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Pre-warp species resettled after 22nd-century Starfleet crew rescued

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PLANET TE-965-2035 — While rescuing officers from the 22nd-century Starfleet vessel Columbia, the crew of the USS Thor helped a pre-warp species find a new home in the Typhon Expanse.

The ionisation of the planet Kjenta II, where the rescue took place, was such that it rendered almost all modern technology useless. Indeed, it was these circumstances that led to the crew of the Columbia (NX-02) being stranded there in the first place after an ill-fated away mission over two hundred years ago. Previous rescue attempts had been mounted before, with varying degrees of success, leading to some of the Columbia crew being brought home. But for a few unfortunate souls, Kjenta II remained their home until this latest mission undertaken by Bajoran Commander Oddas Aria and her crew.

Read the rest of the article here: Pre-warp species resettled after 22nd-century Starfleet crew rescued

This article was written by Gogigobo Fairhug of Duronis II Embassy, a member of the FNS team, with contributions from Brayden Jorey.

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