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Ensign Niastrave Stone & PNPC Ensign Asno Plito - Chance Encounter

Tal Tel-ar

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OOC - Second day of shore leave, shortly after 0930 hours

((Corridor, USS Athena))


:: Asno walked quickly along the corridor away from his quarters and towards the nearest lift. He was a tall man, 5’11” with an athletic build and a quick easy way of moving. He had shoulder length black hair that was currently tied back into a pony tail, a deep tanned complexion and brown eyes. ::


:: Currently he was out of uniform, wearing loose black pants tucked into mid-calf high black boots with a loose cream colored shirt with loose sleeves that was open half way down his hairy chest. Over it he was wearing a dark brown leather vest. Tucked into the top of his left boot was a knife, the hilt of which was plain black with a stylized silver V like shape built into it. ::


:: He started to jog, moving with a strong gait but when he turned the corner leading into the next corridor, the one with the nearest lift he had to suddenly stop and reach out to prevent slamming into a young woman who was in uniform. ::


:: Dressed in a fresh uniform and full of renewed determination after a good night's sleep, Nia strode purposefully down the corridor.  She had decided, upon waking this morning, that she would not get lost today.  Of course, if she was being honest with herself, she doubted her ability to find her way round this ship had improved that much over night but one could always hope. ::


:: Nia was about to turn the corner into, what she presumed would be another long, and not at all confusing, corridor.  When a athletically built man with shoulder length black hair came jogging round it.  His hands found her shoulders and gripped as he forced himself to a sudden stop .::


:: Slightly stunned by his sudden appearance she struggled to think of something to say.  He was standing so close to her, they were the same height and the only thought that moved through her stunned brain was that his eyes were a perfect shade of brown. :: 


Plito: Are you OK? :: Asno asked in a concerned tone, his warm brown eyes mirroring that concern as he let go of her shoulders which he had instinctively grabbed in order to prevent a more serious impact between them. ::


:: The man's warm brown eyes mirroring the concern in his voice as he let go of her shoulders. ::


Stone: Yes, I... I'm fine.  :: Her brain sliding back into gear. ::



Plito: It was completely my fault. I was in a hurry and not really looking where I was going. :: He replied as he stepped back placing a more acceptable distance between him and the young woman. As he did he could not help but notice both her hair with its vibrant and unusual color and her eyes. If he had to guess he would say that she was an Antosian. ::


:: He took a step back as he spoke and Nia finally pulled her eyes away from his. ::


Stone: Don't worry about it.  :: She smiled at him, hopping it would offer reassurance. ::


:: Asno stood about arm’s length away from an attractive young Antosian woman, one he had literally just ran into and now he was introducing himself to her even as he tried to maintain a calm and relaxed image. His sudden contact with her had been a surprise and if he had not grabbed her by the shoulders he might have knocked her to the ground by accident. What had surprised him was his reaction to her. ::


Plito: Plito, Ensign Asno Plito, paramedic. :: He replied with a smile as he offered her his hand to shake. Her grip was firm, the skin soft, warm and for some reason he found himself checking her out, impressed by her beauty and poise. ::


Stone: Ensign Niastrave Stone, HCO.


Plito: Niastrave, :: Asno did his best to pronounce it exactly as she had said it, being careful to use the same diction that she had when saying it even as he released her hand. :: that’s an interesting name.


Stone: Call me Nia.


:: Her eyes slide across him.  He was her height, with shoulder length black hair tied back into a pony tail, his eyes were brown and his skin tanned.  He was dressed in a cream shirt with a dark vest and loose black trousers tucked into mid-calf high black boots.  Nia tried not to notice how well everything fit him. ::


Stone: oO He's handsome, I'll give him that. Oo  


:: The thought made her blush and she cast her mind around for something else to say. ::


Plito: Ok Nia. Nice to meet you. :: He responded with a big smile, one that softened his features in a nice way. ::


:: Asno noticed it when her cheeks changed color, the rosy hue both surprising and charming, causing him to notice just how entrancing her eyes were, a beautiful deep green, different from the deep green of her hair. ::


Stone: So what brings you down this corridor at, :: she checked the time, :: 0930?


Plito: I was going to meet a couple friends; we are going over to the station to explore.

Stone: :: A slight frown creased her brow. ::  Isn't it still closed off?

Plito: Yes, most of the station is still off limits but most of what must have been a common area, a kind of recreational zone has been deemed safe. Not sure what we will find but that’s the reason to go exploring is it not? :: He asked in an excited tone. ::


Stone: :: Her smiled returned, this time with a playful hint to it. :: Always looking for adventure? 

Plito: Ha, ha, ha, :: He laughed easily, in a soft masculine manner. :: That’s one way to put it I guess.

Stone: So why explore the station?

Plito: I like new things, new experiences, it’s one of the reasons I joined Starfleet.


Stone: I can understand that.  It's one of the reasons I joined to.


Plito: I think that’s why we all joined. :: He replied even as he moved his arms to indicate everyone around them, on the whole ship. ::


Stone: The adventure of if all, the mystery.  Everyday a chance to see something new.


Plito: That an excellent way to phrase it. :: Asno paused for a moment as he admired the way her face went from beautiful to enchanting just because of her smile. :: Sort of poetic almost… :: She looked down and away from him when he said that and it was a few moments before a slight sigh escaped from her as she looked back up at him again. ::

:: Nia smiled again, her eyes flickered down then glanced at the time. With a slight sigh she looked back up at Asno again even as she spoke. ::

Stone: Well, I need to finish getting myself sorted here; check in with Medical, that sort of thing.  But maybe we could happen into each other again soon?

Plito: I think I would like that. :: As he said it he smiled again. :: How about tonight?


Stone: :: She bit her lip, thinking. ::  Not tonight, I'm still getting settled in here, shore leave won't last forever and I want to be prepared.  oO Make sure I know everyone's names, or even just the senior staffs'. Oo

Plito: OK. I can understand that, how about this weekend instead?

Stone: :: Her left eyebrow raised slightly. ::  Persistent are we?

Plito: My people have an old saying, “Only the determined bird gets the worm. “ It means if you want something do not give up. :: As he finished saying it he smiled again. ::

Stone: oO Attractive and charming. Oo  Nice phrase.  :: Nia hid her smile. ::  It implies you have something to pursue.

Plito: I think having a chance to get to know you is something worth pursuing. Don’t you?

Stone: :: This time she couldn't hid her smile but she couldn't resist being coy just one last time. ::  If you continue with that kind of flattery, I might just take you up on that offer.

:: As she walked past him, Asno turned to watch her. He smiled slightly, hoping that she might turn back, waiting patiently and was rewarded when she stopped just short of where the corridor turned away to look back at him even as she spoke. ::


Stone: Saturday, 1900?


Plito: Sounds great. :: He replied with a big smile. ::


Stone: Okay.  I'll see you Saturday.  oO Well that didn't last long. Oo :: She shrugged to herself. :: oO The coy thing doesn't suit me anyway. Oo


:: For a moment longer Asno kept watching as she turned away and walked around the corner and out of sight. If anything his smile got slightly bigger as he turned to hurry away as well, his friends were waiting. ::






Ensign Niastrave Stone

HCO Officer

USS Athena





PNPC – Ensign Asno Plito

Paramedic/Emergency Combat Medic

USS Athena, NCC-97780


As simmed by


Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Athena, NCC-97780



Tal Tel-ar’s Writer’s ID: T237708TT0



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