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Bajor to host art from across the Federation

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JALANDA CITY, BAJOR — The Federation Art & Cultural Council has selected Bajor to host an extensive collection of art and cultural works from worlds throughout the Federation.

Most historians agree that Bajoran civilization flourished as much as a hundred thousand years ago, with some claiming evidence of civilization as far back as half a million years. The Bajorans had been creating art and music thousands of years before most Federation species were even walking upright. Even today, the Bajoran people are renowned as artists and musicians. Many records of Bajor’s ancient history were lost during the fifty years of Cardassian occupation and have only been rediscovered in recent years.

The Jalanda Museum of Art was rebuilt ten years ago, along with the neighboring Jalanda Forum, a renowned music hall. Proponents had been petitioning for the rebuilding of the structures since the end of the Occupation, but it took many years for the resources to become available. Both the museum and forum have been rebuilt, the resulting complex named the Jalanda Cultural Institution. While their internal construction consist of the latest construction techniques and standards, the exteriors of the Institution buildings were designed to replicate the architecture and mortarless construction techniques of ancient Bajoran structures.

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This article was written by Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo, Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Gorkon.

Edited by Roshanara Rahman
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