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Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239809

Federation News Service

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From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet.

Storm hampers communication with Darime IV colony and USS Gorkon amid pandemic
DELUVIA IV — Starfleet crew from USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) have transported to the Darime IV colony to render aid during an unknown pandemic. A freak storm has rendered assistance from the vessel impossible.

Antor II miners rescued as Veritas’ tour ends
ANTOR II — A seismic event has triggered the partial collapse of a mine on the Southern Continent of Antor II in The Shoals, with an estimated thirty people still missing.

Sparks fly during the USS Juneau shore leave
AAVARO WILDS — After a successful First Contact mission, the USS Juneau (NX-99801) took R&R at Lightside Station. What was to be a relaxing shore leave turned out to be a wild adventure for some.

Chin’toka defends colonization convoy from vicious attack by the Valcarian Empire
FEDERATION SPACE — When the Par’tha Expanse Colonization Fleet came under attack, the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) and two other Starfleet vessels reacted quickly to fend off the attackers.

A miniature adventure comes to an end and shore leave begins on Starbase 118 Ops
STARBASE 118 OPS — The revelation that a reversed polarity electromagnetic surge would likewise negate the effects of the Orb of Perspective caused the afflicted crew and citizens to revert to their original bigger sizes.

Uncharted mapping expedition reveals long lost Gorn Ark
ALPHA ISLES — Responding to an unusual and anomalous reading, the crew of the USS Arrow (NCC 69829) discovered a derelict vessel and Ferengi profiteers within.

Starfleet commodore missing after alleged retaliatory kidnapping
STARBASE 104 — Individuals linked to the Orion Syndicate have kidnapped Commodore Jalana Rajel, commanding officer of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B).

Crew of USS Resolution celebrates the Bajoran Gratitude Festival
JALANDA CITY — After a deadly confrontation with a Q called “CloQ,” the senior staff of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) enjoyed a brief period of rest and relaxation in Jalanda City on Bajor.

USS Thor conducts Amity Outpost Senior staff to the Delta Quadrant
DEEP SPACE, BEYOND THE FEDERATION FRONTIER — Following a special ceremony led by Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu, newly minted Federation Ambassador Niarivi Vataix, Daughter of the Eleventh House of Betazed and her senior staff boarded the USS Thor (NCC-82607) for the month-long journey to Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant.

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