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PNPCs Sherana & Nijil - Nosy doctors and angry Klingons (Pt2)


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(( Quarters Sherana )) 
::Well shoot… He hadn't meant to draw attention and join in this conversation. That’s what he got for opening his mouth - he inserted his foot right away. His eyes looked between Sherana and her… parent of sorts. A hint of an idea sparked and lit his face ever so slightly.::
:: Sherana could just stop herself from rolling her eyes. Of course he had to say something, he couldn’t just stand there waiting until the call was over. Bloody doctors. :: 
Sherana: That is Nijil, one of the Constitution’s doctors. 
Nijil: ::a curt nod.:: I am your… ::pause.:: daughter’s ::he was sure he had picked up on that correctly.:: attending physician. 
Grawn: Attending Physician? ::He took a closer look at Sherana:: She doesn’t look like she needs one to me. 
:: Sherana didn’t believe what he was doing and opened her mouth, but didn’t even get a single word out. :: 
Nijil: ::he cut of Sherana’s protests.:: On the contrary - she was injured recently and was careless about it.
::Did he talk too much? 
He had a knack for getting people in trouble and that trouble turned into them doing what he had asked for in the first place. So it worked for him just fine. Though his cold exterior might have made it seem malicious. But it wasn’t … Entirely.::
:: Hearing these words had an obvious effect on the Klingon on the screen. His shoulders seemed to grow even more as he sat up straight and stared down Sherana. His voice had become a growl, as he was obviously displeased. :: 
Grawn: Sherana! 
Sherana: I am well. It was not a big deal. .oO A Klingon does not complain about physical discomfort. Oo. :: Her father had taught her that. :: 
Nijil: ::heartlessly.:: Unless You call being found nearly dead “not a big deal” ::that was slightly exaggerating it.::
Grawn: VIt jatlh! *
:: A mountain of a Klingon raising his voice in a growl made even Sherana wince. Oh she hated Nijil for putting his nose where it didn’t belong. He would pay for that. :: 
Sherana: During the last mission I was stabbed with a knife by a scared crewmember. I was treated and told to give it some rest. I worked, I carried things, I collapsed last night and Doctor Nijil treated me again. 
:: The Klingon stared at her and sighed shaking his head. :: 
Grawn: You have been careless, daughter. You can’t die with honor in a sickbed. You should listen to Doctor Nijil. 
Nijil: ::he rolled his eyes and mumbled.;: That is what I’ve been saying...
:: Sherana turned her head and glared up to the Rekarian. She dug her fingernails into her palm, feeling the pain to keep herself from jumping at the guy’s throat. :: 
Sherana: ::Snarling under her breath:: I’ll show you how I’ll listen… 
Grawn: Doctor, I want the truth about the extent of her injuries. 
:: Sherana crossed her arms. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her father really wanted to know more about that and not from her… from the doctor who had stabbed her in the back like a bIHnuch. :: 
::Oh yes, he could feel the irritated death glare attempting to bore holes into the side of his head. True, at the time of the secondary incident he had said something along the lines of “he wouldn’t tell”. But that was then and this was now. And now was a good time to share he thought.::
Nijil: She has a deep wound in her abdomen, which has been subjected to excessive movements. It caused precariously sealed injuries to become agitated and more heavily bruised.  
:: The warrior didn’t seem to be pleased. Well, he wasn’t. While he admired his daughter for living Klingon life so far from the Empire, he did not admire that she had been so careless, as being almost killed after a coward stabbed her, was not the death of a warrior. :: 
Grawn: I hope you have a good reason for this behaviour. 
Sherana: I had a job to do. I could hardly stop doing that.
Nijil: ::he gave her a long sided look.:: I know she has a job to do, but those kinds of injuries need to be allowed to heal. With overextending herself,::he looked back to Grawn.:: Miss Sherana wound up bleeding internally, something that takes time to stop. ::He looked at Sherana:: Something not stopped in time means death.
Grawn: You do not want to die outside of battle, daughter! I taught you better. 
:: She had crossed her arms tighter, almost as if trying to wrap them around herself. She did not like when her father had to remind her of things. It made her feel like she was a child again and she was too old for that. Too bad that Nijil made it impossible to see that, because he kept listing all the things she did wrong and not what she had done right. :: 
Sherana: And today I haven’t lifted anything, so you can stop riding on that now. ::Towards Nijil:: 
Nijil: So long as she actually listens, she shouldn’t have any more complications. ::he sighed.:: I am just making sure she is abiding by the instructions given.
Grawn: And she will. Won’t you, daughter?
Sherana: ::growling:: HIja', vavDaj! *
Nijil: Oh. ::he said rather dully.:: Do you know where any Klingon Opera’s might be being performed? Or perhaps… metal Klingon music?
:: The change of subject seemed to distract well from the former subject. The man on the screen swelled with pride and a smile showed on his face. :: 
Grawn: Why on Qo'noS of course! 
Sherana: A shame that the times of killings on stage have yielded to acting. That gave the Opera the extra fire.
::Nijil nodded in agreement. That is definitely something he would have gone to see. Even if he couldn’t understand anything. Like the language or plots…. At least there would be rare emotion from the viewers and the performers. That would give him all the information he would need to enjoy it. Though it could have been due to beingsuch a people watcher.::
Nijil: Indeed, a shame in 2197 they decided that wasn’t such an appreciated bit of work.
Grawn: Oh you know our history, Doctor. ::He looked surprised but at the same time impressed.:: Only in very few locations you will see the old way of the Opera and you do not want to visit those places.::A belly laugh shook the man.:: 
Nijil: ::nodded. Yes anywhere illegal work was performed were nasty areas to avoid.:: I would believe you are quite right.
Sherana: Why would you want to listen to it anyway? 
Grawn: Enjoy that he is cultured enough to enjoy an acquired taste, Sherana. You still do have the collection I gave you when you left, don’t you? 
::Nijil chuckled internally. It wasn’t exactly his interests or likes. At least not yet. He had just been recently exposed to the work in a new light. However, the Klingon home world was a little too far away for him to get Alize and himself to and back before anyone realised they were short a field medic and the mortician. ::
:: She stared at her father, knowing where this would end. But lying was out of the question, it was a coward’s way out. :: 
Sherana: I do. 
Grawn: Then share with the Doctor. It will do you good to share a common ground, as he is taking care of your physical well being. 
::He perked up a little. Not from excitement or anything, but because there was the sudden feeling of a knife to his back that made him stand up a little taller. There wasn’t physically one there, but the daggers he felt from the steaming woman beside was enough. Nijil found it more amusing than anything.::
Nijil: Posh.. That’s not needed. ::he waved his hand.::
Sherana: I agree. .oO Now that’s a rarity. Oo. 
Grawn: It is. My daughter should show a bit more gratitude towards the man who saved her life.
::The look the Klingon gave her could have stabbed the wound right open again. Sherana couldn’t believe her father would say these things to reprimand her in front of others. But at the same time it shouldn’t surprise her because he had done that when she’d been a child as well. All parents had done it to teach children through humiliation. :: 
Nijil: I would not impose into her personal life ~as~ much. ::he snarked.:: I will tend to her medical needs regardless. ::he assured the burly man shoved into the tiny screen before him.::
Grawn: ::nodding:: I wouldn’t expect less from a doctor honoring is oath. 
Nijil: Though should you come across a live performance closer, I’d be interested in knowing the details. ::he eyed the woman.::
:: Sherana quietly looked at her father, despite her feeling Nijil’s eyes on her. She hoped he was almost done bonding with her father. Nobody here even knew him or had heard of him other than Solaris, because the Intel woman had helped her to find him. It really went against her preferences that Nijil, someone who rubbed her the wrong way, would meet him during the first conversation she had with him in years. :: 
Grawn: I will send word to Sherana if I hear something. A good opera should best listened to in person and intoxicated. ::He laughed that belly laugh again. Then he looked up as if listening to someone beyond the screen and nodded, before looking to Sherana again. :: I am needed on the bridge.
Sherana: JIyaj. Qu' 'ej batlh, vav.
Grawn. Qapla', puqbe' vIghaj. ::He turned his head to Nijil:: Qapla’ Doctor. 
Nijil: Good day. ::he said simply and bowed his head slightly.::
:: With that the screen went dark again and showed the Starfleet symbol. The Orion finally turned to Nijil and stared at him. :: 
Sherana: You just couldn’t resist to shame me in front of my father, could you? 
Nijil: ::pause…. Oh so sarcastically.:: Whatever~ do you mean? 
Sherana: ::She ignored the tone and what he said.:: For how long will I have to … take it slow?
Nijil: ::he raised an eyebrow.:: As long as it takes. ::beat:: simply enough?
Sherana: ::snarling:: The vagueness is incredibly… unhelpful. 
::He had done quite a bit, some good some not so good. But all in all he had accomplished more by dropping by then he thought he would. He had such impeccable timing.::
Nijil: I will leave you now. ::he turned on a heel.:: 
Sherana: Finally. ::She was so annoyed by him that she had almost lost her manners. Even though some people didn’t think she had any. They were there, but hidden and edgy. :: Fight well. 
::Nijil bobbed his head and headed back for the door. There was overstaying your welcome and there was committing acts of war. He was familiar with both, though liked to toy on the line, he knew it was time for him to leave.::
Nijil: One last thing - you have a check-up scheduled in four days… ::with that he stepped through the door without waiting to hear a lovely line of most profound wording.::
Sherana: ::Sarcastically, while the doors closed so only part of it passed the threshold.:: I can’t wait. 
Puqbe - Daughter
Vav, qalegh 'oH QaQ 'e' - Father, it is good to see you
VIt jatlh - Speak the truth
bIHnuch - Coward
HIja', vavDaj - Yes, Father
JIyaj. Qu' 'ej batlh, vav. - I understand. Duty and honor, father.
Qapla', puqbe' vIghaj. - Success, my daughter.
PNPC Lieutenant JG Nijil
Field Medic
Simmed By
Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael
Chief Engineer
USS Constitution
PNPC Sherana
Simmed By
Captain Jalana Rajel
Commanding Officer
USS Constitution B
Image Team Facilitator
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