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LtJGs Blackwell, Choi, Wynter and LtCmdr Foster - Starbase 104 Vignettes (Part 1): Kimchi Fries


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(( Starbase 104 - Promenade-07, Haeng Syo Boys ))

::Ji-hu had the largest, most glorious plate of kimchi fries he’d ever seen in front of him. He and his mother had been connoisseurs of junk food back in Seoul. She was a homebody, but she’d venture out when a glutinous mood took her. They’d sampled every bit of junk food from Goyang to Guri, from every culture and species they could find, but Ji-hu’s favourite always came back to the divine dish that had emerged triumphantly out of the 21st century. Kimchi fries. Nothing could top them.::

::He’d arrived at Haeng Syo Boys an hour early, partially out of a need to taste the fries, but also to scope the place out before his crewmates arrived. It was a trendy, casual Korean fast food place. Bibimbap dishes of every variety were freshly prepared, bulgogi, meat or soy-based, sizzled on cast iron skillets, kimchi stew was a speciality, the eomuk bokkeum, “fish cakes,” made Ji-hu drool, but it was the kimchi fries that Turing had tracked down. Ji-hu didn’t know the next time he’d get the chance to have fresh, non-replicated Korean food, so he’d take advantage of the unbelievable chance to grab some on the Starbase.::

::It was also nice to speak Korean with someone other than his parents, he conversed with his server as he grabbed a cola and waited for his meal. The server, a teenage boy, was a spacer, but his grandparents had immigrated to Starbase 104 with a few other Korean families from New Pyongyang, and were the founders of Hongdae Alley, a trendy little slice of Seoul in the middle of the Earth sector of Promenade-07.::

::His plate arrived and he almost cried he was so happy. French fries topped with a layer of caramelized kimchi and soy bulgogi, sprinkled with cheese and an intimidating dollop of chili mayonnaise. Diced onion, cilantro, sesame seeds and chili sauce topped this masterpiece, a fusion of the best that Earth had to offer. Ji-hu would gladly order a second play to share with the others when they arrived. This plate was for him.::

::He was glancing over the FNS feed on his wrist-mounted PADD, a belly full of fries, when he saw Lieutenant Wynter walk in. He stood, smiling, and gave a wave. Tucked in a booth in the back in civvies, a hoody, a pair of jeans and replicated black Converse, he wasn’t exactly as recognizable in his yellow collar.::

Choi: Lieutenant Wynter! Back here!

Wynter: ::waving:: Lieutenant Choi, there you are.

Choi: ::grinning:: I’m so g-glad you came! P-pretty cool place, huh?

Wynter: Yeah and easier to find than I thought. ::looking at the plate in front of Choi:: You have already started?

Foster: Who started already?  ::The CMO’s brash voice called from across the way.::

::Not that he was particularly surprised.  He and Rue were a bit late.  Fashionably late one might say.  If Wyn was a normal person the rest of the crew might think Rue and Wyn were dating and they had been caught up in getting ready or finishing a quick morning lovers tryst.  Nope.  In truth Wyn had overslept and Rue had been kind enough to wait for him - mostly because she knew his predilection for getting lost in any map he hadn’t completely memorized.

But, hey, better late than never!::

Blackwell:: Let’s just hope they ordered plenty. ::Rue walked along the Andorian - she was dressed a pair of denim jeans, a black shirt and a red leather jacket with rather “vintage” combat style boots- an antiquated fashion that she couldn’t help but adore. She hadn’t been surprised when Wyn wasn’t ready to go when she arrived and so she had patiently waited, reading a new book from her PADD while he made his fashion decisions. By now, however, she was starving and quite ready to eat::

Wynter: Yeah, I hope you ordered something for us too, Choi.

Choi: ::giving a sly smile to the Andorian:: Well, I h-had to make sure they’d b-be up to your stringent standards, Commander Foster.

Foster: ::Settling down, Wyn let his antennae crane forward, sniffing the mix of spices on the plate before them.:: Hey, I haven’t met a fry I didn’t like!

Blackwell::She smelled towards the food and considered:: This is going to be interesting. ::She chuckled and settled down in a seat, perusing the choices of drinks. Hmmm.. .a wine with the taste of blackberries - Count her in! She looked to the waiter who was approaching to take the new guests orders:: “I’ll try the Bokbunja please… and water to go along… and I’ll start with spring rolls for an appetizer ::She smiled and the waiter looked to the others::

Wynter: ::looking bewildered at the foreign selection on the menu:: I’ll have water, too. And a… uhm… Baek-se-ju? As for food, Choi what do you recommend?

Choi: ::taking a breath:: We’ll have a party size plate of kimchi fries to share, and we’ll also split an order of veggie deep fried dumplings--you’ll like them, Lieutenant Wynter, I promise--and then we’ll each have a bowl of spicy tofu soup, and I’ll get the bulgogi for myself. And water. ::he glanced at Foster, a devilish challenge in his eye::

Foster: Is that a challenge?  Me?  I’ll take the bulgogi, and I don’t mind spice.  ::He had a bit of a familiarity with that particular dish as there had been a Bulgogi counter nearby the college where his Dad worked when Wyn was growing up.  Counter being a fast serve restaurant that catered to busy students.::

Wynter: ::closing the menu:: Sounds good, we’ll have what he said!

Blackwell: ::She shrugs:: Works for me, you only live once! ::she chuckles:: And if anything, ::glancing at the drink menu:: I am going to need the food so that I don’t end up dead drunk from the alcohol.

Choi: ::giggling nervously as the waiter walked away:: I h-hope I wasn’t too… uh… assertive. I just come from a f-family who take their meals v-very seriously!

Blackwell: ::She chuckles:: Oh, I can understand that. Food is important stuff!

Wynter: ::laughing:: Relax, it’s fine. You are the expert on korean food here.

Foster: No worries, we all gotta be strange about something otherwise we’d be boring.

Choi: Do any of you ever c-cook on Constitution? My quarters don’t have kitchen, but I’m garbage anyways. ::grinning::

Blackwell: ::She eyed Choi carefully:: I’ll assume you mean your cooking skills are poor and not your person as a whole. ::She chuckled:: And I cook a bit..I prefer it to baking. I can do both but cooking ...is more “ throw in the pot and see if it works” while baking is all about precision.

Wynter: ::grinning:: Oh, we have a chef among us!

Blackwell::She shrugged, sipping her drink:: I don’t know about “Chef”. I’ll go with home cook - I do make a good spaghetti and meatballs.

Foster: I can cook. ::he said nonchalantly, shrugging it off as if it were nothing.  There were some thing Wyn never spoke of - cooking skills were one of them.::

::The server brought over three little individual dishes to share that contained kimchi, a seaweed seasoned sweet vinegar and salt, and a boiled, seasoned sweet potato shoots dish, with a little bowl of individual rice for each of the dinners. Ji-hu picked up his chopsticks and spooned some of the seaweed onto his rice before chowing down.::

Choi: ::to the server:: Actually, m-maybe I’ll grab some Baek-se-ju, too! Thanks!

::Rue smiled as she saw her wine and water and looked at the rice and decided to take a few bites of that -before- taking in the alcohol. She also sampled some of the other shared dishes, and chewed thoughtfully as she considered the dishes taste, and swallowed::

Blackwell:: Not bad at all. Unfamiliar, but not bad. ::She smiled and then took an indulgent sip of the wine and made a pleased sound:: mmmm….This wine is lovely.

::Damian started on the dumplings. With his mouth full he sighed delighted. This was really good. After chewing down the dumpling he tried the rice wine. It, also, was really good. Not to sweet, with a subtle taste to it.::

Wynter: ::spearing another dumpling:: This is fantastic! You’ll have to try these.

Foster: Don’t mind if I do…  ::One dumpling was deftly snatched by chopsticks. Those nimble fingers that were so good a microsurgery were also good at snatching snacks it seemed.  He cast a gaze over towards Rue.:: Getting drunk already are we?  

Blackwell:: Now now, I promise not to be a painful lush. I’ll...just be a hilarious lush ::she winked::

Foster: I’ll hold you to that ::He waved a second dumpling at her before chomping it down in one bite.::

::At that moment, Ji-hu watched the server come out of the kitchen area carrying a tray in his hand, only it wasn’t a tray. It was a single plate, and piled on top was the single largest mound of kimchi fries he’d ever seen. Chili sauce dripped off the mountain of fries, caramelized kimchi slid down the sides like an avalanche, crushing the little sesame seed people unfortunate enough to be in its path. Tears of joy filled his eyes. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.::

Blackwell: ::batted her eyes at Foster and then looked at the plate of Kimchi fries:: Holy moly. That… puts Chili Cheese Fries to shame.

Foster: I wonder how many ways you can serve fries… ::he mused stuffing one into his mouth.::

Wynter: ::swallowing his dumpling:: A new frontier!

Choi: ::stuffing a mouthful of fries into his mouth, grinning, mouth full:: “V-Veni, vidi, vici.”

Blackwell: ::she munched on a dumpling and looked to Choi:: Well, I think you achieved the first goal of the day.

Wynter: Ji-hu Choi, culinary guide to Starbase 104!

Choi: ::chewing, mouth full:: Set c-c-course for a starbase with a traditional Canadian p-poutinerie!

Foster: ::With a fry held high::  Huzzah! To Ji-hu, master of the kim-chi fries!


As simmed by:

Lieutenant (JG) Choi Ji-hu

Engineering Officer

USS Constitution-B



Lt.jg. Damian Wynter

Engineering Officer

USS Constitution-B



Lt. Commander Shar’Wyn Foster

Chief Medical Officer

USS Constitution-B



Lt. JG Blackwell


U.S.S Constitution-B


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