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Lieutenant Solaris McLaren & Captain Jalana Rajel - Opportunities (JP)


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(( U.S.S. Constitution - Deck 03 - Sol’s Quarters ))

(( The Day after the party. ))

:: The party the night before had been fun but after she'd had gotten back to her quarters she had spent a lot of time thinking about things. She had found her ribbons and her new pip sitting on the desk. And that had gotten her thinking again. Maybe it was time to talk to the Captain. The worst that could happen was… well a lot of things, actually. ::

McLaren: Computer, locate Captain Rajel.

Computer: Captain Rajel is in her quarters.

:: Sol picked up the PADD containing the official requisition to SB104 for their new Flyer and headed out of her quarters. ::

(( Deck 02 - Captain’s Quarters ))

:: Sol’s hand hovered over the button, almost as if hesitating for a moment, before she pressed it. She was still wearing her new cloak. Being off duty had its perks. ::

:: Jalana had enjoyed the party, the music, the people, seeing everyone relax and enjoy themselves. That was what made a lot of things worth it. Now she was looking forward to her date with Jerry, but had to do a few things before she could fully jump into that. Like finding the right outfit for example. She was now dressed in a sporty spandex outfit with a loose shirt covering the top part of it and sneakers. She was quite sure that as soon Jerry saw that he’d try to get out of their adventure, but she was looking forward to it.

The Trill dug through her little drawer to find her hairband when the door chimes went off. ::

Rajel: Come on in.

:: Sol stepped in. ::

McLaren: Hello, Captain.

Rajel: ::Without looking up she recognized the voice and rummaged through the things in the drawer, planning to sort and order this sometime soon..:: Hey Sol.

McLaren: I hope I’m not intruding?

Rajel: Of course not. ::Her fingers brushed over a smooth material and she dug in deeper pulling the hairband out. :: HA! Gotcha. ::She raised her hand triumphantly and turned to Sol, blinking once, twice.:: Nice cape. ::A wide grin.::

McLaren: Its not a cape… :: Sol grinned. :: It's a cloak, it has a hood. :: She chuckled. :: Find what you were looking for?

Rajel: Oh this old thing. ::chuckling, she grabbed her hair and with help of the newly rediscovered hairband put it in a ponytail.:: What can I do for you?

:: Sol stepped further into the Captain’s quarters. ::

McLaren: You remember that shuttle idea I pitched to you?

:: Jalana gestured to the seats, and sat down on one herself, pulling her legs up and getting comfortable. ::

Rajel: Yes, I remember.

:: Sol took a seat, producing the PADD from within her cloak. It was almost as if the PADD had just appeared. ::

McLaren: I checked with the 104 Quartermaster before things took off last mission… they have a Flyer we can requisition. So I drew up the appropriate paperwork for you to submit, along with a list of equipment the shuttle would need. :: Sol handed the PADD to Jalana. :: Luckily, we have or can replicate nearly everything needed to outfit the ship properly.

::She took the PADD and browsed over it, reading some bits here and there. She had liked the idea the moment Sol had proposed it, it was exciting to see that they could bring it to life. ::

Rajel: That is great news. How long do you think until it’s done?

McLaren: Depends. Once the requisition is approved and we get the shuttle, it shouldn’t take that long to modify most of it, if I got Engineering involved. The longest job would be the hull plating modification… the rest of the Flyer-class is pretty modular. I’d say a couple of weeks at most and we would have a proper intel prowler ready to go.

Rajel: You have some great people helping you with this. I’ll send the files today, so you’ll be able to start as soon as possible. ::She smiled and looked up to Sol.:: I have the feeling though, that this is not everything you have on your mind.

:: Sol nodded, smiling faintly. ::

McLaren: No… if this were the only thing… I would have just filed it to you electronically…

Rajel:  Thought so. ::She placed the PADD on the table.:: So what can I do for you?

:: Sol leaned back in the chair, playing with the edge of her cloak. She looked back to the Captain. ::

McLaren: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since the other day after everything went on on the Starbase… and especially after last night.

:: Jalana nodded, the events could have that effect on people. She herself had thought a lot about many things ever since they had come here. For some reason it appeared that Sol was nervous about what she was going to talk about, so Jal didn’t want to hold her back so she could get it out and gestured to Sol, to go on. ::

McLaren:  I think… it all came to a head when I got around to looking through a box of my grandmother’s things… she was so much like me… but with a drive that I didn’t have… or at least one I didn’t think I had...

Rajel: ::She listened carefully, and her observations did lead to a conclusion, but she did not want to take the matter from Sol’s hand. So instead of doing some guesswork, she asked a question.:: And now you found that drive?

:: Sol was sure the Captain could see where this was going. ::

McLaren: I want to look into command opportunities…

:: One thing to be said was, that Jalana had been right in where this was going. She had seen the reports, she knew that Solaris had done great work during the last mission on the bridge keeping everything in mind, in her eye, coordinating not only the Conny’s departments but also with SB 104. She had seen many people have the bridge, but not all of them kept a cool head in a chaos like that. ::

Rajel: I believe that is a great idea, Sol.

McLaren: Really? :: Sol seemed surprised, especially after having previously explained what her outlook was to the Captain. ::

Rajel: I know that you enjoy your job in Intel, but I have also seen you in action outside of your department. ::She leaned forward, her arm resting on the arm of her chair.::I don’t think there is any reason for you not to pursue … more.  

McLaren: What would that mean?

Rajel: We can look into this together. There would be the possibility to get the bridge more often, to lead away teams, to lead team building exercises. Just for starters, since nobody starts that path on the top. ::smiling:: What do you think?

McLaren:  I’d like that… how would it work?

Rajel: Well, I try to give everyone the chance to shine, to show me what they are made of. So I can’t promise that you’d be ‘up there’ every time, since others are waiting for their chance as well, but if you are willing to put the work into it, I’m absolutely willing to work with you and get you there.

:: Sol nodded. That all made sense to her. ::

McLaren: I'm willing to work to get there too.

Rajel: So where exactly do you see your ‘there’? I do recall you saying that you couldn’t imagine you in the big center chair before, so that info might need an update. ::smirking::

:: Sol chuckled, but shook her head. ::

McLaren: No… I don't think the center chair is exactly right for me… not full time. Second officer, yes. XO even, yes… but I don't think I could ever fully command a starship. Not for a long time anyway.

Rajel: ::chuckling:: Fair enough. It is good to know your limits and what you want. That’ll make it easier to work towards that goal.

:: Sol smiled. ::

McLaren: I'm sure this will be a good move for me, plus I think red might look better than black does.. :: She stood, her cloak closing around her, making her look almost as if she were just floating there. :: Thank you, Captain. I’ll let you finish getting ready for your day…

Rajel: ::Jalana watched the cloak fascinated, wondering if that would be a good look on herself, but then followed suit and got up from her seat.:: Anytime, Sol. ::She grabbed the PADD from the table.:: I’ll get this going for you right away.

:: Sol made her way toward the door, before pausing. She looked back. ::

McLaren: Have you heard anything from Essen? I know she took leave, but not much else.

Rajel: Sadly not. She and her sister might have some things to take care of, since both left, but I don’t know anything else.

McLaren: No, I didn’t think so, but I thought I would ask. I think about her pretty often. :: She smiled faintly. ::  Lá maith, Jalana.

Rajel: ::Smiling, she was not surprised that Sol did think of Essen.:: If I hear anything I’ll let you know. ::The farewell did not go past her, she had caught a few words while visiting Viktor’s family on Earth years ago. So she nodded, trying to keep the smile on her face.:: Same to you, Sol.

:: Sol turned and left the Captain’s quarters with a bit of a flourish from her cloak. ::

:: Jalana looked after her, tapping the PADD against her fingertips. Before she would do anything else she’d make good on that promise and signed the paperwork, before transferring it back to SB 104’s hands. Sol’s visit had been a pleasant surprise, seeing Sol grow from her first days on board to the woman she was now had been quite something. Jal looked forward to see more of that in the future. ::

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