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MSNPC Lazlo - Cold and Hot


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((Dagorin VI - Underground Bunker))

:: Lazlo watched on the security monitors while Gaixor and Urian climbed out of the bunker and into the surrounding woods. He envied them in a way. Inaction didn't sit well with him, and he wished he could be out there with them, skulking through the trees and stalking their prey. He had eagerly left his office for a chance to get back out in the field, but instead found himself stuck in this backwoods bunker with no stealth suit large enough to fit him and the outside climate too cold for comfort even if he did. He frowned and grumbled to himself, much to the consternation of the nearby staff. Fear began to roll off of them in waves so strong he could nearly taste it, and he realized if he didn't get out of this place soon the underlings that ran it would face the brunt of his frustration. Suddenly his eyes snapped toward a nearby replicator. With a sly grin he approached the device and punched in an order for a warm coat in the largest size available. A few moments and a flash of light later he happily removed a dark green parka. His smile quickly faded, however, when he unfolded it and held it up to his body, finding that it was barely long enough cover his stomach. He tried to put it on but could not get it completely around his broad shoulders. He angrily spun on the nearest technician. ::

Lazlo: THIS is the largest size of clothing this thing can make?

:: The visible shaken technician stammered his reply. ::

Technician: Y-y-yes, sir!

Lazlo: Then MAKE IT create something BIGGER!

Technician: S-s-sorry, sir! We don't h-h-have the ability to alter the replicator's p-p-programming from here.

Lazlo: ::nodding:: I see.

:: With a loud growl Lazlo held up the coat with a clawed hand on either side of the collar and tore it in half. The technician looked as if he couldn't decide whether to run or faint. ::

Lazlo: Well, that won't help me.

:: He managed to calm himself down and realized he needed to take drastic action if he wanted to avoid the paperwork he'd have to fill out for killing everyone in the bunker. He sat at one of the communication consoles and activated the sequence that would bounce his transmission all across the quadrant to prevent it from being traced. Soon he was face-to-face with his secretary. ::

Brenda: Orion Syndicate secret lair, how can I...oh, it's you, Mr. Lazlo.

:: Lazlo stared at the screen, stunned. ::

Lazlo: Secret...Brenda, do you always answer calls like that? ::He squeezed his eyes shut and sighed heavily, waving his hand dismissively.:: Nevermind that. I need you to send me some warm clothing. This blasted place is so cold I'll fall asleep if I go outside.

Brenda: ::blinking repeatedly:: Can't you replicate something there?

Lazlo: ::angrily:: THEY DON'T ::deep calming breath:: they don't have my size.

Brenda ::obviously holding back giggles:: I see, sir. I'll send you something from your closet.

Lazlo: Thank you. And make sure the delivery is discrete, Starfleet has people snooping around the base.

Brenda: Quiet as a mouse, sir. Anything else, sir?

:: Lazlo thought for a moment. ::

Lazlo: How is Riley doing?

:: Brenda cast a quick glance over her shoulder to the office door. ::

Brenda: Riley? He's, uh....

((Inferna Prime, non-descript administration building))

:: Riley stretched out comfortably on the desktop of the dimly lit overseer's office, his bulbous eyes gazing over the shallow dish of merlot at his companion. The female slug-like creature lifted her feeding orifice from the dark red liquid with a slurp, then flattened her head to the desktop as if embarrassed. Riley's eyestalks sagged a bit and the female perked up, reassured. Pressing his advantage, Riley raised his left eyestalk to its full height while letting the other droop low. The female's stalks shot upward, then she pulled them close to the top of her head and curled up, turning her face away. ::

Barry White: Never thought I'd find someone who'd blow my mind, yeah, like youuuuuuuuuu do....

:: Cautiously, the female turned back toward Riley, who waved his stalks slightly from side to side. The female turned away again, but this time not as far. She rotated her eyeballs to watch Riley, curious to see what he'd do next. ::

Barry White: And never thought I'd see the day that it could be so truuuuuuuuuuuuue, yeah....

:: Riley confidently swayed his stalks to the left, then dropped them halfway to his head. The female turned to face him again. A splash of pink played across the sides of her gray head and she thrust her eyestalks forward, then slowly drew them back. Riley's eyestalks bobbed vigorously up and down and he inched his body forward, starting the long trip around the dish. ::

((Dagorin VI - Underground Bunker))

Lazlo: ::raising an eye ridge:: Yes?

Brenda: ::smiling:: He's doing fine.

Lazlo: Well, I'm glad to hear someone is. I'll be waiting for the clothes.

:: Lazlo ended the call and turned his attention back to the external cameras in time to see Urian and Gaixor vanish into thin air. The lack of loud pops and viscera made him believe the suits were working as advertised, at least so far. All he could do now was sit and wait. ::

Orion Syndicate Overseer

Lieutenant Jerome Milsap
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B

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