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Lt JG Antero Flynn -- The Paladin of Granny's

Trellis Vondaryan

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((The person tagged in this sim took a LOA almost immediately after it was posted, so never responded. Still, I thought it was good enough to post even with the open tags.))


((Risian Beach Program - Holodeck 5- Starbase 118))


::He watched the tiny cloud drift slowly over the soft blue sky, a small wisp trailing out behind it. Such a small thing, surrounded by vastness. It gave a feeling of humbling insignificance that normally helped him relax, but none of his usual calming methods were working. The board beneath him rocked gently with the tide, usually a soothing motion that could put him to sleep. His feet rested in the cool water, in contrast to the hot sun that kissed his skin with the perfect amount of warmth. A soft sweet breeze promised relief from the hug of humidity. This was his sanctuary, his spirit medicine.


His eyes drifted slowly closed, he was met once again by lifeless faces. Their empty expressions somehow peering right through his soul with living eyes. Phaser blasts colored the backdrop until his side began to tingle and he opened his eyes. He looked down to the now healed area and rubbed it with a scowl before making his way back to shore, his efforts to calm his mind ineffective. Drying off with a colorful beach towel, he wondered if perhaps he just needed to get it off his chest. This was a normal thing people went through after traumatic situations, right? He called the wall panel and opened a channel, he knew someone who might have some insight. He was looking forward to catching up anyway.::


Flynn: =/\= "Flynn to Kelly." =/\=


Kelly: =/\= ?


Flynn: =/\= "Kickin' back in my beach program on Holodeck 5, you want to come crack a cold one?" =/\=


Kelly: =/\= ?


Flynn: ::Smiling:: =/\= "You know it. Just be ready for hot sand." =/\=


Kelly: =/\= ?


::As the channel closed Antero thought back to the first time he had shared his program with the crew of the Columbia during his first shore leave. That was a day he would never forget, some of the most fun he had ever had. It felt like so long ago now. He was glad he had some of those friends like Tatash and Theo back in his life. He moved to a big white parasol giving shade to two beach loungers and quickly set up a large wooden bucket of ice between them, filled with an assortment of light beers. A small side table held a dish of fresh lime wedges, two frosted pint glasses, and a bottle opener in the shape of a pineapple. Satisfied, he was already sitting back with his feet out when his friend arrived. He greeted him with a smile and gestured to the other seat as he pulled a beer from the ice and cracked it open, pouring it into the frosted glass at an angle and handing it over with a wedge of lime.::


Kelly: ?


Flynn: ::a soft laugh:: "What can I say? I'm a born host."


::It was more true than people knew. He was raised from a young age to make sure everyone was comfortable before relaxing himself. It helped that he genuinely enjoyed it. He relaxed back and took a drink from his glass before setting it on the arm of his chair, staring out at the water. Watching the tide was a strange sort of meditation. There was a brief silence as they settled in.::


Kelly: ?


Flynn: "It is isn't it? Someday I hope I can show you all the real deal. Try as I may my program just can’t capture the true magic of Risa."


Kelly: ?


Flynn: ::He gave a light nod before turning his gaze to him.:: "So how have you been doing? You know...Since Tilanna."


Kelly: ?


::He knew the man had seen his share of action, more than Flynn had. How much had he gone through? Did it ever bother him? Was he immune to it? He offered a somewhat guilty smile, it seemed the tactical officer was quick to pick up on the source of his subject change. He couldn't deny he probably seemed distracted.::


Flynn: ::Nodding with a grim expression:: "Dreams mostly. Hollow faces that haunt me at night, the eyes are all still somehow alive. Like their souls demanding an explanation." ::He looked back out toward the ocean and took another drink.:: "Its Unnerving."


Kelly: ?


Flynn: "It’s just so foreign to me. So against my nature. I know we were doing what we had to, and I don’t regret it. I just..."::He shifted uncomfortably:: "I guess I just don’t know how to process it. Kind of feels like it’s changing who I am sometimes."


Kelly: ?


Flynn: ::Contemplative:: "Yeah. I guess I hadn't thought of it that way." ::He looked again at his friend.:: "I caught myself when we first got back sizing up restaurant patrons trying to decide if they were armed, then determining the best exits and what would make the best cover if things went south." ::He paused and admitted a small smile.:: "It was a place called Granny's."


Kelly: ?



Lt. JG Antero Flynn

CAG Officer

Starbase 118/Aegis


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