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Ensign Paul Scudder & Ensign Savan: Submitting to the Current of the Godavari

Brayden Jorey

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((Transporter Room, Federation Embassy, Duronis II))

::Savan heard a chime from behind him. Paul’s face showed a definite sense of relief.::

Transporter Chief: I’m sorry to interrupt but the Godavari has just signaled. They are asking if Ensign Scudder is ready for transport. 

Savan: Well, it’s time….

Scudder: ::forcing a smile:: Yes.

Moscoe: It was nice getting to know you, Mr. Scudder. Have a safe trip, and stay in touch. 

::T'Mihn walked up, looked Paul in the eye -- Vulcans seemed to have a habit of this -- and hugged him. Tightly. Paul looked surprised, his own arms squeezed to his sides.::

T’Mihn: She's right.  Write,call.  And stay out of trouble, I don't have money for bail. 

::Paul turned to Savan.::

Savan: Well, Paul… 

::Savan’s eyes started to become watery. Paul frowned, glanced at T'Mihn and Moscoe behind Savan, sure that Savan was glad they couldn't see this display. Looking back at Savan, Paul smiled slightly, but with a feeling of great warmth for Savan. Paul was accustomed to thinking his eyes expressed his feelings to others, but Savan seemed to be reading him some other way...::

Scudder: ::forcing a flat expression:: I still disagree with some of the crap you pulled with my patient, Ensign Savan. ::Paul addressed Savan formally -- and Kaumari as "my" patient -- to indicate he was only teasing Savan.:: But I don't know how I would have managed these past weeks without you. ::His tone had softened and become quiet, intimate, meant for the others present not to overhear.::

::Paul could see the emotion in Savan. It reminded him of the first time he saw emotion surface in the Vulcan, unexpectedly, in the Thunder's corridors. At the time, Paul had been concerned for the patient the two were trying to contain. And Paul had been concerned for Savan, as Savan's counselor. But now Paul didn't see it clinically, cerebrally -- He would miss Savan. He felt it in his chest. Savan said nothing but offered Paul the Vulcan salute, his hand almost imperceptibly trembling.::

Savan: May your journey be free of incident, Paul. Live long and prosper…

::Savan's face was still neutral, but his eyes looked ready to overflow. Paul wanted to give his friend relief and not extend this any further.::

Scudder: ::returning the Vulcan salute, though clearly out of practice:: Live long and prosper, Savan. Chief, I'm ready to --

Savan: Paul…

::Savan looked straight into Paul's eyes -- hiding no emotion. Paul felt what he thought was pain in his chest -- it alarmed him, but then -- was it coming from Savan? Before Paul could think through this, Savan unexpectedly pulled him in, very tight -- more forceful than T'Mihn -- almost as forcefully and passionately, Paul thought, as a Klingon. Savan held the strong embrace silently for a few moments before finally speaking.::

Savan: ::with a whisper, into Paul’s ear:: Please take good care of yourself. I will miss you.

::Paul was taken aback. He looked around Savan to T'Mihn and Moscoe. He frowned.::

Scudder: ::whispering as well:: If I didn't think it might hurt you, I'd kiss you goodbye. ::Paul blushed, realizing it might sound like he was referring to Savan's beard-burn. But he was referring to his feeling that Savan preferred not to be intimate with other officers. Had Savan told Paul this or had he invented it?:: So instead, I ask, the next time we speak, please call me Sudarshan. ::again his accent emerged:: That is an intimacy we can share over any distance.

::There was another chime coming from the transporter control.::

Transporter Chief: ::almost embarrassed, making a coughing noise:: Um.. I’m sorry, Ensigns… but the Godavari needs to leave orbit.

::Savan released his embrace and looked at Paul.::

Savan: ::calmly as possible:: Yes, of course…

::Savan did not turn around yet and Paul saw a stray tear run down the Vulcan's face. Paul frowned and nodded to the Transporter Chief.::


Ens. Paul Scudder
Counselor, USS Darwin-A
Author ID: E239302PS0


Ensign Savan
Tactical/Security Officer
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A
Writer ID: E239303S10

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