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Lt Trellis Vondaryan -- Back to Life, Back to (Corpo)Reality?

Sal Taybrim

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((Main Engineering -- Starbase 118))

::Praise be to Harrnath, one of the ancient gods his people had once worshipped. Though belief in them had long-since died out centuries ago, the phrases mentioning them lingered on. In this instance, Trellis gave his praise upon finally being discovered. Mirra could hear him, once she'd decided to 'listen harder' to him.
::Now all he had to do was wait for the team to figure out how to get him back to corporeality. Unfortunately, there wasn't much he could do from where he stood -- there, but not there, unable to interact with them outside of Mirra's relays. At least he could add his own technical expertise to the conversation now. He smiled at that thought.::

Tatash: As I said before, things like this usually occur following the introduction of external and unexpected energy. If he’s been shrouded in chroniton particles we’ve found our external cause, Dispersing them should force him back to our reality. ::he paused before raising his voice a little:: You’re a pain in the [...], Vondaryan.

::Trellis laughed. He hoped the Gorn didn't truly mean that. It was a joke, right? He hadn't wanted to un-phase out of reality. It wasn't his fault this happened. How could he be a pain in the [...]? Unless it was a joke.
::Despite Mirra's protests earlier, he still thought he should see Oma-Saan. No one could see him; he could use that to his advantage.::

Ezo: ::frowning:: I don't know how safe that would be... what if you were to re-materialize right in the den of thieves...? Or if you managed to get hurt somehow...

Whittaker: ::nodding in agreement:: The Doctor is right. We have no idea of how long this effect will last or how extensive it is. We also have no idea how to bring you back or even phase someone else in case you get injured.

Tatash: Chroniton particles degrade rapidly; they would probably wear off naturally given time but sods law dictates it would be right in the middle of the criminals nest.

Vondaryan: ::sighing:: Fine. I'll stand here not sneaking around. You have no idea how hard this is for me... ::He looked over at Mirra, who had a tricorder pointed vaguely in his direction.:: Can you track me yet, Doctor?
Ezo: ::glancing down to her tri-corder:: I'm getting minor fluctuations but not exactly a reliable tracking device... Can we ask the computer for his exact location?

Greyson: It's worth a try, I suppose. Computer, where is Lieutenant Vondaryan?

Computer: Lieutenant Vondaryan is in Main Engineering.

::He didn't understand why, but the computer could track him.  For some reason that made him chuckle. Why could a computer do what the best-trained and smartest people in the fleet couldn't?::

Ezo: ::quietly, snapping:: No laughing! Stand in front of me, I want to see if I can get a clear bio-reading....

Vondaryan: ::he stuck out his tongue, though no one could see:: Anything? If I can't go spy on Oma-Saan, can I at least go look inside the fusion core? How often am I going to get the opportunity to explore the core when it's functioning? ::he raised his eyebrows, smiling::

Greyson: That's promising. Sir, permission to flood engineering with an anyon wave?

Ezo: A what-wave...? Are you sure that's safe?

Tatash: Vondaryan might sting a bit but nothing beyond an inconvenience. Probably the same sort of feeling he got in the first place when he phased out.

::He didn't remember feeling any stinging sensation when he phased out. Well, other than the 'transporter' beam, but that felt normal. Anyon waves weren't inherently dangerous though, so it shouldn't cause much discomfort.::

Cain: Response?

Greyson: ::to nobody in particular:: The hope is, Lieutenant, that you will materialize on the deck somewhere in the room. You should be unharmed by the process.

Ezo: HOW sure are we that he'll be unharmed by the process...?

Whittaker: Anyons are not inherently dangerous particles. If I remember correctly, Starfleet began experimenting with them to create a cloaking device before we signed the Treaty of Algeron and I have never heard of anyone suffering from more than mild discomfort after working with them.
Vondaryan: They're right, doctor. I should be fine. ::beat:: I'm just going to pop into the core for a minute to explore. ::he moved toward the power source:: You won't see me for a minute or so, but I'll be fine. ::he assumed he'd be fine. The intense heat and particles from the fusion generators shouldn't affect him in his current state. Nothing else seemed to.::

Ezo: ::glaring:: Well?? It's not like I can heal wounds I can't SEE!!

Greyson: If it doesn't work, then maybe tachions are the answer...?

Tatash: Potentially. Tachyon’s on the other hand would definitely leave us all a little bit irradiated. Been there, done that, no thank you not again.

::Trellis hadn't experienced tachyon particles first hand. He wondered what the sensation was like?
::Well, a question for another time, as he had a fusion generator to look into. As he put his head through the metal barriers, he was faced with an intense light from the fusion core. He put his hand to his face to cover his eyes, but to no avail. It was too bright to see anything useful. Still, he had actually seen into the core of a fusion reactor. Not many people could say that. It had been an interesting experience, if nothing else.
::Taking his head out of the core, he was struck by the relative silence around him. He hadn't realized it at the time, but the core was LOUD. The rest of the deck was quiet by comparison. He could still hear everyone, though.::

Whittaker: Doctor, I don't even need to explain your role. Mr. Vondaryan, we're coming to get you.

 Vondaryan: ::smiling:: I'll be here.

 Ezo: Well? The good news is you seem to be biologically stable, if only suffering from the minor inconvenience of invisibility...

 Vondaryan: ::tilting his head:: Minor inconvenience? You won't even let me use it to my advantage.

 Ezo: ::to the room:: If plan A and B don't work... is there a way we could configure his bio-signature into the transporter...? Or, the holo-deck...?

::Trellis silently complimented Mirra's caution. He usually proceeded in such a fashion. Gather all the available information before making a decision. Planning, weighing options, preparing contingencies. Normally that would be his role. But since he didn't know how long this condition would last he wanted to use it to his advantage while he could.
::He listened quietly as Theo updated Sal about the situation. It's not like Sal would be able to hear anything he said anyway. Still, he felt there was a sense of cautious optimism from the team after the call to the CO.::
Whittaker: Are you ready Doctor?

Ezo: ::nodding, tri-corder aloft:: Ready. 

Whittaker: If it becomes too much then I want you to raise your shields. Lieutenant Vondaryan knows to stay here.
::Yes, Lieutenant Vondaryan did know to stay in engineering. They were the ones working on rescuing him. Though if Mirra had to raise her telepathic shields again, there was even less he could do to help. He just had to hope it didn't come to that.::

Ezo: ::casting a nervous glance towards Theo:: Understood. 

::Theo gazed at the team, his face impassive other than a brief slip of a smile toward Mirra. Trellis wasn't sure if he admired the man for being so restrained or felt bad that he had to put on such a facade.::

Whittaker: ::nodding:: You may proceed Major.

Tatash: One thousand particles and rising.

::Trellis wasn't sure what to expect. Perhaps the hairs on the back of his neck to tingle? Maybe the pins-and-needles sensation in his extremities, like he was regaining circulation there? Something akin to being transported? He certainly wasn't expecting to feel nothing. He pursed his lips, then tapped his foot.::
Vondaryan: Well. That was anti-climactic.

Ezo ::swallowing a snicker:: Vitals holding steady. ::fighting a smile:: He uh..hasn't noticed any change by the way...

Whittaker: ::firmly, looking back at Tatash:: Increase anyon output.

Tatash: Five thousand and rising.

::That time he felt something. A gentle caress coursing through his body. It was thrilling, like a tiny electric shock. But he wasn't sure if it had worked. He waved at Theo. Nothing. He stepped to a console. He was going to put his hands on the display, but they passed through with only a little more resistance than previous attempts. That was something.::

Vondaryan: Not there yet. I don't think.

Ezo: ::squinting sightly:: Vitals still stable, no major change yet on his end. 

Whittaker: ::to Tatash:: Again Major.

Tatash: Ten thousand and ri.... ::a console nearby let out a string of beeps in protest.:: Getting a power interruption on the fourth EPS trunk, someone get that.

Whittaker: ::looking to Greyson:: Reroute through the secondary EPS relay. We can pick up it later.
::Out of instinct, Trellis flinched when the console he stood near exploded. It was only a small explosion, not causing much damage to anything around him. Really, it was more like blowing a fuse than an explosion. It was enough to make him move back to the center of the section, away from any equipment.
::The gentle tingling that run though him compounded. He could feel his hair rising, his muscles twitching uncontrollably. Was it enough?::

Vondaryan: Can anyone see me yet?

Greyson/Cain/Ezo: ?

Whittaker: ::to Mirra:: How is the Lieutenant?

Vondaryan: ::pursing his lips:: Guess not...

Tatash: Twenty thousands... we're making progress. I'm overriding the safety. Push it to thirty thousand. We'll probably need flashlights.
::The tingling was becoming uncomfortable. Trellis dropped to the floor, his legs unable to support him due to their twitching. He screamed in pain, the anyon waves causing havoc to his muscles.
::Had Trellis had his eyes open to look around, he would have seen the lights go out. As it was, he could only sense the change but the groans from those around him. He let out another scream.::

Vondaryan: Oww, it hurts!

Ezo: ::smiling apologetically towards the outline:: Vitals are still steady. ::quietly:: I'm getting a clear outline here...I think we're getting closer 

Whittaker: We're almost there Lieutenant!

Vondaryan: Make it stop. Make it stop!
::He couldn't breathe. He was gasping for air in short, quick bursts. His muscles were clenching uncontrollably. Pain coursed through his body.::

Whittaker: :: gaze snapping towards Ezo :: Is it safe to go any higher Doctor?

Ezo: ::strained:: Vitals still stable...he's in incredible pain

Whittaker: Fifty thousand Major.
::The pain was like nothing he'd ever felt. Even breaking his arm as a child and the permanent nerve damage that had caused paled in comparison. His whole body screamed in protest at the waves crashing into his body. He imagined he could smell his muscles burning from the inside, his flesh searing. He writhed on the floor, rolling in agony.
::Tears formed in his eyes, dropping to the ground in front of him. He let out yet another scream of pain as his body convulsed involuntarily. He sobbed in pain.
::Suddenly, the pain stopped as the anyon waves ceased.::

Taybrim: =/\= Did you get him? =/\= 
Vondaryan: ::through tears and sobs:: I've always been here, sir.
::At least the waves of anyons had stopped. The pain receded, his body no longer convulsing. He opened his eyes to the darkened room. At that moment, he was thankful no one could see his tears.::


Lieutenant Trellis Vondaryan
Chief of Intelligence
StarBase 118 Ops
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