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[Round 3] On white sands!


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(( Las Bahamas, Sol III ))

:: A soft breeze coming from the Ocean played with the blond hair of Mira Kaschenko. Wearing a sexy bikini, she was running on the Beach, playing with Hannibal, looking back to Julio every now and then, smiling to him ::

:: Julio was not far from the beach, sitting under a big umbrella, enjoying a tropical drink. Carrying his binoculars, he watched the Russian girl from a safe distance ::

VANNINI: oO Wow! I knew she looked good on that uniform... but I didn't know she looked THAT good! Oo :: sipping his drink ::

:: Absorted by the wonderful scene, he failed to notice the shadow of the incoming person ::

GARRISSON: Already found something of your interest, Lieutenant?

:: Julio coughed in surprise, spitting the drink practically over his body. Turning around he found Annette looking at him with disapproval eyes. Blushing, he stood up and reached a towel, cleaning his own mess ::

VANNINI: H-how long you...?

GARRISSON: Just the enough to catch you... :: placing the snacks she'd brought over the small table next to her as she smiled wryly ::

VANNINI: :: clearing his throat :: Well... I was keeping an eye on Hannibal...

GARRISSON: Yeah, right! :: glancing at Mira and Hannibal :: I don't blame you. Mira is really beautiful.

VANNINI: Oh yeah! :: putting a strong emphasis in his words ::


:: Julio yelled by the resulting pain of the strong pinch administrated on his right arm. Placing a small ice cube on the severed area, Julio stared back at Garrisson who was now sipping her drink ::

GARRISSON: This is a wonderful place. It was nice from Eskyys to pick this place.

VANNINI: Well... he has some good ideas every now and then... hehehe.

:: Mira and Hannibal approached, looking for shelter against the Sun. Sweating and with her skin painted in a soft red, Mira sat next to Julio and winked to Garrisson. Hannibal, a bit more reserved, laid in front of the group, right in the edge of the shadow and sunlight, breathing heavily ::

KASCHENKO: Hannibal has too much energy... I'm exhausted! :: drinking cold water that triggered more sweat from her body ::

VANNINI: oO Oh my... Oo :: marveled ::

KASHENKO: Tell me Julio... do you have any plans after the Wedding? I've heard Ensign Syrak brought a Catamaran with him...

VANNINI: Who? :: still babbling :: Oh! Yes! Syrak...

GARRISSON: A catamaran? What's that?

VANNINI: It's a boat of decent size... powered by motor or wind...

KASCHENKO: Can you talk to him? Maybe we can arrange a night trip on this waters... :: placing herself in a more comfortable and seductive position ::

:: A thousand things were imagined by JV in that moment. A trip with Mira, in the night, sailing on those quiet waters, those beautiful green eyes... and some cold water pouring over his head, making him jump out of his chair ::

VANNINI: W-what?

:: An upset Annette Garrisson looked angrily at him, placing the empty glass on the table. Hannibal only sniffed in response of the show, while Mira glared at Annette with a worried expression ::

KASCHENKO: oO Is Anne interested in Julio? Oo

GARRISSON: oO Oh yes Mira... you have competition! Oo

VANNINI: oO Can anyone explain to me what's going on here? Oo

HANNIBAL: oO Humans... Oo :: sniffing again while rolling his eyes ::



The Wolf


Mira Kaschenko

Science Officer

USS Discovery B


Annette Garrisson


USS Discovery B


Julio Vannini


USS Discovery B

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