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The Trouble with the Klingon Empire, Part 2

Federation News Service

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FNS foreign affairs reporter Flynn Dupond concludes his two-part editorial series about the Klingon Empire, bringing attention now to its social and civil problems.

Last time, I touched upon the Klingon Empire’s thirst for violence and the threat it poses, even to those who were once its allies. Today, we’ll see that the Klingon Empire also suffers from injustice within its own borders and ranks.

Civil War

It is clear that while the Empire consistently fights against outsiders and seems to seek enemies where none exist, civil war is an almost constant fact of life within its ruling body, the High Council. In a society where family honor and glory are sought above all else, power is held by the strongest and most aggressive. Individual houses can form alliances and wage war with other houses, separate from the Empire’s other affairs.

While the chancellor and the High Council maintain control over the military, individual leaders are granted control over large swaths of the Klingon Defense Forces. Worse yet, houses can claim ships and other lethal weapons to fight internal wars. This is generally kept out of sight of the rest of the quadrant as such fighting can appear to weaken the Empire on the whole. Nevertheless, it is rare to find a moment in Klingon history where one faction of the Klingon people was not battling another.

Read the rest of the editorial The Trouble with the Klingon Empire, Part 2 on the Federation News Service.

This editorial was written by Lt. Randal Shayne of the USS Darwin.

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