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Ensign Dag Sindri - Carrying On.


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(( USS Conny - Main Engineering ))

::It seemed almost surreal when a mission ended. It was hard to pinpoint the moment it even began. The course of events was always the same though, a mission briefing with the captain followed by task assignments and duty posts. There was always the air of excitement depending on task assignment and it was generally a good anxiety.::


::Then at some point between briefing and completion, you found yourself hanging on a limb, over an abyss… on fire. Questions racing through your mind like “How did I get here?” and “What does it all mean?”.. Or “Did I turn off the lights when I left?”. In quiet moments after a few drinks, you hear the things people think and you realise it’s not just you.::


::Then after a blink or two, a duck and run.. It’s over! You find yourself wandering a corridor trying to make sense of what happened, how you even survived. Yet amid the calm and austere environment of the Constitution, only a handful of people suffered the trial of fire. 90% of the crew only knew by rumour and gossip the bare outline of their escapades and within the next day or two would even forget the name of the planet they had visited.::


::Lerayn. Sindri knew already that eventually he too would forget its name. When he had scraped through 10 more worlds like it, each time repairing his physical damage but carrying the wounds internally forever.::


::He had run into Rustty on his dawdle through the corridors, and they talked the surreal talk of normalness. They spoke of things trivial. They laughed and slowly regained their composure through observing routines, pleasantries and ribald ribbing. They carried on.::

Hael: At least Shore Leave be here’s now. Take’r easy for the next day or two.

Sindri: I don’t know what scares me worse, going back to Lerayn or going on shore leave on SB11 again.. They may still remember my face ::He chuckled:: At least I didn’t use my own name.

:: Rustty sighed and smirked he was definitely curious.::

Hael: You be usin’ oth’r folk’s namer so’s not to get into trouble’s eh? ::chuckled.:: Sound I ask’s?

Sindri: Let’s just say there’s at least one sandwich counter that may not want to hear your name again. Besides, they shouldn’t serve Rom Ale with sandwiches, that's just asking for trouble.

::His expression dropped. A long, annoyed huff.::

Hael: I’s’a also be ‘earin’ you’s done done used my name down there’s on that Sulban’s planet. ::he set his hands on his hips.:: If’n’s you’s keeps that up’s I’m’a gonna have’ta be changin’ my name - an’ I done grown rather a’tached to it. ::he mocked sternness for as long as he could muster, which wasn’t very long.::

Sindri: Well I must admit, it was just fun until your name got that "Lieutenant" attached to it.. I think its a penal code violation now to continue using it.

Hael: Ah hell’s, ain’ worse than wha’ I’s’a done already’s. But come on’s, break it up’s a bit an’ use someone elses, eh? ::he smirked.::

Sindri: Agreed. I can promise not to wear your name out.::he grinned widely:: And it’s not personal, I usually just pick the one who definitely has an alibi so they can’t be blamed after it’s discovered. Maybe next time I’ll be a ….”Hopper”??

Hael: ::choked on air.:: If’n ya wanna die, I suposin’ you can use ‘ers… But I wouldn’t tell no ones tha’

Sindri: You right.. Besides I don’t know if I can be masculine enough to pass for her?

Hael: ::leaning against the doorframe.:: Gotcha plans fer this ‘ere shore leave? ::chuckled.:: ‘Side’s not goin’ to particular sandwich shop?

Sindri: Plans? ::He stared blankly at Rustty for a second.:: I don’t know. I suppose I might think of something yet.

((OOC - No tags yet.. TBC)


Ensign Dag Sindri

Engineering officer

USS Constitution


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