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Saavok - Memory

Rahman and Rivi Vataix

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Turn your face to the moonlight
Let your memory lead you
Open up, enter in”

– Memory, Cats.


((USS Invicta, Classroom, Deck P/S7))
::Nothing. Emptiness. The kind of emptiness that might have been the prelude to creation, or conception; the first instance of being.::
::It was dark. It shouldn’t be dark, but he didn’t know how he knew that, or why. He. Yes, he. But again, the uncertainty as to the origin of that certainty. He felt before him with… hands. Two of them. His. Legs and feet. Also his. And a surface. Carpet. He could not have said how he knew any of these things.::
::Around him there were voices, wordless high-pitched cries of confusion. And another voice, deeper, older, responding. Adult.::
Gupta: Where are we?
::He didn’t know. From the sound of things no one new. The older voice asked more questions, got no sensible answers. He didn’t know who she was, who any of the voices were, but he knew that was not right. A growing sense of unease filled him, a sense akin to déjà vu, a memory just out of reach, slipping away as he grasped it.::
Saavok: oO Who are they? Oo ::He felt certain that he should know.:: oO Who am I? Oo
::The feeling of unease grew stronger. He should know that.:: oO Who am I? Am I?...Oo ::In a moment of existential uncertainty, he clung to what he knew. He existed.:: oO I am. Oo ::He held fast to that thought, repeating it over to himself. Whatever else might be uncertain, he existed.:: oO I am. I am. Oo
::Like a train finding tracks beneath the snow, his mind found grooves of thought worn deep by repetition, catching on them despite the smothering blanket of forgetfulness that bid him be still, relax, forget.::
Saavok: oO No! I am. I am. I am. Oo ::And despite the resistance of his mind as it fought the forgetfulness every step of the way, the train of thought began to move along the familiar tracks.:: oO I AM. … I am… Saavok! Oo
::It was his name, he knew that, and with it came the memory of a face seen in the mirror. With it came knowledge, numbers. He was four Vulcan cycles old. Vulcan. That was his species. Defined by their mental discipline; a discipline he’d been taught almost since birth. He could feel the forgetfulness snatching at his thoughts, but he refused to be distracted. His mother had taught him as a baby, and she was amongst the most disciplined; a Temple Priestess. She had given him the strict control of thoughts, whilst his father had shown him curiosity and how to think outside the strictures when necessary. His father was here somewhere.::
::Around him the class came under Mrs Gupta’s control. Mrs Gupta; that’s who the adult voice was.::
Gupta: Come now, children, let’s be calm and think.  Now, does each of you have someone beside you?
Children: Yes.
Gupta: That’s good.  Now, everyone should have a buddy.  Can everyone reach out and take a hand?  We’re all friends here, so let’s hold on to each other and keep each other safe.
::Saavok felt a little hand worm it’s way into his. With it came the touch of another mind, coloured with confusion and forgetfulness but still faintly recognisable. He’d touched this mind before.::
Saavok: ~T’Sara.~
:: She blinked in surprise as the word slipped into her mind, and there was a nagging feeling that it should mean something to her - something *important*.::
T’Sara: ~ Huh? ~
Saavok: ~That’s your name. I know you.~
::He showed her a mental image of a little girl with pointed ears, upswept brows and a delicate smattering of spots down the sides of her face, like freckles.::
T’Sara: ~ Okaaay... ~
Saavok: ~You’re… Captain Vetri and Commander T’Lea’s daughter.~
::The the names came slowly from his sluggish memory, but he concentrated and there they were, and with them came faces that he showed to T’Sara.::
T’Sara: ~ Why did I not remembers dem? Or anyfing else? ~
Saavok: ~I don’t know why we’re forgetting, but you can stop it happening. You have to concentrate, like this.~ ::He showed her the outline of a basic meditation.:: ~Start with remembering your name, and things about you. Don’t forget.~
::Could she remember? Could he stop himself forgetting?::
T’Sara: ~ Saavok. Das you. ~
::Around them the class settled for Mrs Gupta’s story; a light of hope in a very dark place.::
Vulcan Child
USS Invicta

(As simmed by Doctor Saveron)

Edited by Rich
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