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Ensign McLaren - Late night analysis.


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(( U.S.S. Constitution - Deck 27 - Intel Suite ))
:: Sol pulled herself out from underneath the console after having disconnected it from the computer systems. She pulled the chair back over and loaded the data from the Unity onto it. ::
McLaren: oO Now lets see what secrets you hold... hmmm? Oo
:: She tapped the console and began a security sweep of the files. She sipped her tea as she waited for it to complete. The console beeped when it was completed, finding nothing malicious contained within the files. Of course that didnt mean anything, but it was a good indicator. ::
McLaren: :: she tapped the console, bringing up some of the Unity's logs, saving the rest of the encrypted Intel data for last. She skimmed the last logs... :: oO Lets see... Oo
"Captain's Log - Stardate 9521.5
Our passenger continues to keep me in the dark about just why we have to keep hopping around the Nebula. Leave it to Intelligence to be as cryptic as possible. Engineering is preparing to hook up their new toy to my ship, Im not looking forward to the problems that could cause. And the crew is restless, theyve reported seeing apparitions around the ship. I dont think its serious... but I havent been able to shake the feeling that we are being watched by something here."
:: Sol closed the log and brought up another one. ::
"Captain's Log - Stardate 9534.2
Ever since we arrived in the nebula strange things have been happenng. Members of the crew have been disappearing. The Intel officer says he knows nothing about it, but I dont believe him. Ive called off the test of the device, theres no point in carrying through with them until we figure this out."
McLaren: oO Well this is... unsettling. Oo :: Sol closed the log and pulled up the final one. ::
"Captain's Log - Stardate 9535.7
This will likely be my final log as Captain of this vessel. Most of the crew is gone, we're being attacked by some entity. The jefferies tubes have been barricaded by those of us that are left, and there arent many. I doubt it will help. We've lost main power, and I'm not sure our distress call got out before power dropped.. I can only hope it did."
:: Sol closed the log and skimmed the other senior officer logs, finding similar stories throughout all of them, though some ended sooner that others, and much more suddenly. She copied the crew logs onto an isolinear chip after being sure they were safe for interaction with the Conny's main computer. She plugged them into another console and compiled a report for the Captain and XO. She sent that away, and then turned back to the other console, bringing up the encrypted Intel data. ::
McLaren: oO Now what was the spook hiding? Oo
:: Sol started her slice into the data, trying to extract whatever she could, but any time she tried, the data self deleted, leaving her back at square one. She sighed, sitting back staring at her tea, now near empty. She yawned. ::
McLaren: oO This is getting me no where... whomever this spook was, he was prepared. Oo :: Sol compiled another report on the Intelligence data, and filed it away. She removed the data from the console and initiated a wipe so it could be reconnected to the computer systems and stood. She yawned again. oO Time to call it a night... feels like I havent slept in a week... Oo
:: Sol deposited her cup into the replicator and left the suite. ::
Ensign Solaris McLaren
Intelligence Officer
U.S.S. Constitution NCC-9012-B
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