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[2006: MAR-APR] Perfection


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It’s a bit shorter than my last one, but I’m pleased with it


By Nemitor Atimen

Perfection is a difficult concept. It is impossible to achieve, though we all long for it. Throughout the ages, cultures have quarreled over what it is, and how to achieve it. One thing is certain, technology is one way to attempt to be perfect. Some worlds have been more determined than others, some even forcing people to adapt and conform to their ideals. In one world's view, becoming perfect required denouncing individuality, and becoming one. Where ever there is evil, tyranny, or oppression, someone will fight back. If they succeed or if they don't depends on decisions made as both an individual and as a group. This is the story of one world, a world where oppression became common place, and where a piece of technology devastatingly backfired, poisoning what was consciousness and individuality.

They fired continuously at the stronghold, the last one still left on the planet. The oppression had almost ended, and a rebellion was almost won, thanks to a powerful leader. He was an ex scientist, in charge of the entire 'Perfection Project', being mind washed into thinking it was for the better. It was thanks to his principles, and designs that the government would almost have had complete control over the population of the entire planet. When he was told that they didn't want the device for medicine, but for something far worse. He escaped, and led a rebellion. The project continued, but without his knowledge, it was severely crippled.

Overly confident, he sat on an elevated chair over looking the stronghold. He had been there before... it was where they had their main laboratory, and it also happened to be extremely well protected, especially now. The war had lasted a long time... over ten years, and finally the enemy was in their clutches. He sat wondering why they would be so focused on protecting this stronghold, where the others fell so quickly. His mind drifted to memories on what they had been working on.

A 'miracle machine' to achieve 'perfection'. That is what even he told the new recruits from the cities. It was a machine to 'cure all disease and increase our potential', but it wasn't going to be used for that. One day, he was summoned before the 'leader' to inform him of the progress. When he told them they were almost ready for a prototype, he was broken in on what it was going to be really used for. Even though he was raised on certain beliefs, he couldn't handle continuing his work on the project. He escaped through the air ducts, but not before sabotaging the device itself.

Now here he was, authorizing the destruction of a device that was his dream to finish. Still more shots fired, until the flag of the enemy was lowered, and another flag was raised. It was pure white.

“Hold you're fire! Let them come out.” This was passed throughout the ranks to the troops. Almost simultaneously, the attack stopped. They looked through binoculars, and saw multiple large vehicles come out of the stronghold. They troops surrounded the vehicles, and awaited the command to destroy them. The vehicles came out on all sides of the stronghold, and just sat there. Suddenly, a voice that sounded like many echoed throughout the camp.

“Resistance is Futile”

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