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Poll of the Week: King of Fools

Jo Marshall

Poll of the Week: King of Fools  

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  1. 1. What are your favourite pranks from the Star Trek series?

    • Crusher Takes A Post-Promotion Dip (from "Star Trek: Generations")
    • Adam Martoni Reprograms Wesley's Sonic Shower to Mud (from "The Game")
    • Wesley Pranks Martoni By Rigging an Anti-Matter Regulator with Chili Sauce (from "The Game")
    • Nog Spills Odo's Bucket on Jake (from "The Storyteller")
    • Harry Smooches a Cow (from "Spirit Folk")
    • Jadzia Moves Odo's Stuff (from "Homefront")
    • Tom and Harry Rigging Tuvok's Console to Play "Live Long and Prosper" (from "Revulsion")
    • Tom Alters Tuvok's Holoprgram, Putting Pyjamas on the Oracle of K'Tal (from "Live Fast and Prosper")

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On this, our glorious day of April 1st, where the pranks are many and the fools roam free... we remember that the Federation has moved on from a calendar based on the movement of the Earth and now April does not exist in our future timeline. 

However! Fear not, brave prankster, as there is still many jokes to be had within our futuristic realm. Practical jokes on fellow officers is a tradition older than Starfleet itself, with arms stretching back throughout the history of Earth with the Feast of Fools in France, Royal Court Jesters being an actual vocation for some, and the Lord of Misrule in England's Christmastide. 

While our post-scarcity utopia strives for peace in all things, we can still let out the jovial jester from time to time, and we've seen many a prank cross our TV screens throughout the series. Would your character prank another? Are they known as the ship jester? Do they revel in mischief and delight in disorder?

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