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PNPC Lt.Cmdr. Kalos Fiorr - Their son (part 2)


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((WestPoint, Betazed))
::Kalos stepped on to the pad and seconds later he materialized at the WestPoint. A large complex build by and for the wealthy of the nation. There were a few skyscrapers with state of the art apartments and for those with even more money there were large villa’s located at edge of the river. At least one of those belonged to his parents. He made his way to the river, crossed a small bridge and then found himself in front of a large steel gate. The gate was closed and a security guard wearing a company uniform stood guard. ::
Guard: Evening sir. How may I help you?
Kalos: Is this still the Fiorr residence?
Guard: Yes… but unless I haven’t been informed Mr. and Mrs Fiorr don’t have an appointment with anyone tonight. So….
Kalos: They aren’t expecting me… but could you tell them their son would like to see them…
Guard: Their son? 
::The man sighed, Kalos feared if that was because he had instructions to tell him they didn’t want to see him but it turned out to be something different::
Guard: Why don’t you do me a favor and take those stories elsewhere… You know how many people come by here every week telling me they are family and want money?
Kalos: Really? People on Betazed do that?
Guard: You have no idea Mr…
Kalos: Fiorr… Kalos Fiorr… He looked the man in the eye and grabbed his ID from his jacket, and handed it over::
oO Great start… didn’t even think I’d need this… Oo
Guard: Hmm… well looks like you put a lot of hours into this, this one is the best looking ID I have seen so far… ::the man took another look at the card, then looked at Fiorr again and finally turned his attention back to the card. ::
Guard: I hate to admit it, but you do look like the old man… 
Kalos: I do?
::Kalos never compared himself to his father, and although he had a few pictures of him he never saw any similarities, especially not in his jaw-line::
oO I guess I should check that out with Georgio when I get back… Oo
Guard: Wait here…
::The Guard took a few steps back, walked to a small column next to the gate and Kalos could tell he was talking to someone but it wasn’t loud enough to listen in. ::
(( 5 minute time skip))
:: The longer the talk endured the more worried Kalos became. If the guard was talking to his father he should have come out by now or told him to leave. Kalos was pacing left to right and back while waiting for the outcome when he suddenly heard a woman::
Jovala: Oh my… it really IS you isn’t it….
::The voice came from the fence, and as he looked through the metal bars he spotted a woman he hadn’t seen for a long time. It took him a moment to realize he was looking at his “little” sister that wasn’t so little anymore. She was a full grown woman. The colorful summer dresses Kalos remembered had been replaced with a pantsuit and the long ponytail was now transformed into long dark curling hair::
Kalos: Joval… is that you?
::She nodded at the guard who opened the gate and then she walked towards him::
Joval: Ofcourse it is, what did you expect?
Kalos: I had so many scenarios running through my mind I wasn’t sure WHAT do think…
Joval: I can image that… When Jona called in we thought you were another lost son looking for money, but when he mentioned your first time I was intrigued. Father told me I would be disappointed but… here you are.
Kalos: Yes… Here I am… 25 years late…
::Kalos wasn’t sure what do to. Take an extra step forward and hug his sister or keep some distance. He still didn’t know they really wanted to see him even though the mentioning of being disappointed if he wasn’t family seemed to be in his favor::
Joval: … But nog less welcome, you might have been out of sight but we still talk about you at least once a week. Wondering what you were doing but none of us had the guts to check in. Afraid you might have gone rogue and ended in drug syndicate or worse…
oO Well looks like they had high hopes for me after I left… Oo
::Feeling sorry for himself was Kalos strong suit but he decided to ignore those feelings. He couldn’t blame them for assuming something bad happened, he was the one that broke contact after all. ::
Kalos: I did climb up in the ranks of an organization…
::He took off his jacket and proudly showed his sister the uniform he’d grown so fond off. She stared at it for at least half a minute before she replied::
Joval: Starfleet?! You! ::she started to laugh out loud, slapping her knee:: You actually made it into Starfleet! I had no idea you took fathers advise! And frankly I don’t think anyone did, well father wanted to believe you could turn around but … well never mind. ::she tried to stop laughing:: You did what none of of us thought was possible and you seem to be doing it well ::she pointed at the pins on his uniform:: So, you are a chief engineer now?
Kalos: Nope…
Joval: No? But that color says you are… at least.. I doubt you made it to security or tactical. You couldn’t beat me in a fight when we were young so you taking out Klingons or Jem Hadar seems unlikely. ::While Kalos shook his head Joval paused the inquiry for a moment:: that is YOUR uniform right?!
Kalos: Ops…
Joval: What?
Kalos: Ops… I am the Chief of Operation on a Federation Starship.
Joval: Ops? What’s that? Being the boss of nothing?
Kalos: I am a sort of liaison between science and engineering on the bridge and serve a second officer…
Joval: You’re joking?
Kalos: You of all people should know I don’t have a sense of humor… that never changed.
Joval: Well then… Mr. second officer. Let’s show mom and dad its really you. They will be surprised to see you…
Kalos: you sure they won’t mind?
Joval: Mind!? You are family Kalos! 
::She grabbed his hand and then give him a hug. He tried to hug her back but then she was already letting go dragging him towards the mansion behind the new opened gatehouse::
oO This is it… Oo
With great pleasure written as:
Lt.Cmdr. Kalos Fiorr
OPS officer / second officer
USS Constitution-B
As simmed by:
Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Williams
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Constitution-B
News Team member
Writer ID:A239006AW0
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