and then turned his attention to the three Federation ships. He sent out one last thought to all the carbons on all three ships....::

oO Thank You Federation. You have given my people a chance for love, peace, and independence. May joy and peace always be with you...a gift to you....Home...Oo

::The blue light began to pulsate around all three Federation vessels, the smaller vessels and the probe. The light grew in intensity and the ships began to move, slowly at first and then rapidly accelerating towards the wormhole. With one last push the vessels were thrust through the wormhole bathed in blue light.::

::They emerged on the other side as the wormhole closed in a flash of blue light.::


Blue Alien

Great Galactic Barrier

as simmed by

LtCmdr. Sidney Riley

First Officer

USS Independence-A

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