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August/September '06 Contest

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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Guidelines: Anyone can submit anyone else's SIM. You do not need permission to submit a SIM. You are welcome to submit your own SIM. Submissions are only accepted via the submission form, however. (Link below.) When a SIM is submitted, it must not be more than 150 days old.

The SIM must be written with good spelling, good grammar, and be in the correct format. Poorly structured SIMs will be ineligible.

SIMs must not include any "canon" characters. (i.e.- No one who has been on a show.)

Length: To be included in the contest, a submitted SIM must be at least 300 words long but not more than 3000.

Notes: Remember, we're not looking for the best SIMs of "all time;" we're looking for the best SIMs from the past month or so! At the end of the year, we'll compile all the top SIMs that have won, and they will compete in a cumulative contest for the year. Don't be afraid to submit a few of your best SIMs from the past few weeks. Anything good can compete! After all, you don't want to be embarassed when your crew doesn't submit anything, right? What does that say about the SIMming on your vessel? :whistling:

Dialogue: If the SIM uses a dialogue from a character which is not owned by the author of the SIM being submitted, then the owner of the other character must have officially given permission for his or her dialogue to be used. Joint posts are fine.

The SIM may not have any open dialogue tags. (i.e.: [respond here]) All dialogue in the SIM must be filled in. (Just find the responding author's SIM and fill in the blanks.)

Submissions allowed: Sun., Aug. 13th - Fri., Sept. 8th

Voting period: Mon., Sept. 11th - Wed, Sept. 30th

Judges: To be announced

Submission form: Link

See also: the Top SIMs Contest Website

Good Luck!

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Deadline for submission extended until Sunday night at midnight! Get your sims in now to be considered!

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Due to administrative difficulties, we've pushed back the timeline for this contest. The voting period is NOW OPEN, which means that it's now time for you to VOTE for your favorite submitted sim! Voting will continue only until Saturday, Sept. 30th. It will close at 11:59pm on Saturday night, CST.

To read the sims that are eligible for voting, head to this thread.

To vote on the sims, go to the Yahoo! Group.

Remember: the Yahoo! Group ONLY allows members to vote in the poll. ANYONE CAN JOIN IMMEDIATELY. Just click the "Join this group!" button and you WILL be given access instantly!

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Today is the last day to vote in the contest! Please get down to the voting booth and vote on your favorite sim!

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Winners are as follows:


- Winner: "T-minus zero" Jessa Anassasi

- Runner-Up: "Victoria 'The Spicy Shrimp' Yladro" Victoria Yladro


- Winner #1: "T-minus zero" Jessa Anassasi

- Winner #2: "Terms Of Endearment" Cura Assanti-Stone & Paul Diamond

Many congratulations to everyone involved. We hope to see another great round of sims for Oct./Nov. The submission area will be open starting Friday evening. Also, don't forget that you can submit sims that are up to 150 days old. So if there's a sim from before this past round that you wanted to submit but forgot, you still have a chance!

Again, great work everyone. Looking forward to the next round!

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Jessa Anassasi is also considered our first "Contest Champion," as she captured both the Judges and People's vote! Way to go Jessa!

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