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With Star Trek Online finally hitting our consoles, now's a good as time as any to discuss what other Star Trek games you might have loved or hated when playing with that controller on your home console, recommending or downright slamming as you go.

I'm "lucky" enough to own Star Trek: Conquest for the PS2. Nice little strategy game, actually, though has little to no story aspect.

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I've long since stopped playing consoles (pure PC gamer now). But back in the day, I remember playing Star Trek: Invasion.

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I played like 2 missions of Star Trek Encounters on PS2 before my PS2 zonked out.  I never got around to replacing it, so that was my only Star Trek console experience...


I am glad STO is coming to console.  I absolutely hate it on PC but I am more of a console guy anyway so I think I'll like it.  We'll see.

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The on rails shooter based on the movies?  It was terrrrible... >.<

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