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Ensign Ishani Kasun & 1st Lieutenant Kro - Dance With Me?

Sal Taybrim

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(( Le Château de Rose - New York District - Starbase 118))


::Kro sat silently at the secluded candlelit table as he adjusted his infernally uncomfortable collar. He quite liked looking a bit more classy than his normal gruntwear allowed, but it was becoming clear that it came at a price. He quite enjoyed the finer things, but had rare opportunities to enjoy them in person over the course of his military career. His past assignment fighting in the trenches on a backwater planet did not allow him to spend many of his evenings in high class French bistros.


He arrived no less than an hour early for their date, as his butterflies were unwilling to allow him respite at the idea that everything might not be perfect. The wine of course he had called ahead to order, as it was best served with several hours to decant. He had attempted to confirm the temperature it would be stored, but they had insisted it would be handled with the utmost expert care.


He smiled softly as he watched an elderly couple slow dance on the small dance floor in the middle of the room, enjoying the enchanting french music that rolled smoothly into the dining area.


Glancing back toward the entrance to the restaurant his heart skipped a little beat as the lovely Ishani seemed to glide into the room. Her dress was a simple black sheath dress with lace sleeves and matching low black heels. Temporarily mesmerized, he found his composure and moved to meet her,  lifting her hand with a smile and giving it a little kiss.::


Kro: Miss Ishani, you look beautiful.


Kasun:  :: Ishani flushed slightly in pleasure at Kro’s kiss and his complements. How long had it been since she had experienced actual romance?  Not since before she joined Starfleet at least. ::  Thank you Mister Kro. You look quite handsome as well.


::Moving to their table, he pulled out her seat and let her get situated before returning to his own.::


Kro: It dawned on me after arriving that perhaps the setting is a bit too much. My apologies if the ambiance is not appropriate for a first date. ::He shifted uncomfortably at his own lack of eloquence.:: The truth is I don’t have much experience on the matter.


Kasun: I think it’s quite lovely here. :: smiling :: You have good instincts, I never would have guessed.  


Kro: ::Smiling slightly:: I suppose when I’m charging down corridors with high powered energy rifles I don’t exactly give off the sophisticated gentleman vibe.


Kasun: :: chuckling :: I doubt any person would be able to look like a gentleman or a lady under those circumstances.


Kro: Unlikely. ::He continued, an amused expression across his features.:: Though I have seen some Vulcans come close. It can be unsettling how calm their expressions can remain even in when under fire.


Kasun :: Ishani’s smile flickered slightly at the mention of Vulcan’s under fire. :: oO Poor Dovak. Oo  


::He considered her with a worried expression as his comment seemed to briefly darken her features.::


Kro: Are...you alright?


Kasun: :: She pushed the memory of his fiery death aside. :: Ah sorry, no I’m fine. :: She took a deep breath. :: One of the engineers on the trip to rescue the Avalon survivors was a vulcan and he didn’t make it back.


::He frowned, the last mission had been so full of death and despair. Definitely not a feeling he wanted to haunt his lovely date with..::


Kro: I’m so sorry, If I had known…::he let himself trail off.::


Kasun: :: She smiled softly. :: It’s alright, you didn’t know.


:: They were saved from more awkwardness by the arrival of a youngish looking vulcan woman with what looked to be their menus in hand. Behind her stood a young human man holding a beautiful crystal wine decanter and two wine glasses. ::


Fimi: Greetings, I am Fimi and I will be your waiter this evening.


:: Fimi set down the menus in front of them as her fellow waiter set down the wine glasses and began pouring. ::


Fimi: Byzallian Cirsion. An excellent choice Mr. Kro.


::He gave an appreciative nod and looked back to Ishani with a smile as Fimi moved away.::


Kro: I do hope you like wine. ::He lifted the glass and admired the deep dark shade of purple before bringing it down and taking in its aroma. This is one of my favorites, inspired by the classic Earth Bodegas Roda Vineyard:: Great structure and smoothness.


Kasun: I do but I haven't had much time to indulge lately. :: She swirled the wine in her glass before taking a sip. :: Mmm. I agree, this is an excellent wine.


Kro: Perhaps a toast is in order. ::He held his glass forward, stars in his eyes.:: What shall we honor tonight miss Ishani?


Kasun: :: Smiling :: Hmm, there are so many good options. :: ‘To us’ was a bit to forward at this point and to health seemed cliche. :: To new beginnings perhaps?


Kro: ::Grinning:: I like that.


Kasun: :: Still smiling she held up her glass. :: Cheers then.


Kro: ::Lifting his glass:: To new beginnings.


:: Their wine glasses chimed as they brought them together. ::


Kro: ::He took a sip and set his glass down.:: Hopefully one with less destruction, but just as much physical contact..


::Just as he said it, he couldn’t believe he had. His thoughts of the mission had been swirl of darkness and gloom, but somehow the memory of carrying this beautiful woman to safety and fighting to survive together had shined through every time. Leaving him with a smile at nearly every recollection. He supposed the kissing helped too..::


Kasun: Agreed. :: She smiled and took another sip of wine, outwardly ignoring Kro’s freudian slip. Internally, on the other hand, she enjoyed a surge of giddy happiness; it was always nice to have verbal confirmation that the man you’re interested in considers you attractive.  ::


::Now sure he was emitting a glow strong enough to guide ships at sea, he pulled at his tightening collar and picked up his menu just as the server re-appeared.::


Fimi: Would you like to place an order with the chef?


::Kro looked to Ishani for confirmation before shifting his gaze back to Fimi.::


Kro: Yes, I would like the Soupe au Pistou.


Fimi: Of course. ::She looked to Ishani:: and the lady?


Kasun: I’ll have the Soupe à l'Oignon.


::Their order placed, Kro undid his top button and looked to Ishani with a renewed confidence.::


Kro: ::Smiling:: I believe someone promised me dancing?


Kasun: Indeed I did.


:: Ishani stood up and grasped Kro’s outstretched hand as he led her out onto the dance floor. ::


Kasun: It has admittedly been a while since I danced with a partner. I’m afraid I might be a little rusty. :: She was suddenly very glad she had worn low heels . The last thing she wanted was to stumble and ruin the evening by breaking her ankle. ::


Kro: ::With kind eyes.:: No need to impress, just follow my lead.


::Finding an open space on the dance floor, Kro placed his hand politely on her hip and offered his open palm with a soft smile. With a matching smile Ishani took his hand and Kro began to lead her through a simple swing dance. ::


Kasun: How long have you been dancing?


Kro: I’ve always had a deep appreciation, though it took me awhile to get any good at it.


Kasun: My father encouraged my interest in dancing when I was a child, though unlike singing my interest in it has waxed and waned over the years.


:: Kro pulled Ishani close and spun them both out of the way of another couple’s path. ::


Kro: Singing? That is something I would love to hear. It sounds like your father was very supportive. I like him already.


Kasun: :: Chuckling, she danced closer to him.  :: oO You may or may not like him once you’ve met him. Oo  Music and dancing are a large part of the El Aurian subculture my father is part of. I’ve gotten the impression that it would be unusual to not be trained how to sing, dance or play an instrument.


Kro: I had quite the opposite experience. Most of my interests I had to keep secret for fear of consequence not only from my peers but from my parents.


Kasun: ::Softly :: Why did you need to do that? :: Sadly she probably already knew the answer. She had seen that conflict so many times with her patients; children stuck between two worlds and adults that had repressed their own desires to fit in with their families and cultures. ::


Kro: It was a military family in a military town, those traditions were paramount. Anyone interested in useless things like art and dance were considered weak and…::He trailed off and shook his head at the harsh words he didn’t care to repeat.::


Kasun: Oh Kro. :: Her expression sad and empathetic. ::


Kro: ::Forming a grin he dipped he dipped Ishani low before pulling her back up. :: The important thing is that I survived to find an elegant, graceful and sophisticated woman willing to dance with me.


Kasun: Yes. :: She smiled kindly at Kro and adjusted her grip. :: Your experience is sadly not that unusual, especially if you ignore the military element.  


Kro: :: Kro swung her away so he only one of her hands. :: It is something I have grown accustomed to, good or bad.


Kasun: :: She nodded as Kro whipped her back towards him. :: That issue is common with any society or culture that has rigid roles or cultural norms. Conformity is a big deal and is zealously enforced upon everyone, but especially those who don't fit in or actively rebel against conforming.


Kro: It’s nice to be able to discuss it freely. You are very insightful.


Kasun: Thank you. I got to see it a great deal in my private practice.


Kro: Oh? You dealt a lot with cultural differences?


Kasun: Oh yes. :: She was finally beginning to remember enough of the motions of the dance enough that she and Kro were more partners than teacher and student. :: I specialized in hybrid children and adults and it is a common issue with them, especially if their parents’ species have very different cultural expectations.


Kro: That is something I have not put much thought into, but it sounds truly fascinating if you are ever willing to discuss your work.


Kasun: :: Smiling :: Of course.


::As the music shifted, he led her into a fluid spin. With a little debonair smile, he laid his hand her hip and pulled her a little closer. He had often said that beauty was a reflection of the spirit, a resonance of the person within that was unique to every individual. The more he got to know Ishani, the more intoxicating her found her beauty. Her intelligent and insightful mind doing wonders to beguile him with captivating charm.::


Kro: I hope you do not find my words tawdry Miss Ishani, but I must confess that I find you quite enchanting.


Kasun: :: Flushing :: I don’t find it tawdy at all. :: She slid her hand off his shoulder and around his neck. :: Just the opposite.


:: Ishani leaned in and kissed him gently. As she pulled away she noticed Fimi heading towards their table with two plates of of soup. Kro followed her lips briefly and smiled at the affection, following her gaze to the food.::


Kasun: Looks like our food is here.


Kro: Best served hot. To be continued?


Kasun: I wouldn’t mind dancing afterward.


Kro: ::Smiling:: Good.


::He took her hand and gave it a gentle kiss before leading her back to the table. The two spent the remainder of the evening completely absorbed in each others company, barely aware of the world outside their table. The conversation came easily, and the laughter was often close behind. As the perfect night drifted to a close, they exchanged a long and meaningful embrace outside Ishani’s quarters before parting ways, only to dream wistfully of their next encounter.::


Ensign Ishani Kasun MD, PhD

Crisis Response Unit

Starbase 118 Ops





Lt Commander Antero Flynn

Chief Helm Officer

Starbase 118 Ops / USS Columbia


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