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50 years of Trek! Share your memories!

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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50 years ago today Star Trek premiered on television! To celebrate, let's share our first Star Trek memories!

Mine was flipping through channels one day and discovering the funny head of Mr. Worf. I stayed to watch and got hooked. The sad thing was it was 1994, right at the end of the series. Fortunately though it was still early into the 90s golden age of movies, multiple series, and more!

And yup, over twenty years later, I'm still hooked. What's your first Star Trek memory?

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I...don't really have one. Star Trek (and Star Wars) have just always been there. I grew up watching TNG, but I don't remember if it was reruns or premiers. I do remember the night of the last episode (All Good Things...). I almost cried when it was over.

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My earliest memories of Trek were syndicated reruns of TOS on Friday nights, when my kid brother and I were able to stay up late. We were merciless! We mocked the episodes, tore them to shreds like our own version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Stupid kids! But it must have left a lasting impact on me, for when TNG came out, I was a religious follower. And the rest, as they say, is history ;) 

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