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[2004: JAN-FEB] Writing Challenge

Jordan aka FltAdmlWolf

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To participate, create a new thread. The subject of the thread must be the title of your story. If it is a Work In Progress, denote that with the heart post icon. If your work is complete, use the horizontal arrow post icon.

Your work must be entirely your own. No co-authoring.

You are welcome to create any character you so desire, but they must be from the Star Trek universe. No "canon" characters allowed. (i.e.- No one who has been on a show.)

Challenge: Love

Your story should be about any kind of love: romantic, passionate, unrequited, or tragic.

(Topic chosen by last winner, Idril Mar.)

Length: No more than 3000 words accepted.

Beginning Date: Thursday, January 1st.

Ending Date: Sunday, February 29th.

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