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[2005: JUN-JUL] The importance of the word (final)

Kalin Terpes

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(( Bajor - resistance base ))

:: The camp has been relatively quiet for some weeks. It seemed that the Cardassians were taking back afther their last battles losts and it seemed that the resistance work was being useful after all. The young Karíl Madrú was in charge of one of the proximity sensors to avoid being surprised and that could seem so much responsibility for a young man like Karil but the sensors were overlapped one to another, to avoid anything strange to happen as an energy failure on one of them. He's doing his turn as bothering as many times since the last one, when the alarm was activated by wild animals and gave them some seconds of emotion. Karil wasn't the type of person that loved the action, but those were desperate times, and Bajorans tend to be united, despite their different ways of thinking. He sensed someone approaching and turned. ::

" Hi, how're you doing? -a tall Bajoran apprached to Karil with a smile.

" Well, supervising all this. I'm Karíl Madrú."

" I'm Galuk, I'm checking everything. I thought you'll need something to stay on guard and something in case it gets cold "

" Thank you. where are you from? "

" I'm from the Beina region. I've came here, a few weeks ago. I've seen that you always spend your free time alone. Can I ask you why? "

" Well... let's say that I'm better with myself, than around others.

" Ok, I'll not bother you more. At least today. See you"

" See you,..."

Karil thought for a moment that it's strange that Galuk had approached him as very few did when they know his past A few days passed and almost every day, Galuk came to him, to speak and see if needed something... He had found in him someone that didn't care that he had been a coward time ago.

" Karil, can I ask you a personal question? " -Galuk asked it without looking at Karil.

" Yes." -Karil wasn't sure but he believed to know what the question was.

" What really happened? " -without telling with explicit words, Karil knows what he was referring to.

" I... haven't spoke about it so long ago... You really want to know the truth?"

"Yes,... I have only heard rumours. I'd like to know it by you,... just to understand."

" A few years ago, we were surprised by a cardassian patrol, and took my father and me. He had told me so many times before that the safety of all us prevail above our own lifes. They interrogated him for weeks trying to know where did we hide after our sabotages. He didn't spoke... until they took me. They tortured me too, and finally my father to protect me, told them. They continued hitting him, and me. When they left I went next to him who was dying... Then he told me not to follow his example and that when I give my word on something, to honor it."

" And the people discovered that your father was responsible..."

" Yes,... and they treat me as if this was hereditary and didn't trust me. Sincerely, I'm surprised you talked to me."

" Well,... lets say I have had a difficult childhood" -a beep sounded and Galuk looked a his wrist.- "listen, I have some friends that didn't think like the others. They told me that if you want, they're having a party and you can join them. They didn't have enough confidence to told you directly, but asked me to do it."

" I can't I have to check on the the sensors, for a few hours"

" I relieve you. I didn't tell you to stay all the time, but half an hour, just to relax and meet them."

" I'm sorry, I can't. Thanks them for me"

" Come on... Are you afraid I can't do it? I know how it works, and the rest of the sensors overlaped this. Don't be afraid!"

" I said no, I was told to man this and I have to end my turn. Why you insist so much."

Galuk raised over his feets and turned giving Karil his back. Karil raised too and approached to him getting his hand over Galuk's shoulder. Then he turned and Karil felt a pain in his chest. When he looked he saw blood running on Galuk's arm, but it wasn't Galuk's, but Karil's own blood. With an inquiring look, unable to speak, Karil looked at what he supposed his friend.

" I tried not to do that. I was starting to like you young Bajoran. But you were so strong headed to remain here."

" Who are you?" -Karil said while the knife was still in his chest.

" I'm who I told. The only thing I lied it's that I'm Bajoran. The others had taken care of your partners in the other sensor sites and only you decided to remain here. You forced me on that. I'll shut down the equipment and the Cardassians would enter without notice." -Galuk moved to pass next to Karil, but this moved his hand to block his way.

" You'll not pass. I can't allow you"

" You're in no conditions to stop me. I'm sorry for that" -Galuk took away the knife and blood split over the floor and the pain increased in Karil's body. He was about to fell but managed to step back and regain balance.- "They're about to arrive, and I have to do it. GET OUT!"

" no,... no,.... I can't allow you on that. NOOOO!!"

Karil incredibly moved fast and charged against Galuk throwing him on his back and the knife fell from his hand. Both fighted and even with the wound Karil didn't let him go. Galuk rolled and put himself over Karin and used the strength and weight private him from breathing. The wind sounded over the rocks and the few trees presents and Karil can see the stars tilting and as they faded, as his life runs out. He almost passed out when Galuk leave him and moved to the sensor to shut it down. Almost without strength Karil managed to sit and his hand touched the knife. He had no options, looked at Galuk and saw the friend who talked to him when no one else did, who care for him, an doubted... Then he saw the man that wounded him and one who will allow his people to be killed or enslave and that have conspired with others for that. With the last of his strengt he stood up and waked a few steps. He moved his hand quickly as Galuk turned and inserted the knife in his belly. Galluk screamed, but Karil knew that this wasn't enough to kill him and pushed him away who rolled down few steps and fell a little cliff. Karil grabbed onto the sensor and saw that it's disconnected and a group coming towards him so he hurried to start the equipment again. Over all, he remembered how his father allowed others to hunt his people years ago, and he didn't want thid responsibility over him and also will demonstrate that he could keep a promise and honour those who trusted him, even just a little. The alarm sounded over the place and the post as the light in his eyes faded and Karil fell to the floor. Whatever that will happen it'll be the fate they had to face, but he's proud of himself and this was his last thought before passing out.

Karil Mandru

Bajoran resistance force


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