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JP: Captain Taybrim and MSNPC Dempok - Friends in High Places

Talia Ohnari

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((Conference room - IKS S’Tarahk))

::Dempok sat, hands gripping the side of his chair as he watched General Crang pick apart the tactical report on one side of the viewscreen. On the other half was an ashen faced looking Romulan carrying out the same task. Toval, that was his name, Admiral of the 9th Republic Fleet and the only one that had offered any sort of communication when the intelligence had been passed on.

Captain Taybrim stood behind him, while he'd wanted to change into something smarter than his scorched uniform Dempok had insisted that he hadn't. Both these military hotheads needed to see the toil and hardship with their own eyes, etched into the very fibres he was wearing::

Crang: Arrhimen is dead, the Sienov is destroyed. Good.

Toval: Loss of life is always regret...

Crang: Don't even try to offer your condolences, Romulan. If it wasn't for your inept security this would never have happened!

::The Romulans visage became the very model of indignant, while Crang spat rage in his usual blowhard manner. It was somehow expected, even with the threat neutralised the stink of blood was in the air::

Toval: We came here under a flag of truce, we will not tolerate such insults.

Crang: I still smell Romulan trickery at work.

::Dempok ground his teeth in his mouth, before rising up in his chair::

Dempok: Then don't take it from us, Crang. Take it from him. ::he thumbed towards Sal:: The Federation lost two ships, hundreds of crewmembers trying to protect us both. The Avalon was destroyed, the Albion was destroyed, yet they are not sat here trading insults like petty children!

::There was a pause, a lull in conversation before Toval spoke::

Toval: I would hear the Captain speak, the Republic had nothing to do with this abhorrent set of attacks.

::Sal Taybrim drew in a long breath, taking in the expressions of those speaking.  Tempers were high, but not yet flaring and he was trying to balance a diplomatic tone towards Toval with the honesty that was necessary to keep the respect of the Klingon representatives around the table.::

Taybrim: This is the intelligence I know upon the matter.  ::he paused and spoke clearly.:: Haz Arrhimen was a Federation criminal and former Starfleet officer.  Incited to act by a terrorist act by the Raalaram Ocala on the Federation ship SS Annabelle’s Lament Arrhimen hijacked a Starfleet vessel the USS Stormcrow and announced his plan to release a biological weapon onto the Romulan Valdis colony.  The USS Albion, commanded by myself was the response ship.  We met with the USS Tribal to engage the Stormcrow.  Long story short, the Tribal was badly damaged, the Stormcrow was destroyed and Arrhimen was taken into custody.  An unidentified Romulan Warbird decloaked after the Stormcrow was destroyed and the Valdis colony’s safety was ensured as the damaged Albion was leaving the area.  No communication nor aggression occurred between the warbird and the Albion, but Haz Arrhimen was beamed directly off the Albion through our badly damaged shielding.

::He paused and let that sink in.  The fact that the warbird that arrived did not identify themselves was meaningful.  While the Romulans were seen as sneaky by other powers in the quadrant this was largely something that was hung on them by the actions of the minority.  A Romulan Military warbird would have hailed and identified itself.  Meaning whatever vessel had appeared was almost certainly controlled by the Tal’Shiar instead of the military…::

Crang: So the Romulans kidnapped a confirmed war criminal and what, let him run amuck once more?

::Toval seemed to be drawn to the green PADD handed to him by another officer, scanning through the details::

Toval: It was not a naval ship that took Arrhimen, the reforged Republic has a strong non-aggression treaty with the Federation.

Crang: But still, a Warbird took him. Did you try and stop them?

::Crang’s tone had at least changed from purely accusatory to investigative, his ridged brow furrowed as he tried to piece it all together. Dempok knew that behind that ego was a surprisingly shrewd tactician.::

Taybrim: We were in no condition to protest - nor did we have a choice.  The warbird re-cloaked and the Albion was allowed to return to Federation space without incident with the remaining survivors of Haz Arrhimen’s crew who remain in Federation custody to this day.  There is no further mention of Haz Arrhimen in our intelligence until stardate 239306.14 - over eight months after the destruction of the Stormcrow.  Arrhimen attacked the civilian salvage yard on Halgar VII killing seven civilians including the Romulan quartermaster.  He stole, with the aid of several Orion Syndicate criminals the Romluan freighter Mohtiri.  We believe this is the ship he used to get close enough to board and capture the Sienov.

Toval: It was highly likely he was captured by rogue elements looking to facilitate exactly the sort of conflict we’re trying now to prevent.

::Crang snorted derisively::

Crang: ‘Rogue elements’, call them what they are Toval. Once more you’ve failed to keep a leash on the Tal Shiar…

::Another face appeared in the corner of the screen, prompting Dempok to stand up from his chair like someone had delivered an electrical current through the underside of it, the bearded face of the Chancellor regarding everyone with a disapproving glare. Even Toval stayed respectfully silent::

Dempok: ::lowly:: It seems he got my field report.

::It seemed he did.  Sal stood as well, mimicking the posture of the others, different and yet respectful all at the same time.  When he spoke he offered a single tip of his head.::

Taybrim: Chancellor J’mpok, we are honored by your presence.

Crang: Chancellor… this is unexpected.

Chacellor J’mpok: Is it? A war brewing on my Empires doorstep wouldn’t draw my attention? I have received your full report Dempok, the matter has been resolved. This continued posturing is achieving nothing. ::he paused:: I have consulted with the Romulan senate regarding these events and we have reached an accord.

Dempok: An accord, Chancellor?

::Sal held his breath.  This could either be very good news - or very bad news.  Judging from J’mpok’s tone and the fact that the Romulan end of the communication hadn’t been suddenly cut he was expecting - or maybe hoping - for good news.::

Chacellor J’mpok: The Senate has agreed to pay reparations for our colonies and provide raw materials for their reconstruction. Considering the hardship they are facing and their already scarce resources, it is an honourable and genuine offer of remorse. Although in return, Crang, you are to assist the Admiral here with flushing out and destroying the last remnants of the blasted and dishonorable Tal Shiar, for both our empires security.

::Dempok fought hard to fight back a grin as the two Military officers on the screen physically balked at the idea, two hotheads being forced to work hand in hand for the betterment of relations.::

Toval: It appears I am being contacted by the Praetor. ::he frowned, someone speaking to him from off screen:: General Crang, it seems we will be working together. I am moving my fleet away from the border to await further instruction.

::Toval dropped from the call leaving Crang biting his tongue hard enough that it looked about ready to fall out of his mouth, smoldering eyes burning into the rest of the conference::

Crang: As you command, Chancellor. We will withdraw.

::He too disappeared from the call, leaving just the large looming face of the leader of the Klingon Empire regarding Sal with a curious gaze::

Chacellor J’mpok: You are the Captain who fought and lost with us?

::Sal turned, facing the Chancellor with an even, open gaze.  He had quelled his internal pleasure at watching the fruitful manipulations of two arrogant commanders into doing what was best for both empires.::

Taybrim: I am.  ::a nod of assent:: Captain Sal Taybrim of the former USS Albion.

Chacellor J’mpok: You fought hard and honourably beside your Klingon allies, and let us deliver a well deserved justice. This is not a debt owed that I nor the council will forget.

Taybrim: ::he spoke simply, with an even conviction.  The magnitude of this praise was not lost on him, so his words were careful and focused.  ::We were proud to fight beside our allies, thank you Chancellor.

::The chancellor left the screen with an approving nod, leaving the bridge even more hushed then usual::

Dempok: Friends in high places indeed, Captain.

Taybrim: Indeed, Councilor.  ::He nodded, turning slowly towards Dempok.::  I believe this is a most beneficial outcome.  ::In fact it was one of the best possible outcomes.::

Dempok: It is. Contrary to how people like Crang and every Warrior that wants to ascend to his place acts, we do not wish war on our people. We will fight it, to the last if provoked, but it is never desired.

Taybrim: ::Sal broke his strictly controlled diplomatic stance to offer Dempok a more personal smile.  Still formal, but this time there was more of a connection between the remaining speakers.:: On a more personal note, Councilor, thank you.  I am glad my crew is still breathing and able to take to the stars once again.  And I am honored that this victory came with an ally at our side.

::Dempok paused for a second, reaching into his belt to unsheath the wicked looking D’k tahg from his belt which let out a click as it’s crossguard sprang free. There was a pause, before he turned the dagger hilt-outwards::

Dempok: Take this, Captain. Let it always be a reminder of this battle, more so than the wounds and scars your crew has endured. May it serve you in many more victories to come.

::He accepted without hesitation.::

Taybrim: I am honored, Councilor.  I will never forget this battle, the lives lost on both sides and the burning victory forged in sacrifice.  May we both live on in honor.


A JP by:

MSNPC Councilor Dempok
Major. Tatash
Marine Lead
SB118 Operations


Captain Sal Taybrim
Commanding Officer
StarBase 118 Ops

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