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Lt.Cmdr. Alexander Williams: YARRRRR (Tag: all at the bar)


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((Black Hole Bar, night of the ceremony))

::After finishing the holo novel from captain Blackbeard Alex headed over to the bar. Zogi was still busy preparing the place. A few voodoo masks were attached to his beer tap while his Dabo girl was changing the light settings over and over. In one of the corners a new Ferengi waiter that Alex hadn’t seen before was installing what appeared to be a smoke machine shaped like a huge orange pumpkin. ::

oO Seems he is putting a lot of effort into this Halloween thing Oo

::Alex never cared much for Halloween. This parents told him a few tales when he was young but it wasn’t big event in the Black Forrest where he originally came from. The Hawaiians did celebrate the feast of horror but when Alex and his parents moved in there he was no longer a kid so he didn’t go house to house gathering as much candy as he could::

Zogi: You are a bit early Alex, the feast won’t start for another hour…

Williams: I know… but I thought I be a little early. Play a little trick on my shipmates.

::Alex looked around, looking for the perfect place to hide himself::

Williams: You wouldn’t happen to have a huge bottle of rum would you. Just the bottle…

Zogi: Rum? Sure I have rum, but it would be waste to throw the stuff out.

::Alex grimed::

Williams: Get me a two glasses of white rum, fill them only half and replicate me a bottle if you can.

::Zogi gave the man a puzzled look but did what was asked, Alex was a good costumer and as long as he paid for it he didn’t really care what would happen next. He filled two small glasses with the rum and set it in front of Alex. Then he headed over to one of the replicators and made a copy of the bottle. As he turned back to Alex he saw him moving to the edge of the bar and drink one of the glasses. Then he put his finger in the other glass and started to drip the rum over his face and costume. The last bit was saved and as Zogi turned the bottle over to Alex the commander lied his head on the bar and closed his eyes::

Williams: Now… do me a favor and put one of the plants in front of me. Make sure people can see me, but not too much and then once people arrive just ignore me. 

Zogi: Right…

::Zogi grabbed one of the large plants near one of the tables and put it in front of Alex and now he was getting the point. Alex looked like he was part of the Halloween décor::

Zogi: BROK! Get that smoke machine over here… make sure the commander is covered in a nice mist when the people come in.

Brok: Sure thing boss!



::People moved in one by one, Alex kept his right eye shut but with the special eye patch on his left eye he could see exactly what was going on. He noted a large devil, a huge fish, and an oddly moving Baxter that had grown a few extra legs overnight. Most of the seniors where close enough for Alex to eavesdrop and all he had to do was find the perfect moment to reveal himself::

Traenor: I must say, you both have inventive and charming costumes. I'm looking forward to the evening, and the chance to see everyone's creativity.

Vondaryan: I don't wear costumes as a matter of habit, so it is interesting to see what everyone chose. Though I must say, I hope we don't have another first contact encounter while we are here. 

Falcon: First guess; confused.  VERY confused.

Solzano/Svalasdottir/Any: ?

Petras: Sirs… Mr. Traenor. It is agreeable to see you again. 

An interesting choice. From your homeworld?

Traenor/Solzano/Svalasdottir/Any: ?

oO Showtime! Oo

::Alex slowly moved his hand to his left shoulder and activated the blue bird. It took the holo-emitter a second to active which gave Alex enough time to keep his fake sleeping position::

Ara: My captain needs a drink AAAAHH, My captain needs a drink! AAAHH

:: Alex tried not to laugh when he saw that some people were shocked by the screaming parrot::

Pandorn: Well, wonder how you'd be fried...::opens his hand to show the holo-flame. Now the 'mannequin' burst forward, guns drawn and pointed at him.::

oO Hehe, good... keep focusing on the bird! Oo

::The moment to reveal himself was there. Alex quickly rose up, grabbed two pistols from his belt and pointed them at the first man who dared to speak up::

Williams:  You dare to insult a my bird, yarrrrrr, 

Pandorn: Terrific. Another pirate soul. As if we don't have enough of them.

Williams: We’ll hoist ye over the yardarm ye mermaid marrying rascal!

Pandorn: I'm not the marrying kind. But I do have a few succubi consorts down in the netherworld. Perhaps you'd like to meet a few of them when your soul accompanies me. ::evil chuckle::



With great pleasure written as:
Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
News Team member
Writer ID:A239006AW0




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