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PNPC Noros - A Bad Penny

Trellis Vondaryan

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((Traenor's Quarters - USS Za))

::Barque was yipping in a quiet whimper of excitement, happy to see the stranger. Guard dog the beagle was not, more willing to play with any intruder rather than scare them off. The interloper wandered aimlessly throughout the quarters, picking up and displacing knickknacks and running an idle finger along the ebony sheen of the case on the piano in the main living area. The visitor, a security officer, used her role and position on the ship to override the lock on Maxwell Traenor's door, not for the first time in the man's career. Going to the replicator, the stranger ordered a Saurian brandy and upon retrieving it, finally acquiesced to the plaintive cries for attention from the canine inhabitant of the room.::
Noros: You're new. I though Max didn't like pets. 
::She scratched the dog behind the ears absently as she looked about some more, nursing the drink that Commander Traenor claimed as his favorite. In fact, the same vintage bottle that she had seen before sat in prominent display, heralding his love for the sweet liqueur.::
Noros: 'Commander'. Still feels strange to use that title for ol' Max.
::Noros had served with Traenor a year ago, before she was removed from the Darwin under dishonorable circumstances. There had been misplaced munitions that were used by a saboteur, and though the Bajoran security officer hadn't personally left them unsecured in a cargo bay, she had been acting security chief at the time, and the de facto one to blame. She had been moved to Deep Space 32, and lo and behold one year later, she had ended up on the same ship as Traenor yet again. She sported a sly smirk.::
Noros: ::vocalizing her thoughts to Barque:: Purely coincidence, mind you.
::It was actually an easy choice, for she much preferred serving on a ship as compared to a starbase, so when the Za came to port and was looking to shore up its crew compliment, Lt Noros gladly put in her transfer request. Imagine her surprise when she saw Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Gordon Traenor's name on the roster. It was fate as dictated by the Prophets, if she was so inclined to have more than a passing and begrudging respect for the deities of her people. She hadn't been studiously avoiding Traenor since the Za's launch, but neither was she making her presence aboard well-known to him. He in the science labs, she in the security suites, and slight was the chance that the two shall pass. Until she wanted to, of course. She missed the dour man, clueless as he was, even though he never saw her friendship as valuable as she saw his.::
Noros: So, poochie, is your master still as naive and clueless as he always was, or did the weight of rank beat that out of him yet?
::Barque, whose entire Federation Standard proficiency consisted of "dinner" and "cookie" and "ball", among very few other words, simply tilted his head inquisitively and stared at her confusedly with his tongue all agog. Tanna smiled and renewed her efforts at scratching the base of his ears, which suited Barque just fine regardless of what gobbledy[...] she spouted.::
Barque: Bark.
::With a nod of agreement at the dog's astute assessment, Noros arose and sat at the piano. She remembered well the times she had blackmailed Max into playing a song for her, and looked forward into tricking him into doing so again. She struck a couple keys, crinkling her already-creased nose at the tuneless discord of her choices. She would leave the tickling of the ivories to him, and she would stick to making his life interesting in return, whether or not he appreciated it. Noros would have rummaged further, had not the klaxons of red alert sounded. Needing to report to the security offices or the armory, she strode quickly towards the door before coming up short. The glass of Saurian brandy she had been drinking was left on the lid of the baby grand piano, collecting a pool of condensation around its base. She thought to retrieve it and place it back in the replicator for reclamation, but with a smirk she decided to let it be.::
Noros: ::muttering to herself:: Ol' Max is absentminded enough the think that he left it there himself. No need to bother. ::raising her finger to her lips in a shushing gesture, she spoke aloud to Barque:: No need to tell your master that your Auntie Tanna was here today. Our little secret, okay, poochie?
::Noros let herself out, not her first covert visit to Maxwell Traenor's quarters even if it was the first time on the Za, and certainly not the last covert visit she would make.::
PNPC LtJG Noros Tanna
Security Officer, USS Za
~as simmed by~
LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor
Chief Science Officer, USS Za
=/\= Top Sims Contest Facilitator =/\=
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