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Captain of privateer vessel facing trial after saving lives of stranded Cardassian crew

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MIDOS V – Reporting from Midos V Satellite City Spaceport, the captain of the private commercial vessel Zosall, is under arrest following the rescue of Cardassian crew from an adrift shuttlecraft.

Initially denied entry to the spaceport, unable to produce the required travel documents, Bajoran captain Saari Shad forced her vessel through regulated checking zones to disembark rescued passengers. When questioned regarding the welfare of the passengers and how she came to have them onboard, Saari handed over collected scans from the downed shuttlecraft location.

“Our ship ran into extreme difficulties close to Murasaki 312,” explained Sohilk, Cardassian crew member of the civilian shuttlecraft Driava. “We cut all power to our engines and set adrift for several days before Captain Saari found us. Our gratitude for our rescue cannot be understated, and we are very much looking forward to returning home.”

Seven crew members of the Driava received medical care and attention at the Spaceport sickbay facilities, given temporary accommodation and advised not to leave the Spaceport until investigations have concluded. When the Driava left Makus III, their manifest reported fifteen crew onboard, so questions were raised regarding the eight missing crew members.

Protesters acted quickly; those objecting to the apparent disregard for the strict rules and regulations of Satellite City Spaceport’s docking procedures, and those in support of the “heroic” actions taken by the Bajoran commercial captain.

“Who gives a flying chalice about travel documents?” City Engineer Aikn Reta gave his opinion when approached for comment. “Saari did what she had to do. We haven’t seen bravery like that since the war and we need more of it. If they throw the PADD at her, they won’t know what’s coming.”

Officials of Satellite City Spaceport have yet to comment on the proceedings and several leaks from the local judiciary council suggest there are underlying reasons for the prosecution to be expedited. Protests will continue on the satellite as Saari awaits trial and the Zosall remains grounded.

More on this story as it develops.

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