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John Nugra - Hatred for a Certain Man

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Upper Promenade - Deep Space 285 ))

:: With the JAG meeting completed, John pretty much had nothing else to do, which was a good thing because he wanted to take a look at all the cool things the future seemed to have. It was a very strange feeling, knowing everything that was going on around him, but being surprised when he encountered them. The turbolifts, the replicators (especially the replicators) and the strangest aliens he had ever seen. What was really mind boggling was the fact that he was clear across the galaxy and the star that Earth orbited could not even be seen! ::

:: Leaning on the third tier of the massive promenade that inhabited the middle layers of the starbase, John surveyed the hundreds of people going about their daily lives. It was quite fascinating to watch them. The lizard memories were bugging him to keep moving and the old cowboy had a feeling this Nugra was not one for being idle. ::

oO Well, you're gonna get used to it bud. Oo

:: Movement caught his eye down below and a smile came to his face as he recognized the cute figure of Talia Kaji. Discovering that she was really an alien did not disturb him as he thought it would, he was just memorized by those eyes. He hoped she never brain scanned him by accident. Having access to the starfleet database on Rodulans gave him a quick scare. The young, dark skinned woman arrived with her child to another man of Asian descent and a burning feeling of hatred seared through his brain. His mind knew who the man was, but for some reason he did not know there was so much hate. ::

:: Before he could stop himself, John Nugra made his way to the turbolift and descended to the second tier promenade. By the time he re-found Kyo Maeda, Talia had gone. The urge was impossible to resist as a extremely powerful, irresistible drive pushed him forward. The male Rodulan who turned to see him coming stepped aside as John fastened his fists in to the Asian man's uniform. ::

Maeda: Hey! What are you---

:: That was all he got before John tipped him over the railing and threw him off the third tier 20 feet below. There was a quick scream and a splash. Both the Rodulan and John looked over to see Maeda sputtering and trying to swim out of the large reflecting pool that also housed a few plants and fish. The 8 foot pool had broken his fall. ::

Damir: ::amused:: Good aim.

Nugra: ::muttering:: I didn't know the pool was there.


Mister John Nugra
USS Doyle-A, NCC-80221-B
Podcast Team Facilitator
Deputy Commandant
Captain's Council Magistrate
Provisional Fleet JAG Officer
Publicity Facilitator (Interim)
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