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First ever galactic poetry competition to be held on Risa

Federation News Service

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RISA — The first-ever galactic poetry competition was announced today and will be held on Risa.

Entrants from across the quadrants will be sending their poets to compete for the titular prize, which has yet to be revealed by the judging panel. This is sure to be of great interest as venerated poets from the Klingon Empire, Cardassia, and Earth have confirmed that they will be competing for the top spot with more entrants to follow in the next month.

Poet laureate Jeremiah Folkstone went on record as being the first to throw his verses into the ring. He has even written a poem to celebrate the event, although, it isn’t going to be entered. According to sources close to the event, the poem isn’t to be released until the day the competition starts, hoping to create an interest amongst the general populace.

“Poetry is highly regarded on Cardassia,” advised Tiss Zol, the Cardassian entrant competing for the title. “Our literature reflects our values and the submitted art will be a celebration of this. I will not require your Federation insistence of ‘luck’. The spirit of Iloja of Prim will be with me.”

The Klingons are rumoured to have five entrants. It is an honour among Klingon culture to commemorate an important event with a poem, and the flourishing art form has seen a surge of support on Qo’Nos. With a history of poetry like “The Fall of Kang,” they are sure to be worthy opponents and are already the favourites to win.

“So honour the valiant who die ‘neath your sword…
But pity the warrior who slays all his foes”
—Excerpt from “The Fall of Kang”

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